Tim Cook talks about how the HomePod sets itself apart from Amazon and Google

During Tim Cook’s visit to Toronto, Apple coincidentally dropped news that its delayed home assistant speaker, the HomePod, is going to be available for pre-order on Friday in the US, UK, and Australia with units arriving on February 9. Also during the visit, Financial Post held an interview with Cook to discuss the HomePod and what the current home speaker competitors (Amazon and Google) aren’t quite doing right. Tim Cook explained that Apple’s integration between hardware and software services (and iOS) are what will set the HomePod apart from other speakers that are currently…

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Why Facebook’s survey about trust won’t make or break the media

Last Friday, Facebook announced two key changes to the News Feed: one, it would reduce the amount of news in the News Feed from roughly 5 percent to 4 percent; and two, it would begin taking into account how trusted a publisher is when ranking it in the feed. Trust levels are to be determined by a survey, and today BuzzFeed’s Alex Kantrowitz got ahold of it. The survey consists of two questions:

Do you recognize the following websites?

– Yes

– No

How much do you trust each of these domains?

– Entirely

– A lot

– Somewhat

– Barely

– Not at all

Journalists noted that this was not a particularly comprehensive survey. ”People could game this survey,” said the FT’s Hannah Kuchler. ”I’ve filled out more robust surveys at fast food…

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HomePod: Everything you need to know about Apple’s smart speaker

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Apple’s HomePod is finally available to preorder this Friday, January 26th, and arriving in stores starting Friday, February 9th. AppleInsider delves into the device pre-release, and tells you everything you need to know before you drop $ 349 on it.
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