2018 iPad teardown finds few major changes beyond A10 Fusion processor, Apple Pencil support

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The new, education-focused iPad device offers two major changes, as well as a few minor ones, according to iFixit’s iPad 6 teardown, released Tuesday
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A Quick Look At Major iOS 11.3 Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

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iOS 11.3 Features

iOS 11.3 has come with several new features like ARKit 1.5 which has the support of more immersive augmented reality experiences and iPhone Battery Health (Beta). The latest iOS version also includes some new Animoji for iPhone X. Considering it’s a major update, you should take a peek at all the iOS 11.3 features, improvements and bug fixes.

Among a number of exciting features that have caught my eyes are “Business Chat” and the all-new music video section in Apple Music. Oh yes, AR has also got a huge boost as well!

iOS 11.3 Features

iOS 11.3 Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

iPhone Battery Health (Beta)

It shows information on iPhone maximum battery capacity as well as peak performance capability.

It displays performance management feature that dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Moreover, it also recommends if a battery needs to be replaced. (Head over to this post to know more about this power management feature.)

Augmented Reality

  • ARKit 1.5 lets developers put digital objects on vertical surfaces such as doors, walls, and doors in addition to horizontal surfaces.
  • It includes the support for detecting and incorporating images such as movie posters or artwork into AR experiences.
  • It has got the support of higher resolution real-world camera view while using AR experiences.

iPad Charge Management

  • It manages battery health when iPad is connected to power for a longer period of time like when it’s stored in charging carts or used in point of sale systems.


  • It has got four new Animoji on iPhone X: lion, bear, dragon, and skull.

Business Chat (Beta) – the US only

  • It allows you to communicate with companies to ask questions, schedule appointments, and make purchases right from the Messages app. Currently, it’s available in the US only.

Health Records (Beta) – the US only

  • You can now access health records, check out lab results, immunizations, and several other important info in a timeline in the Health app.

Apple Music

  • It features an all-new music video experience like updated Music Videos section with video playlists.
  • You can now find friends who have similar tastes with the help of the updated suggestions in Apple Music. For instance, it will help you discover genres people enjoy and mutual friends who follow them.


  • Top Stories now show up first in For You.
  • You can now watch Top Videos curated by News editors.

App Store

  • You can now sort customer reviews on product pages by Most Helpful, Most Favorable, Most Critical, or Most Recent.
  • It has improved Updates tab information with app version and file size.


  • Safeguards privacy by only AutoFilling usernames and passwords after selecting them in a web form field.
  • It has included warnings in the Smart Search Field when interacting with password or credit card forms on non-encrypted web pages.
  • AutoFill for usernames and passwords have become available in web views within apps.
  • The articles that you share to Mail from Safari are now formatted using Reader mode by default.
  • Folders in Favorites now displays icons for the bookmarks contained within.


  • App Store now includes accessibility support for bold and large text for display customization.
  • Smart Invert has now added the support for images on the web and in Mail messages.
  • It has bolstered RTT experience and also included RTT support for T-Mobile.
  • It has improved app switching on iPad for VoiceOver and Switch Control users.
  • Fixes an issue where VoiceOver incorrectly described Bluetooth status and badge icons.
  • Resolved an issue where end call button might not be presented in the Phone app while using VoiceOver
  • Resolves issue where in-app app rating was not accessible with VoiceOver.


  • It has added two new Shuangpin keyboard layouts.
  • Contains support for connected hardware keyboards using the Turkish F keyboard layout.
  • It has improved Chinese and Japanese keyboards for better reachability on 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices.
  • Allows switching back to the keyboard after dictation with just a single tap.
  • Fixes an issue where auto-correct could incorrectly capitalize some words.
  • Resolves an issue on iPad Pro which prevented the iPad Smart Keyboard from working after connecting to a captive Wi-Fi access point.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Thai keyboard to switch to the numeric layout while using landscape mode incorrectly.


  • When you allow an Apple feature to use your personal information, an icon will show up along with a link to detailed information explaining how your data will be used and safeguarded.

Some Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • It has come with the support for the AML standard that offers more accurate location data to emergency responders when SOS is activated.
  • It includes the support for software authentication as a new way for developers to create and enable HomeKit compatible accessories.
  • Podcasts now allow you to play episodes with a single tap. You will also tap into Details to get more info about each episode.
  • It has improved search performance for users with long notes in Contacts.
  • It has improved the performance of Handoff and Universal Clipboard when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Resolves an issue that could prevent incoming calls from waking the display.
  • Fixes an issue that could delay or prevent playback of Visual Voicemail.
  • Fix an issue that prevented opening a web link in Messages.
  • Gets rid of an issue that could prevent users from returning to Mail after previewing a message attachment.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause Mail notifications to reappear on the Lock screen after they had been cleared.
  • Troubleshoots an issue that could cause time and notifications to disappear from the Lock Screen.
  • Addresses an issue that prevented parents from using Face ID to approve Ask to Buy requests.
  • Resolves an issue in Weather where current weather conditions may not have been updated.
  • Troubleshoots issue where contacts may not sync with a car’s phone book when connected over Bluetooth.
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent audio apps from playing in cars when the app was in the background.

That’s all!

Have your say

What’s your take on iOS 11.3 and which are the new features that have impressed you a lot? Shoot your feedback in the comments.

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The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica apology tour continues, with full-page ads in major newspapers

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“I promise to do better for you,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg says in the ads.

On Wednesday night, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ended days of silence on the social networking giant’s latest controversy: Revelations that a political data firm called Cambridge Analytica absconded with the data of 50 million unsuspecting Facebook users, which Facebook knew about but kept secret.

Zuckerberg gave apologetic interviews that night to CNN, Wired and the New York Times — as well as Recode’s Kara Swisher and Kurt Wagner, to whom he said he’d be “open” to testifying in front of Congress. Which is fortuitous, because Congress is very open to that idea, too.

Today, the apology tour extended into print media: Facebook purchased full-page ads in several newspapers with apology letters attributed to Zuckerberg. The papers reached include the NYT, the Washington Post and the Observer, a British newspaper published by the Guardian that Facebook allegedly threatened with a lawsuit when its reporters were about to publish a story about Cambridge Analytica.

In the full-page ads, the company reiterates its messages of “we should have done more then” and “we’ll do better,” specifically pledging to “tell everyone affected” if and when it finds more examples of apps connected to its platform that made off with non-consenting users’ data.

The full text of the ad is below. For more, check out the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, in which Swisher and Wagner talk with Lauren Goode about what and why Facebook has been saying what it is.

We have a responsibility to protect your information. If we can’t, we don’t deserve it.

You may have heard about a quiz app built by a university researcher that leaked Facebook data of millions of people in 2014. This was a breach of trust, and I’m sorry we didn’t do more at the time. We’re now taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We’ve already stopped apps like this from getting so much information. Now we’re limiting the data apps get when you sign in using Facebook.

We’re also investigating every single app that had access to large amounts of data before we fixed this. We expect there are others. And when we find them, we will ban them and tell everyone affected.

Finally, we’ll remind you which apps you’ve given access to your information — so you can shut off the ones you don’t want anymore.

Thank you for believing in this community. I promise to do better for you.

Mark Zuckerberg

Recode – All

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Consumer wearables can detect major heart problem

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the cardiogram app combines consumer wearables with AI to detect health conditions

The dawn of fitness wearables has allowed us to track exercise, count steps and generally look like we know what we’re doing in the gym. But arguably their full potential has yet to be fully harnessed.

A study has just been published showing that everyday consumer wearables, including the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and products from Garmin, are capable of detecting the most common abnormal heart rhythm with 97 percent accuracy.

The study was carried out by mobile health data startup Cardiogram in conjunction with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Titled, ‘Passive Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using a Commercially Available Smartwatch’, it’s available to read online at JAMA Cardiology.

Read more: Health IoT: KardiaBand sensor could replace invasive blood tests

Training a deep neural network

Cardiogram and UCSF have developed a deep neural network capable of detecting atrial fibrillation. The condition will affect 25 percent of us at some point in our lives, is responsible for 25 percent of all strokes, and is often left undiagnosed.

“By using software to transform ordinary wearables into personal health monitors, we can literally save lives,” said Cardiogram co-founder Brandon Ballinger.

The software, named DeepHeart, is the result of 9,750 Cardiogram users taking part in UC San Francisco’s Health eHeart Study. Together, they contributed 139 million heart rate and step count measurements, which were used by the DeepHeart neural network.

To validate the software, 51 cardioversion patients at UCSF were tested. DeepHeart was able to distinguish between normal heart rhythm and atrial fibrillation with an accuracy of 97 percent.

Read more: Health IoT: App helps sports stars predict and manage injuries

Consumer wearables for health

Cardiogram claims to have over 750,000 monthly users, with 78 percent of those using its mobile application every day. That engagement rate, which is higher than that of the most popular social media networks, has coincided with the company’s recent research on major health conditions: hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, and, this week, atrial fibrillation.

Read more: Fitbit and Apple Watch can help predict diabetes, says report

“Over the last year, we’ve presented research on four major health conditions. The link between these health conditions and heart rate comes from the autonomic nervous system,” explained Ballinger.

“As you develop hypertension, for example, your pattern of beat-to-beat heart rate variability shifts – so your heart is not just an important organ in its own right, but also a vantage point into the rest of your health.”

The Cardiogram application is compatible with the Apple Watch, and any Android Wear watch with a heart rate sensor, including models from Huawei, LG, New Balance, and Montblanc.

Internet of Business says

Personal healthtech devices and other wearables that can be optimised to monitor health and fitness have been one of the big stories this year, alongside smart/connected car partnerships (good news) IoT security (bad news), and AI ethics (calls for action).

The revelation that wearables’ key application isn’t to offer us a window into our social world, as many people had thought, but a window into ourselves and how our own bodies are performing, has been transformative, and the levels of user engagement prove this.

The IoT is saving lives with data, and encouraging us to look after ourselves better: as positive an application of networked computing and analytics as you could wish for.

The post Consumer wearables can detect major heart problem appeared first on Internet of Business.

Internet of Business

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Two major Instagram feed changes: new posts will show up first & no auto refresh

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Instagram is making some important changes to its feed, the company announced today…. Read the rest of this post here

Two major Instagram feed changes: new posts will show up first & no auto refresh” is an article by iDownloadBlog.com.
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Apple Store App Gains Major Update With Refreshed Design, Sessions Tab, and ‘More Personal’ In-Store Experience

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Apple today updated its Apple Store app, introducing new design changes and improvements to its dedicated iOS portal for purchasing Apple products both online and in retail Apple Stores.

Version 5.0 of the new Apple Store app includes what Apple describes as a “more personal, relevant in-store experience” with product and session recommendations, in-stock notices for products marked as favorites, and the option to scan and buy accessories right from the iPhone.

There’s a new sessions tab, which is designed to allow users to find daily Apple Store sessions covering photography, music, and more, along with sessions based on owned products.

A revamped section for orders allows users to view invoices, edit shipping details and engraving messages, and cancel an individual item in an order that includes multiple items.

Apple says the app also offers a “better look” at the savings that customers can get when purchasing refurbished products.

What’s New:
– Unlock a more personal, relevant in-store experience. Get product and session recommendations, see Favorites in stock, and scan and buy accessories right from your iPhone.
– With the Sessions tab, find daily sessions on photography, music, and more to take your creativity further. You can also choose a session based on products you already own.
– Manage your orders in more ways. Now view invoices, edit shipping details and engraving messages, or cancel an individual item in your order.
– Get a better look at the savings that come with buying refurbished products.
– Discover design updates and improvements throughout the app.

The Apple Store app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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Huawei’s U.S. plans hit major setback as Best Buy said to stop sales

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Huawei can’t catch a break in the States. Just at the company was set to announce a big carrier deal at CES, AT&T reportedly switch gears last minute. Now, a week before the company is set reveal its next big flagship at an event in Paris, Best Buy is reportedly planning to stop sales of the company’s products “over the next few weeks.”

That news comes courtesy of a report from Reuters, based on a “person with knowledge of the matter.” The Chinese smartphone maker was clearly banking on 2018 to be the year it finally expanded sales to the world’s third largest smartphone market. The AT&T deal was reportedly all but finalized ahead of the company’s big CES push.

The last minute nature of the news clearly left the company in a lurch, with consumer CEO Richard Yu going off-script to excoriate carriers and U.S. officials that have repeatedly raised concerns over the company’s perceived ties to the Chinese government.

Huawei offered a non-comment to TechCrunch in the wake of the report. “Huawei values the relationship it has with Best Buy and all our other retail partners,” the company writes in the statement. “As a policy, we do not discuss the details of our partner relationships.”

The statement goes on to offer the standard sort of defense of the company’s position.

Huawei currently sells its products through a range of leading consumer electronics retailers in the U.S.  We have a proven history of delivering products that meet the highest security, privacy and engineering standards in the industry and are certified by the Federal Communications Commission for sale in the U.S.  Our smartphones are widely acclaimed – both among critics and consumers – for their innovation in areas like battery life, processing power, build quality, and camera capabilities. Our products are sold by 46 of the top 50 global operators, and we have won the trust and confidence of individuals and organizations in 170 countries around the world.  We are committed to earning that same trust with U.S. consumers and making our products accessible in as many ways as possible.

A Best Buy spokesperson told TechCrunch, “We don’t comment on specific contracts with vendors, and we make decisions to change what we sell for a variety of reasons.” Noncommittal, sure, but it does appear to acknowledge a shift in the company’s relationship with the smartphone maker.

Until now, Best Buy has been a saving grace in the company’s U.S. plans. While it’s true that most smartphone purchases occur through carriers in the States, the chain is still the largest consumer electronics retailer in the U.S., marking another major setback for the company’s plans.

Mobile – TechCrunch

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5 Major Expectations from Apple’s “Field Trip” Education Event on March 27

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Apple March 27 education event in Chicago

Apple’s Field Trip education event has got plenty of surprises up its sleeve. Apart from a few pretty much certain products, some wildcards are slightly under the wraps. Taking both the usual and unusual suspects into account, we have predicted the five biggest announcements that are going to be the highlights at the Field Trip Education Event on March 27.

Apple has set its sight on bringing young learners into its ever-expanding ecosystem early by offering massive deals. Clearly, the Cupertino-based company wants to put more investment for the future; knowing it can reap great rewards later!

Apple March 27 education event in Chicago

Apple’s Field Trip Education Event on March 27: 5 Major Announcements

Affordable iPad

iPad has always been hugely popular among students. Superior design backed by top-notch performance makes Apple’s tablet such a great asset for learners and inspiring artists. Apple wants to make further inroads into this large user base by introducing more affordable iPads.

The tech giant is likely to announce cheaper iPad at the education event. According to the grapevine, the new tablet will be priced somewhere around $ 259. And if the reports come true, it will be a big shift in gear.

Currently, the company sells $ 329 iPad at $ 309 to education customers. Hence, the tech giant may not find it too difficult to cut down the price by $ 50—70 without making too much effort.

Apple Pencil 2

Though very few reports have predicted the arrival of Apple Pencil 2, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. I expect the new stylus will be compatible to work with even cheaper tablets. As for specs, it will come with minor improvements.

Affordable MacBook Air

Just like iPad, MacBook Air is enormously loved by students for a couple of main reasons: the svelte look and lower price. Apple is said to unveil a cheaper notebook, specially designed for young learners.

Apple currently offers MacBook Air at $ 849 (starting price) for education customers. We believe the new notebook would come with some basic spec bumps and be priced at somewhere around $ 700–$ $ 750. Head over to this post to know more about the MacBook Air 2018 features and price.

Gold-colored iPhone X

Last year, Apple introduced a limited edition PRODUCT RED version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year. Knowing how much love the all-new color got, we expect the tech giant to bring in a new color—possibly gold-colored iPhone X. Who knows it might just liven up the rather slow sales of the smartphone!

ClassKit Apps

Initial betas of iOS 11.3 for the developer and public beta testers had the preferences regarding ClassKit apps for both teachers and students.

Thus, the release of ClassKit at the much-awaited event is well and truly on the cards. The brand new public development framework is said to be fully geared for creating educational apps.

Other Tidbits

There are many other things, which are likely to come out of the shadow. For instance, we might see the launch of AirPower, iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3, watchOS 4.3, and macOS 10.13.4. The new colors for Apple Watch bands and iPhone and iPad cases are on the cards as well.

And yes, the iPhone SE 2 might also have a wildcard entry at the event. Though very unlikely, I would still put my 50% bucks on the four-inch iPhone!

Stay tuned for more!

What are your expectations from the upcoming education event? Share your thoughts in the comments:

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OnePlus 6 256GB price revealed, no major increase in sight

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The OnePlus 6 announcement might be months away, but we already know a lot about its design and specs. And now we can shed some light on the expected pricing. A leaked image, which compares prices of different flagships, lists the 256GB OnePlus 6 with a price tag of $ 749 (about €609). Now looking at this photo – it lists the maxed versions of the smartphones in there. So, we’d guess that the regular model of the OnePlus 6 will most probably have 128GB storage and would be less expensive. The 64GB OnePlus 5T costs €499, while the 128GB model is priced at €559. Now if we…

GSMArena.com – Latest articles

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Popular iPad Drawing App ‘Linea Sketch’ Gets Major Feature Update

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Popular iPad sketching app Linea from The Iconfactory has been renamed to Linea Sketch and updated with multiple new features in 2.0 update that was released this morning.

There are new Templates and Grids in the app, including Notepad options with wide and narrow rules for note taking and new storyboarding templates. Existing app design templates have been updated for Apple’s newest devices, and there is a new small dot grid available.

The previous version of Linea was limited to landscape mode, but the new update adds support for portrait orientation so you can draw in either landscape or portrait modes. New sketches are created using the iPad’s current orientation, and all templates support the new portrait orientation.

Images can now be imported from the camera, photo library, clipboard, or a file browser app, and imported images can be added to a layer for editing or tracing.

There’s also a new ZipLine tool for creating straight lines and polygons, a new scissors tool for creating selections in the Layers panel, and support for new gestures. You can resize selections by dragging with the orange handles or rotate using two fingers.

Linea Sketch supports several iOS 11 features following the update, including Drag and Drop and Split View multitasking, which allows it to be used alongside another app.

Linea Sketch can be downloaded from the App Store for $4.99 for a limited time, a 50 percent discount off of the regular price. [Direct Link]
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