You can now pre-order DJI’s Osmo Mobile 2 from Apple

Stabilize those vlog vids!

Drone-maker DJI’s recently-announced Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone gimbal was officially made available for preorder exclusively on Apple’s website today. The gimbal is priced at $ 129.95 and, according to the site, will ship sometime between February 21 and March 8.

The Osmo Mobile 2 was initially introduced during CES 2018 in Las Vegas. At its core, it’s a smartphone stabilizer designed to allow users to capture smooth videos and panoramic shots without worrying about shakes and bumps. It uses three-axis gimbal technology to cancel out unwanted movement in three directions, meaning even the unsteadiest of hands won’t disturb recording. The device is also lightweight, ultraportable, and easy to set up and use no matter what your experience.

The Osmo Mobile 2 is completely adjustable, offering both portrait and landscape orientation so you can make sure your followers get the best view. It also boasts a universal screw mount (so it can be used with all your favorite film tools as well as your smartphone), simpler controls (that allow your mobile device to be completely controlled from the handle), and a power bank that lets you film up to 15 hours (complete with a USB port that enables phone charging during use).

If you’re looking to add the Osmo Mobile 2 to your must-have smartphone accessory collection, you can preorder it exclusively on Apple’s website for $ 129.95. After January ends, however, you will also be able to purchase it from authorized DJI retailers.

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Siri now actively used on more than 500M devices, up from 375M in June

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Apple buried a tasty tidbit in Tuesday’s HomePod press release, revealing that its Siri virtual assistant is being "actively used" on over half a billion devices, a figure up from more than 375 million in June.
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Details on v2, the new app from a Vine co-founder, have been revealed

Last month, Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman teased that he was building a “follow-up to Vine” but he didn’t spill many other details about the project. Today we’ve learned a bit more about the app called v2.

It’s been revealed that videos in v2 can be between 2 and 6.5 seconds long. Videos can be captured with your phone or uploaded from your camera roll, meaning that users could edit videos and then share them that way. Videos played in v2 will loop over and over.

When capturing using v2, videos are full screen and in portrait orientation. Users will be able to flip between the front and rear cameras while recording. As for what v2 won’t offer, there won’t be things like color filters or face filters like the ones that are popular on some other popular services.

Hoffman has said that there will be a chronological timeline “at the very least”, but that there is probably be an algorithmic feed or a “Popular” or “Explore” page to show you relevant and well-liked posts.

It’s expected that v2 users will be able to do things like disable comments on posts and choose your gender pronouns. Users will also be able to join a Team that’ll have a profile page with a member list, and people on that team can promote and reshare posts from other Team members to their own timeline.

v2 is currently in a “very very very limited alpha” stage. Hoffman does plan to launch in 2018, though, with a Q2 or Q3 release being targeted. v2 will be available on both iPhone and Android. For now, there are some community forums at and an official Twitter account.

Vine was a popular service that spawned a lot of creative video clips. Unfortunately, Twitter decided to kill Vine in 2016, and we haven’t seen a similar service gain popularity since. v2 has a chance to regain the popularity that Vine had, but the service could face a tough road since it’s starting from scratch while going up against existing popular photo and video sharing services.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Hardware and Software Integration Will Set HomePod Apart From Competitors

Apple CEO Tim Cook is spending some time in Canada this week, and yesterday he attended a hockey game and visited the Eaton Centre Apple Store in Toronto.

Cook today stopped by the offices of Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify, where he spoke to the Financial Post about augmented reality apps and the HomePod.

On the topic of the HomePod, Cook said that Apple’s deep integration between hardware and software will help to differentiate the smart speaker from competing products like Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home.

“Competition makes all of us better and I welcome it,” Cook said. “(But) if you are both trying to license something and compete with your licensees, this is a difficult model and it remains to be seen if it can be successful or not.”

Cook also said a quality, “very immersive audio experience” was one thing missing from the smart speaker market, which Apple is aiming to fix. “Music deserves that kind of quality as opposed to some kind of squeaky sound,” he said.

The HomePod, which, at $349 in the United States is more expensive than competing products, features a 7 tweeter array, an Apple-designed 4-inch upward-facing woofer, and spatial awareness, all of which is designed to provide the best possible sound.

During his interview with the Financial Post, Cook also spoke about augmented reality, a topic he’s covered many times in the past. Cook said AR is “the most profound technology of the future” that’s able to amplify human experience instead of substitute it.

Cook said developers across Canada are adopting AR at a “very fast rate” and that he “couldn’t be happier” with developer interest in ARKit.

Cook’s full interview, which includes additional comments on augmented reality and details on features coming to Shopify, can be read over at the Financial Post website.

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