The Best Dungeon RPGs for iPhone and iPad – A TouchArcade Ranking

Hello, gentle readers. Are you looking for a quick and easy list of recommendations for a particular genre of games? I’m hoping to help you out with these semi-regular rankings, carefully compiled and presented for your enjoyment. The topic this time around is the dungeon RPG genre, an admittedly weird label that requires additional explanation. I would love to call these dungeon crawlers, but that genre label gets messy and means different things to different people. What we’re looking for here is the sub-genre of RPGs that follows in the footsteps of Wizardry, Might & Magic, Dungeon Master, and so on. These involve first-person exploration and are usually turn-based in nature. There aren’t as many of them on iOS as you might expect! Nevertheless, there are definitely a handful you’ll want to check out. Please note: this is not the final word, and your list can be (and probably is) different.

One caveat: I’m only including games that include 64-bit support at the time of writing. The deadline for 32-bit apps has long passed, so this list wouldn’t be terribly useful if I included those. These lists usually have ten games on them, but the sparsity of games in this category that still function on modern devices means I couldn’t quite reach that number. As usual, I’ll only allow one entry per series. It’s not a huge issue here, I suppose. Rather than go through the headache of trying to rank them in a particular order, I’m just going to list them alphabetically.

The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale, $ 2.99 Wait just a hot minute, I hear you say. You said games like Wizardry, but this is the silly action-RPG spin-off! Okay, yes. The main game is indeed not fit for our criteria, however enjoyable it may be. But the iOS version of The Bard’s Tale also includes the original three Bard’s Tale games, and while it’s not the optimal way to play them, it’s hard to argue with three classics in one app. These were some of the most popular dungeon RPGs back in the 1980s, and while there are definitely some bones to pick with them, there is still plenty to love here.

The Deep Paths

The Deep Paths, $ 3.99 Developer Steve Jarman has been putting dungeon RPGs on iOS for quite some time now. His latest, The Deep Paths, has some excellent puzzles and dungeon design that make it worth checking out for fans of the genre. The controls can be a little bit tough to deal with at times, and combat isn’t as deep as it could be, but this is still an enjoyable adventure in spite of its issues. Don’t forget to pack the graph paper for this one, as the dungeon is fairly large and complex in its construction.

Dungeoneers Quest

Dungeoneers Quest, $ 0.99 This is an interesting entry. Typically, dungeon RPGs pride themselves on their carefully-crafted designs and puzzles. Dungeoneers Quest is a little different, though. The dungeon is always procedurally generated each time you enter, and it’s also bereft of any designed puzzles. This game is really about building your party, going as far as you dare, using the spoils to improve your party, and heading back down again. It’s a more streamlined experience than some of the games on this list, and while it’s got plenty of areas that could be improved, it’s good for a dive now and then.

Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock, $ 4.99 These lists aren’t really about picking one particular favorite child in the bunch, but… well, you know. The Legend of Grimrock is an amazing homage to Dungeon Master, with fantastic dungeon designs, exciting quasi-real time combat, and great puzzles. It’s a little cramped on the iPhone, but still workable. If you’re playing on an iPad, this is one of the biggest no-brainer purchases around. There’s no sign yet of a mobile version of the sequel, but this one should scratch your dungeon-crawling itch nicely for quite some time.

Mazes of Karradash 2

Mazes of Karradash 2, $ 1.99 The original Mazes of Karradash aimed to marry a first-person dungeon crawler with a roguelike sensibility. It worked to a certain extent, but for the sequel the developer opted to drop some of the random elements, making for a more memorable experience all around. The sequel is still very much focused around the idea of disposable heroes and unlocking perks and improvements that help your next hero get a little farther, but this time around the dungeons are hand-designed and filled with puzzles and boss encounters. Both games are honestly worth checking out, but I like this one a little better than the first.

The Quest

The Quest, $ 7.99 Okay, this one is cheating a little. You’ll spend far more time outside of dungeons than inside of them in The Quest, but I feel like it still hits all the right spots for fans of this sub-genre. Simply put, if you like RPGs, own a mobile device, and don’t own The Quest, you’re doing it wrong. Roll up a character and head out into a huge world full of danger, loot, quests, and monsters. If the dozens of hours of gameplay in the main game isn’t enough for you, there are also a bunch of expansions to keep you questing for ages.

7 Mages

7 Mages, Free If you really like tough puzzles in your dungeon RPGs, 7 Mages is the game for you. This is a surprisingly full-featured game that mostly throws back to 90s CRPGs while adding a few modern conveniences. The story set-up uses the framework of the classic Kurosawa film The Seven Samurai, and the setting feels just different enough to give the game a feeling of its own. The ability to split up your party not only makes for some interesting puzzle possibilities, it also gives the battles a strategic feel that is missing from many other games in this sub-genre.


Silversword, $ 4.99 With the obvious exception of The Bard’s Tale, most of the games on this list play around with the dungeon RPG concept a little bit, giving them a different feel to the classic staples of the sub-genre. If you’re looking for something that plays a tune a little closer to the originals that you remember, Silversword has you covered. It takes a lot of cues from the original Bard’s Tale games but adds in plenty of useful features and naturally features its own original world and story. It doesn’t mess with the core concept too much, but is a quality RPG in its own right.

Again, this is just my personal list. If something you really love is missing, it’s possible I forgot it or that I’ve ruled it out as a dungeon RPG for one arbitrary reason or another. That said, if you want to make the case for anything in particular, please leave it in the comments below. There’s a good chance I’ll be revisiting this list in the future to update it now and then. Which ranking would you like to see next? Let us know that in the comments below as well. Thanks for reading!


Things That You Could Accomplish On Your Ipad

Of all the amazing technology in the world, the iPad is probably at the top of your list! It’s small, cute and incredibly capable of just about anything. One of the few drawbacks to the iPad is it’s complexity and all the info you need to learn about it! The following article is here to help with useful tips and handy tricks.

Before you purchase an app, you should check out any alternatives that are cheaper or even free. Many times popular apps have free light versions that are basically the exact same thing except; They include advertisements. If this doesn’t bother you, it could be a good way to save a few bucks.

To create folders on an iPad is easy. Simply hold your finger over an application icon until it starts jiggling. Once it starts jiggling, you simply drag and drop it on another application icon. The iPad names the application at the time it is made; however, you can rename the folder to your liking.

Take the time to get to know your iPad’s settings. Apple has provided a wide range of options to make your iPad extremely customizable. Changing your settings can make your iPad a lot more fun to use and it may even become faster and easier to use. It is worth is to take this time and learn it.

If you go to Settings and Notifications, you can choose which apps you want to have pop up alerts, which apps you want to have notifications near the top of the screen, and which apps you want to appear in your Notification Center. Doing this can help you prevent noisy apps from clogging up your notifications. This also ensures that you will just notice the important apps.

Choose between Orientation Lock and Mute. Older versions of the iPad featured an “Orientation Lock” button on the side of the device. The button remained on later versions, but its function was switched to “Mute.” If you preferred the older function, you can access a setting in the General Settings menu to set it back to its original function.

You can change your email settings to preview more of your email. Go to Settings, Mail and find Preview. Changes this setting to display up to five lines. Now you’ll be able to see every email that you have in your inbox, which really speeds things up.

It is a good idea to turn off your iPad’s push mail. A lot of mail accounts default settings go to Push as a delivery mechanism. This automatically will push your new mail as soon as available. This can be distracting and interfere with what you are working on. Turn this feature off.

For the devoted iPad user who spends a lot of time traveling, it is essential to carry an extra battery that has been charged. It is very inconvenient to run out of juice while on a plane or train, with no hope of plugging in a charger until the destination has been reached.

If you enjoy frequently using smiley face or alternate emoticons, have the Emoji keyboard. To get this keyboard, tap settings, then General, and finally, Keyboard. Tap the international keyboards’ icon and look for Emoji. To add it, all you have to do is simply tap it. The next time you see the onscreen keyboard, it will be there.

Are you constantly annoyed by the AutoCorrect on your iPad? Try this trick in the future. After you finish typing your word, tap on it in the suggestion’s area. That will ensure that you get what you typed instead of the AutoCorrect suggested word that automatically gets inserted when you hit a space.

Do you want to prevent your iPad from automatically syncing when you hook it up to your computer? That is easy to accomplish. Make sure you are in iTunes, then hold down the Shift-Control or Command-Option buttons when you plug the iPad in. If you forget to do that step, then just swipe, the unlock during the sync, and it will stop.

Spend a day or two familiarizing yourself with your iPad. You may have purchased it for one or two features, but spend a while exploring everything that is available. You may not even realize that the iPad can do some things, so looking around is a sure way to get even more out of it.

Use the available space on your dock. It comes with four things on it, but it can hold two additional items. Simply push on an icon until you see it wiggle around and then pull it to your dock. Do this for anything that you use very often, as having it readily accessible makes your life easier.

Unfortunately, the iPad does not have a free satellite navigation feature. However, the map’s direction features works great for driving, walking, and even bus directions. To use it, simply tap on “Directions”, found on the top left corner of the maps app, and you will be given a step-by-step guide to your destination.

Unlike a personal computer where you need to constantly worry about viruses and spyware, the iPad is incredibly well protected against these things. Be sure to update your device as often as possible, but in general you need not worry about destroying your iPad with unsafe web-surfing or downloaded applications.

If you plan to take your iPad into the kitchen, you absolutely must have a screen protector, stylus and standing case. You will accidentally drop goo all over your iPad, and the protector and case will ensure it says off the iPad itself. The stylus keeps sticky fingers off the screen, too.

When you’re losing weight, the iPad can be a great tool. There are apps to help you track your progress, keep a diet diary or even receive nutritional advice. You can search the web to find how many calories are in the items you’re eating, or take photos of clothing you want to buy when you fit into the items, which makes for great motivation.

You know the iPad is a beloved gadget, otherwise people wouldn’t devote so much time to figuring it out! Hopefully this article has given you a jump-start on learning to use yours. With a little bit of practice and research, you will be an iPad master in no time flat!

Best Card Games for iPhone and iPad: FreeCell, Solitaire and More

Best Card Games for iPhone and iPad

Card games let you spice up your free time. Whether you are in a group or just alone, you can launch onto it whenever you desire to fill your times with fun. The best thing about them is that you never feel like mastering their art so easily.

Card games are known to be fun-loving and full of exciting tricks. Throughout the game, you’ve got to keep guessing and anticipating how to outsmart your opponents. A little laggardness on your part costs you big time.

Best Card Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Card Games For iPhone and iPad

#1. Head Ups

Head Ups Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Having been described as a Sensation by New York Times and equally lavishly praised by Cosmopolitan, this card game is up there with any card game of top-notch quality.

The rule of the game is simple. From singing songs, naming celebrities to silly accents, you get immense joy while playing the game. You have to guess the word on the card which is on your head with your friends’ clues before the timer runs out.

With this game, you can play with many scintillating categories. With 18 themed decks, you will never get enough of the game.

Price: $ 0.99

#2. Phase 10

Phase 10 Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Phase 10 is for the folks who love rummy. You’ll have a great time playing this game with friends. Race with your opponents and complete your ten first, ensuring you remain ahead of them. That’s the main purpose of the game.

Though not trick-filled game with numerous tough moments, it has what it takes to keep you glued to it.

Price: $ 1.99

#3. Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Spider Solitaire is a classic card game which I loved played for long. Your entire goal in this card game is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from king to ace. It lets you customize the backdrops and card backs with your photos from a library and personalize them.

You can play this game in different modes based on your level of playing solitaire. Like, you can try your hands at easy 1- suit but if you think that you are good enough you can go further – 2-suits or even 4-suits or even “spiderette” game modes. Nice animation and subtle sounds further enrich Spider Solitaire.

Price: Free

#4. Hearts!!

Hearts Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Hearts is for the crazy card lovers. You have to play against three computer opponents. The faces of the card are large, easy to see and can be arranged with much ease.

The screen shows the point running total and score. Not a game to give plenty of anxious moments, but you would love every moment of the game with joy.

Price: Free

#5. Skip-Bo

Skip-Bo Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This is a family card game and contains enough stuff to keep you engrossed. Ready to get into the action, set the cards in the sequential order while making sure your opponents do not surpass you. Who-so-ever gets rid of all the cards in their deck wins the game.

A simple game involving smart techniques to outsmart your opponents, Skip-Bo can get addictive pretty fast.

Price: $ 1.99

#6. FreeCell (Mobilityware)

FreeCell Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

FreeCell is the sort of game that will consume your time. By the time you realize you have spent a heck of a time on this game, you are already in the midst of some exciting yet intriguing situation of the game. And you just don’t seem to have enough of it as yet. That’s how this card game for you!

You have to move all the cards to foundation stacks using the four free cell spots as placeholders. A version of FreeCell solitaire, this is like joy riding as you ever like.

Price: Free

#7. Card Wars

Card Wars Card iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Card Wars is for serious card gamers who enjoy their battle against strong opponents and attain victory. Inspired by adventure time episode, it is an exhausting game with numerous challenging moments that will force you to think hard and defeat the opposition.

With high stake battles, this card is exactly what you want to spice up time for some delightful gaming. You can command an awesome army from Husker Knights, Cool Dog, and Immortal Maize Walker to Pig and destroy your enemies. You can also customize the decks.

Price: $ 3.99

#8. Spellcraft-Collectable Card Game

Spellcraft-Collectable Card Game iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

With highly acclaimed CCG with tactical play, Spellcraft will mesmerize you. Made by card players themselves, it has everything it takes to entertain you. The beautiful artwork and music will never let you go away from the game.

If you love to have an encounter with virtual supernatural powers, you are going to have a great time with this game.

Price: Free

#9. Callbreak Multiplayer

Call-Break Multiplayer iPhone and iPad Card Game Screenshot

Call-Break Multiplayer is very intriguing, and a must-have for the folks who relish playing card games. It is basically a trick-taking card game played with a standard 52-card deck between four players.

You can play this game with your friends or lock horns with any players from around the world. The live in-game chat allows you to interact with other players. Furthermore, you can also take part in the weekly contest, showcase your skill and win a lot of bonus.

I played this game with my friends and also went head-to-head with other players and liked every bit of it. Highly recommended!

Price: Free

#10. Patience

Patience iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Patience is highly appreciated and considered as the best solitaire card game. With attractive card animations and addictive concept, it’s ticked off all the boxes!

The app provides endless free games, so you will have plenty explore and try out. As there is also an undo feature, you won’t hesitate in trying new things.

You can hide time, score and moves if you don’t want others to find out what you are up to. Moreover, it lets you keep track of your personal status as well.

Price: Free

That’s all!

What’s your pick?

I hope you have liked taking a peek at these top card games for iOS. Which one have you chosen to play? Do tell us about your fav game.

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Do share your feedback with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, download the iGB app for free in the App Store.

How to Use Find my iPhone to Track Your iPhone, iPad, Mac and AirPods

Find My iPhone is Apple’s sophisticated system for tracking all your Apple devices. Even though the app is called Find my iPhone, you can use it to track your iPad, Mac, and even AirPods. If you’ve got Family Sharing turned on, you can track all the devices from all your family members from a single app! This feature is useful when you’ve lost your iPhone, misplaced your Mac or just want to see where your family members are. Here’s how to set it up and start using it. Continue reading
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Your Ipad: Get The Most Out Of It

Apple created the iPad after the success of the iPod, and this larger version has really taken the world by storm. The first tablet with such a wide selection of apps available has become the desire of millions around the world. This article aims to help you learn how to use your iPad successfully.

Did you open too many apps? You can access all your open apps by tapping on the home button of your iPad and bar will appear at the bottom of you screen. Tap the app you want to access and repeat this process later to access your other running aps.

To create folders on an iPad is easy. Simply hold your finger over an application icon until it starts jiggling. Once it starts jiggling, you simply drag and drop it on another application icon. The iPad names the application at the time it is made; however, you can rename the folder to your liking.

If your iPad holds sensitive data, a feature can be enabled that lets you erase all of that data on your device. This is only triggered if a person incorrectly inputs the password 10 times. To set this up, go to Settings. Look under General for Passcode Lock. Then, go to Erase Data.

Learn all the things the side switch can do on your iPad. It is a handy way to turn your audio alerts on and off without affecting your playback sound. You can also use it to lock your screen so that it does not automatically rotate. If you want to use it for some other function, you can change this in the General Settings menu.

You can stop annoying Wi-Fi joining messages on your iPad. If you’re tired of getting asked to join various Wi-Fi networks constantly, this can be taken care of under Settings and Wi-Fi. Switch off Ask to Join Networks. You may still join any network that you’ve already got from this screen, you just will not be harassed constantly.

Know how to take a screenshot with your iPad. Simply depress the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for just a second. A photo of your screen’s contents will automatically appear in your photo folder for easy access. Be careful not to depress the buttons too long, however, because the device will reboot.

Most people know that an SD card can be plugged into the iPad directly from their camera to view photos. Many people do not know that a connection kit can be purchased to connect your camera to your iPad. You can search the online Apple Store to find one for your camera.

You can use a keyboard with your iPad. Some people love their iPad, but miss the actual keyboard. The good news is that any Apple wireless keyboard will work with it. It will also work with any keyboard that uses Bluetooth. There are some iPads that already have a handy keyboard built in too.

Use the auto brightness feature of your iPad. Your device is able to sense the strength of the lighting in any given room and adjust itself to fit your lighting needs. This ensures your battery stays charged for longer. This setting can be located in the section labeled “Brightness & Wallpaper”.

Do you want to see all the running apps on your iPad? Then, double-click the Home button and every app will display at the bottom of your screen. If you want to run one of the running apps, simply tap it. Simply swipe your screen down to eliminate the bar.

Get a warranty. You may not think that a warranty is something you need, but consider this: An iPad is not a cheap toy. It is an electronic investment and you need to make sure that you can get it repaired or replaced should you need that. A warranty can give you peace of mind.

Did your iPad download get interrupted? Did you never receive that bonus item that was supposed to come with your new iTunes album? These are issues that are easily corrected. Just pick the Store menu in iTunes, and look for the option to check for any downloads you may have available.

You can find a free downloadable version of the user guide for the iPad. Go to Apple’s website and find the PDF version of the guide. You can then download and print it. It is also available as an iBook that can be downloaded directly to your iPad. Use it to assist you in learning how to fully operate your iPad.

Look for a quality video tutorial to help you figure things out that you are having difficulties with. You can find step by step guides to doing just about anything on your iPad. It will benefit you greatly to learn how to do things the right way the first time. These videos will be the easiest way to learn.

There are a couple of ways to view PDF’s with your iPad. You can email them to yourself and then open in iBooks. You can also drop and drag these files into your iTunes. When you sync your iPad and click on the Books tabs, you select the PDFs and it is automatically transferred to your library in iBooks.

It is so simple to copy text when you are using the iPad; a simple double click of the word does it for you. This is a more difficult strategy when you are dealing with paragraphs. If you tap the text four times, the whole section is copied. This method can be used for addresses, paragraphs, and the URL bar.

It makes sense to enable your “Find My iPad” option so that you can find the device if it gets lost. You can find your iPad’s location from your home computer. At a first glance, this may appear to be a bit of work, but it will come in handy if you ever misplace it.

These tips and tricks truly are priceless. Put them to work to ensure your iPad lives up to your standards. Putting them into use is the most important thing you can do, so keep them in mind as you install apps, create videos, listen to music or read recipes online.