‘Freeways’, the Traffic Management Game from the Creator of ‘Desert Golfing’, Updated with iPhone Support

Sometimes I wonder if Justin Smith from Captain Games realizes his own genius when creating games, or if he just makes games that happen to be stunningly brilliant. One of my all-time favorite games is Enviro-Bear 2010 [$ 0.99], which is a silly game about a bear driving a car with absurdly difficult driving physics. Beyond its wacky surface, though, there is a ton of depth, and it’s remained on my phone since its original release nearly a decade ago. Then there’s Desert Golfing [$ 1.99]. This totally stripped-down 2D golfing game has you whacking a ball into a hole in as few strokes as possible, moving from hole to hole in stark, barely changing environments until… well, until the world falls into the sun, or something. I guess it technically has an end, but most people will never see it and most don’t seem to care. It’s a perfect mobile game to pop out and play a few holes here and there, but if you squint your eyes just right, you can also pull some deep philosophical meanings out of Desert Golfing. No joke.

There are even more examples, but the bottom line is that Justin Smith makes games that look almost laughably bad on the surface but always have some sort of hidden meaning and depth. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or a happy accident but either way his library of games is a gift to us gamers. The latest Justin Smith release is Freeways [$ 1.99 (HD)], a traffic management sim of sorts, and like his previous games you can’t judge this book by its cover. Your job is to connect specific destinations to a number of different freeways by intuitively drawing the paths right on your screen. Traffic will begin pouring out the moment you create a road, and it’s up to you to create freeway exchanges that let traffic flow freely and allow drivers to get to and from their destinations. Once you complete a map you can check on the efficiency of your design, or lack thereof.

It’s a deceptively engrossing experience, as sometimes you can dream up some wacky design that you figure will never work in a million years and then find out that it’s actually getting the job done. Similarly, sometimes you’ll design what you think is the most ingenious freeway design ever conceived, only to see traffic jams crop up in places you never expected due to problems you never anticipated. Freeways looks like a simple Flash arcade game on its surface, but behaves like a sophisticated traffic management simulation in practice. It’s really remarkable, and yes, a lot of fun too. Never thought I’d say that about traffic management.

Anyway, apologies for burying the lede this far down in the story, but the reason we’re talking about Freeways today is that when it originally launched in mid-September it was an iPad only game, which made sense as the extra screen real estate would be helpful when weaving your complex tapestry of freeways. However, that also severely limited the audience for the game, and following a ton of requests Justin Smith has spent the past month or so making the game friendly for the smaller screens of iPhones, with a new Universal update arriving for Freeways today. Playing it on my iPhone 7 Plus and it seems just fine to me, but your own mileage may vary. What’s important is that we all at least have the option of experiencing this little gem on our phones now, so if you’ve enjoyed Smith’s previous releases or the thought of skillfully managing freeway traffic gets you all excited, be sure to give the newly Universal Freeways a spin and check out our forums for more impressions of the game.


Out Now Part 2: ‘Through the Ages’, ‘Warbands: Bushido’, ‘Freeways’, ‘Crown Throwdown’, ‘Football Strike’, ‘ReCharge RC’ and More

If you somehow didn’t get your fill of new iOS games with our big Out Now list posted a couple of nights ago, then have I got some good news for you: New games are still trickling into the App Store! It’s like it never ends! Somebody please help me! Actually new games are always trickling out, or firehosing out I should say, and ever once in a while there’s enough noteworthy stuff that misses our weekly list that we’ll do a second list just as a way to keep everyone up to date and cap off the week. So without further ado check out the stragglers below and let us know if there’s any games on this second list that you’ll be picking up!


Crown Throwdown

iTunes Description

Whoever holds the crown, holds the power… Be the last man, woman, or blob standing in this silly arcade fighter!

Collect the crown and jump on your enemies heads to defeat them. If an enemy already has the crown, jump on their head to knock it off and scramble to see who can collect the crown first!

Battle your way to the throne in Throwdown mode or hone your skills against 1-3 AI opponents in Arcade mode.

Earn gold by winning matches and use that gold to unlock new characters and levels.

Let’s Throwdown!

Forum Thread: Crown Throwdown (By Jordan Overmyer)

Finnish Dart Game

iTunes Description

Traditional Finnish Dart Game, now on mobile! Looking for a fun challenge? Target Bulls-eye! Climb the global online leaderboards!

Thrilling dart throwing action – experience of a lifetime.

– Free, addictive and fun!
– Easy to learn, hard to master!
– Fresh Dart game with unique gameplay!
– Climb the global online leaderboards!
– No internet connection required – You can play offline!

Forum Thread: Finnish Dart Game (by Headfish Entertainment)

Football Strike

iTunes Description

Ultra-fast multiplayer free-kick action: this is Football Strike!

You’ve never played a football game like this before. Take on your friends in multiplayer free-kick face-offs, or make a name for yourself in the Career Mode! Challenge the world across different online game modes! Hit the targets in a fast-paced, time-limited battle for points in Shooting Race mode, or take turns as both striker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kick mode!

Customise your striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items! Show off your style or represent your team’s colours! Take on Career mode, travelling through different stadiums around the globe and taking on unique soccer challenges to unlock medals! With simple, fast gameplay, Football Strike is easy to play and offers endless competitive football fun!

Forum Thread: Football Strike (by Miniclip)


iTunes Description

You are a freeway engineer.

Draw freeway interchanges with your finger.

Optimize for efficiency and avoid traffic jams.

Forum Thread: Freeways (by Blinkbat Games)

Hero C – Round and Round!

iTunes Description

Hey…! Here it is … Here!
You…!! You are the hero we were looking for!
The world is under threat from the forces of darkness!
You have to save the world with your avatars!
Only your control can save the world!
In line with the battle situation, Change the character, Click on the skill!
Then defeat the monster and win the boss battle!
Only your control leads your avatar to victory in combat!
Start your adventure with your knights!

Forum Thread: Hero C (by X’s Quest)

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

iTunes Description

Do you have what it takes to become the best fisherman? In this addictive clicker game you will travel the seas on an adventure to catch fish and grow your crew while earning cash to upgrade your boat and gear!

– Upgrade your boat and build your Fishing Empire.
– Recruit and upgrade your own Crew.
– Search the seas for Rare and Epic Fishes
– Brawl for Stars to increase your Value
– Try your Fishing Luck on the Wheel
– Join multiplayer fishing tournaments

Forum Thread: Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon (by A Creative Endeavor)


iTunes Description

The smash hit web .io game comes to iOS!

Stay alive and knock competitors off from all over the world in this real-time multiplayer thriller! How long can you stay on the map?!

Customizable skins coming out in next update!

Forum Thread: knckout.io (by Jason Chitla)

Lost in the Pages

iTunes Description

Travel through different books in a quest to find your uncle! You will travel through a number of stories, seek to understand why they are falling apart, and trying to solve the mystery of your uncle’s bookshop.

“Lost in the Pages” is a 125,000 word interactive novel by a collection of authors, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

There are over a half a dozen stories to choose from, from fantasy and science fiction, to horror or mystery. Can you rescue your uncle and restore order to the stories, or will you be consumed by the menace hanging over him?

Forum Thread: Lost In The Pages (by Hosted Games LLC)

ReCharge RC

iTunes Description

Customize your vehicle, Create your very own race tracks, Share them online and Race your friends with asynchronous multiplayer and global leaderboards! Drift your way into ReCharge RC! Featuring limitless vehicle customization, online track sharing with an ever growing catalog, global online leaderboards for every track, even the ones you create, and asynchronous multiplayer allowing you to race the ghost of every leaderboard entry! Enjoy realistic physics that blur the lines between arcade and simulation and allow rookies and veterans alike to experience the joy that is RC racing!

Forum Thread: ReCharge RC (by Hondune)

Solitaire Till Dawn

iTunes Description

Solitaire Till Dawn offers over 100 different solitaire card games, from familiar favorites to obscure delights waiting for you to discover! Play Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, TriPeaks, and more.

First released in 1991, Solitaire Till Dawn has been developed and improved for over 25 years. Macworld magazine said of an earlier version: “Solitaire Till Dawn is the best solitaire game I’ve seen on any platform”, and MacAddict magazine awarded its highest rating, “Freakin’ Awesome!” This new version has been carefully re-designed for the Apple iPad, and we think it’s even better than ever.

Forum Thread: Solitaire Till Dawn (by Semicolon Software)

Swap Space

iTunes Description

Swap turrets with your finger to defend Earth against asteroids!
Match the turrets against the asteroids with the same color.

Easy to play hard to master!

– Easy and simple swipe control
– Endless gameplay
– Collect stars and unlock new turrets
– Challenge your friends with the best high score
– Complete challenges to win more stars

Forum Thread: Swap Space (by Pixelgate Studios)

Through the Ages

iTunes Description

This is your chance to make history: You begin with a small tribe. As you expand your farms and mines, you lay the groundwork for technological advancements, better governments, and grand wonders. Your military might supports your political skill as you guide your civilization to greatness.

– One of the greatest board games of all time.
– Hundreds of cards to build a mighty civilization.
– Explore the many paths to victory.
– Manage your resources carefully.

Forum Thread: Through the Ages (by Czech Games Edition)

Warbands: Bushido

iTunes Description

Warbands:Bushido is a miniatures board game with cards, miniatures, dice and beautiful terrains to fight on, with both multiplayer battles boardgamers are used to, and challenging single-player scenarios.

Game has an isometric, tabletop-style look with miniature-style characters, cards, dice, pre-rendered battlefields and story-mode locations. There will be more than 50 various paintable units and heroes planned for a full-scale release and later additions. Single-player scenarios with their own characters and events, are highly influenced by classic tactical turn-based RPGs. While multiplayer skirmish will let you test your skills in best traditions of tabletop wargame classics like Warmachine or Mordheim with a fast-paced Hearthstone-like gameplay.

Forum Thread: Warbands: Bushido (By Red Unit)