Google Inbox now has an ‘All inboxes’ view

Google’s Inbox app is a pretty great email client, but it has always lacked something that many mobile and desktop email applications have – a merged inbox view. You always had to check each account separately, which can take at least two taps to switch between. Thankfully, Google has finally added an ‘All inboxes’ view to the app.


Tapping the new option in the sidebar does exactly what you would expect – it shows all your messages from all your accounts.

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‘All That Remains’, the New Adventure from Glitch Games, is Coming June 29th

Back in April Glitch Games, who have previously brought us such adventure game gems as the Forever Lost series and A Short Tale, announced their newest project, a creepy new adventure originally titled The Bunker but renamed All That Remains. As that original title alluded to, though, All That Remains takes place in a cold-war bunker where you’ll play as a character named Campbell who wakes up inside the bunker and has no idea how he ended up there. Strangely, you’ll be in contact with your sister via two-way radio and you’ll also be able to listen in on the emergency broadcast system on the bunker’s radio, and you’ll need to use the information provided by both to figure out why the heck you’re trapped in that bunker and also what the heck is going on above ground in the outside world.

The above teaser certainly paints a mysterious and interesting picture of All That Remains, and given Glitch’s previous high-quality efforts in the adventure gaming genre, I’m really curious to check it out. Well, that time will be coming sooner rather than later as today Glitch has announced that All That Remains is all locked and loaded for release on iOS later this month on June 29th for the ridiculous price of just 99¢. Sure, it’s an episodic game so perhaps additional episodes will also cost money or possibly the 99¢ will just be a limited-time launch price, but either way that’s pretty darn cheap. So if you’ve enjoyed Glitch’s previous games and are interested in what’s been shown for All That Remains check back here on June 29th and nab yourself a copy, and of course until then you can check out the forum thread for some discussion.


‘The Walking Dead: March to War’ Takes Place Just Before the ‘All Out War’ Comic Book Storyline

The Walking Dead: March to War is still under development, and it sounds like the developer, Disruptor Beam, is really trying to tie the game to the Walking Dead universe. In the latest blog post, Lead Narrative Designer, Jessica Sliwinski, talks about how they want to turn you into an armchair apocalypse leader, like when you’re reading the comic books and you keep thinking how you wouldn’t do all the dumb things Rick keeps doing. In The Walking Dead: March to War, you’ll be in the middle of those characters and those decisions, so you will have the opportunity to get people killed in even more spectacular and unnecessary ways. The story of the game takes place just before the events of Volume 20 of the comic books, with some key events leading up to “All Out War” having already happened (including two very famous deaths that we’ve seen in TWD TV show).

And while the game is based on those events, it takes players on an alternate history version of the events that transpired in the comic books. You’ll be a leader of your own community, powerful enough to draw the attention of both Rick and Negan, among others. Those two gentle souls will be trying to win you over to their side, and you’ll get to pick whose side you want to be on. There’s a lot more information on the game in the blog post, so go check it out. And still no release date for the game outside of “soon.”