China’s Mobile Power Rises as Baidu’s DU Ad Platform Surpasses 2,400 Developers

Baidu, Inc., a leading Chinese language Internet search provider, has confirmed that its global advertising platform DU Ad Platform (DAP) has surpassed 2,400 mobile developers worldwide, a 50% increase over its user base in 2016.

In recognition of this achievement, DAP was named as one of 2017’s Top 10 Global Leading Enterprises and as a Top 10 Global Influential Marketing Service Platform by mobile marketing firm Morketing at an event in Beijing on November 29, 2017

“We’re very honored to receive these prestigious awards from Morketing,” said General Manager of Baidu’s Global Business Unit, Johnson Hu. “DAP grew significantly this year thanks to a combination of strong technology and high quality users. We increased average eCPMs by 35% across the board. Because we publish our own apps, we have quality, in-house traffic from all over the world. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our partners,” he said.

DAP’s inventory covers 800 million monthly active users, including Baidu’s own apps as well as third-party apps. In 2017 alone, the number of third-party app users on DAP grew by more than 110%, said Mr. Hu. “We will keep innovating to ensure that DAP is always the top choice for developers and advertisers in 2018 and beyond,” he said.

“As one of the earliest Chinese IT companies to go abroad, Baidu is rooted locally but has a pioneering spirit when it comes to exploring global markets,” said Morketing CEO Ms. Zeng Qiao. “DAP builds upon Baidu’s wealth of experience with its in-house traffic and powerful tech. It’s a worthy recipient of Morketing’s awards,” she said.

To learn more about the ad platform, click here.

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[FYI] For some, mobile data is now set to “always active” by default in Android Oreo

Android O contains plenty of power-saving improvements for the platform. But it would appear that at least one of the changes won’t be improving your battery life. For some users, on updating to Android Oreo (8.0 or 8.1), “mobile data always active” in Developer options will be enabled. While that will make switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data faster, it may also consume a bit more power.  

Our own Artem noticed it enabled on his device although he hadn’t flipped that switch himself.

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AdSpruce Launches New Mobile Ad Type

AdSpruce, an industry leader in creative and dynamic mobile web ads, has launched a mobile ad type that engages the user even more than before.

So how does it work?

Swipe to Engage allows advertisers to connect with users by allowing the user to physically interact with the brand. By adding Swipe to Engage a user is given an incentive to swipe and see what content follows the action.

Swipe to Engage offers brands a solution to get users to physically engage with the ad. The ad type was created with interactivity and creativity in mind. Swipe to Engage can be creatively implemented into mobile web ads in many ways, including allowing the user to Swipe to Engage in order to start a Vertical Video. Another implementation is Swipe to Engage to “unwrap” a product on screen, or to start a full Animated Takeover.

Several successful campaigns have already been completed with Swipe to Engage, in which the advertiser wanted to create a memorable ad experience by having the user interact with the brand within the ad spot.

“Engagement is king on the mobile web. Our Swipe to Engage ad type adds a brand new layer of engagement to mobile web ads, and combined with some of the best creatives on mobile and lightning fast ad servers, AdSpruce now offers one of the most engaging, best looking ads on the planet,” said AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins.

To learn more about AdSpruce’s mobile video advertising capabilities, click here.

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Reveal Mobile Joins the Network Advertising Initiative

Reveal Mobile, a leading innovator in location intelligence, has just announced that it has joined the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the leading self-regulatory association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use in digital advertising.

To become an NAI member, Reveal Mobile submitted to a rigorous privacy and security review. This six-week process included a multi-disciplinary and cross-organizational review of the company’s privacy and data handling practices. After in-depth questionnaires, phone interviews, and reviews of external disclosures, Reveal Mobile made additional enhancements to their policies to stay in line with industry best practices for privacy and security across their contracts, technology, infrastructure, and marketing collateral. To retain membership, Reveal Mobile will undergo an annual NAI compliance review and continue adhering to the NAI’s Code of Conduct.

“As a leading company in the mobile location advertising and analytics industry, we feel a responsibility to maintain the highest privacy and security standards for our business customers and consumers,” said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile. “As a member of NAI, we will work to further educate the market on responsible data management standards and how to effectively apply them. We believe that full transparency in protecting consumer privacy is in the best interests of the entire mobile advertising ecosystem.”

NAI’s member roster is composed of more than 100 advertising technology leaders who are committed to enforcing high standards for data collection and use for advertising online and on mobile devices. Membership in the NAI gets Reveal Mobile access to crucial industry advice and insight related to privacy and data handling, making the company better positioned to adopt new policies and adapt to the quickly changing environment.

“We are happy to welcome Reveal Mobile as a new member,” said NAI President and CEO Leigh Freund. “We’re looking forward to working with Reveal Mobile while we continue to shape the future of internet-based and mobile app advertising best practices and innovation.”

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Smarter bots, deeper learning, and better blockchaining: Mobile app trends in 2018

Billion dollar businesses have grown out of apps. Mobile apps account for 57 percent of all digital media usage (yes, all). Despite this amazing adoption, we’re still far from reaching the peak of app development — and if you’re like me, that should make you really excited. This past year has seen major advancements for digital product teams, and it’s only getting better. Apps are going to become even more powerful and performant as technologies we have long waited for are reaching maturity and are finally ready for prime time. This won’t come without its own challenges though, as product…

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