Uber “Express Pool” offers the cheapest fare if you’ll walk a little

 Uber’s found a way to shave another 25% or so off the price of a ride. Uber Express Pool asks you to walk up to a few blocks to your pickup and destination before and after the ride in exchange for the cheapest fare out of all of Uber’s options. The feature dynamically generates “smart spots” that are easy to drive to and close to the origin or destination of… Read More
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Amazon will now sell you high-end LG phones for less, if you’ll put up with ads

LG is joining Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phone program today, offering four smartphones at a discount for customers willing to put up with seeing ads on their lock screen. Amazon already has Motorola, Alcatel, and Nokia as partners in this program, but its deal with LG stands out for being the first to include high-end phones. LG is offering the G6 and G6 Plus at a discount, as well as the low-end Q6 and X Charge.

The two G6 models are the nicest phones to enter Amazon’s discounted lineup to date. Naturally, they sell for substantially more than most other phones available, at $ 399.99 and $ 499.99. That’s only a $ 50 discount on the standard G6, but it’s almost $ 200 under what Amazon plans to sell the G6 Plus for without ads — though neither…

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