How to Use Animoji on iPhone X (They’re More Fun Than You Think!)

Animoji is a new feature that currently is only available on the iPhone X. The technology required for Animoji is really incredible and the potential applications are far-reaching. For now, you can animate various characters in ten-second videos and send them to friends. You can be a unicorn, the poop emoji, a panda, a chicken, and more. When you move your face, the Animoji automatically moves with you. With Animoji, you are essentially animating your own character, as though you were in a cartoon but from the comfort of your iPhone. Here’s how to use Animoji on your iPhone X.

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How to Use Animoji on iPhone X

  • Open the Messages app and open an existing message.
  • At the very bottom, you’ll see small ovals presenting different options and apps for within Messages. Locate the oval with a little hollering monkey and tap on it.
  • If you don’t see the options at the bottom of your screen, tap on the App Store “A” icon, then select the oval icon that’s a hollering monkey.

  • You should now be on the Animoji screen within Messages.
  • One the very left, you can scroll through the different characters. Select one.
  • Hold your iPhone up to your face. As you move your face, the character’s face will automatically move as well.
  • To record, tap the large red button next to the Animoji character.
  • While recording, you can speak, sing, and generally move with regular expressions and watch as the Animoji character does the same. After ten seconds, it will automatically stop recording.
  • Once it stops recording, you can tap the trash can to delete it, the arrow in a circle to replay it, or the arrow to send it.

  • Once you’ve sent the Animoji, you can tap and hold the Animoji video you’ve sent and tap Save to save it to your Photos. From there, you can share it with social media and other people from there.
  • Alternatively, you could 3D Touch the Animoji video you’ve sent, then tap the Share icon in the lower left-hand corner and do what you want with it from there, whether you want to send it via text or other format.

Luckily, Animoji recordings save as a regular video file. Which means you can share them with friends or post them on social media, even if they have an old iPhone or don’t have an iPhone at all.


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Does Apple’s Animoji feature really need to be copied?

Apple Animoji

Watching features, and designs, get copied is standard stuff in just about any industry. It’s no different for smartphones. Every company out there has been copied in some way or another, and has copied in their own right, too. In most cases we as consumers luck out, because some of these features and design cues that companies copy are good things.

That’s not always the case, but it should at least be the goal.

And then there are the instances where one company copies another just . . . because. Just because they think that one feature will really take off, or that one design will catch the consumer’s eye. We’ve already seen at least one company shamelessly rip off the design of the iPhone X for instance — the notch and all.

And we’ve already seen the Honor brand take on Animoji, an Apple-specific feature that the company introduced late last year along with the TrueDepth camera system in the iPhone X. Animoji use that front-facing camera tech to track your face and then let users look like a monkey, robot, cat, or even poop to send a message.

It even turned into Animoji karaoke. It caught on like a new feature sometimes does, in a way that companies hopes it does. And then it died out. If an iPhone X owner told me that they never send an Animoji, I would not be surprised in the slightest.

I’d probably send Animoji more, but the most attention they receive is when one of my kids wants to try it out and send a message to someone. Unfortunately no one they would send that Animoji too has the ability to send one back, so a lot of the fun is lost in a one-sided conversation.

And now we’ve seen Samsung unveil their newest processor, the Exynos 9 Series 9810, which not only supports more advanced facial recognition for more security when unlocking your smartphone, but also apparently supports the ability to offer an Animoji-like feature. I’m very curious to see how Samsung sells that later this year. Honor went ahead and splashed Apple’s Animoji on the screen when it showed off its own effort. Will Samsung do the same?

Animoji is such a weirdly Apple-specific feature that any company copying it is very blatantly copying it. (It doesn’t help when you try to show off how yours compares to Apple’s effort during the unveiling of your feature.) And while I like Animoji well enough, I don’t think it’s a feature that needs to be copied by other companies. Not everything has to be brought over from competing companies. In fact, do something else and make that the thing other companies want to copy from you.

It also just comes down to the fact that if a company like Samsung takes time to show off how their Animoji-inspired feature is “better” in some way, we can’t ignore the fact that Apple’s own effort is going to get better, too, later this year. That’s an ugly cycle to get stuck in, especially for such a random, silly feature.

“Our Animoji are better than their Animoji!”

What do you think? If you aren’t an iPhone X owner or an iOS user, are you actually looking forward to seeing Animoji-like features show up on your device(s)? Or is this one thing that you wouldn’t mind seeing staying an iOS exclusive? Let me know! – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Honor’s new View 10 phone brings iPhone X-style Animoji to Android

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Huawei’s Honor brand on Tuesday revealed the Android-based View 10, a new flagship phone that features a direct imitation of the Animoji feature available on Apple’s iPhone X.
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How to make Animoji karaoke

So you just spent $ 1,000 on an iPhone X. Once you’ve had your fill of that new screen, the notch, and Face ID, it’s time to master what’s truly the most important feature of Apple’s latest phone: Animoji. Sending a voice message to a friend is a lot more fun when an animated unicorn, robot, or poop emoji is doing the talking and mimicking your facial expressions. That part’s easy, but it didn’t take long for people to come up with another creative way of using Animoji: karaoke.

You’ve seen some of the videos by now. Even Apple made one. So if you’ve come up with the perfect song to lipsync as one of the Animoji characters, the above video will show you the necessary steps. There are two methods for recording Animoji karaoke, and the one…

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