Is Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile Worth Playing?

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Fortnite Battle Royale is the darling child of Epic Games that just about everyone is talking about. And after making a splash on PC and consoles, the game is now available on your smartphone.

But how well does the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale fare against the PC and console versions? Is it doomed to fail like many other mobile shooters? Let’s find out…

Minimum Requirements

  • Internet Connection: Yes
  • OS: iOS 11 (Android Support to Follow)
  • Minimum Free Storage: 2GB
  • iPhone: 6S / SE or newer
  • iPad: Mini 4 / Air 2 / 2017 / Pro or newer
  • Controller Support: None (Support to Follow)
  • Battery Drain: +- 7% per 15mins (Screen on 75% Brightness)

We tested the game using an iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5 on a 200Mb internet connection. Bear in mind the game is still very much in beta, so you can expect a few tweaks and improvements to overall efficiency as the game is developed further.

Graphics and Ergonomics

To make Fortnite Battle Royale playable on mobile, some trade-offs were made. Both in terms of the controls and the graphics. Don’t expect to find ultra high details on mobile. That being said the game looks and runs beautifully, all things considered.

fortnite ergonomics

While having the larger screen of the iPad is a little more immersive, the smaller screen of the iPhone makes the game look prettier. Playing on the iPad is slightly more unwieldy, and the on-screen buttons are a little further apart meaning you’re going to be a little slower on the draw.

Getting Started

Before being able to play Fortnite Battle Royale on iOS, you’ll need to get in line and wait your turn by signing up for early access. Once you receive the invitation and you’ve managed to stop hyperventilating, click on the link in the email to go to the app store and download the game.

fortnite invite

Once the game downloads, you will need to sign in to your Epic Games account or, if you don’t already have one, create one. You can easily do this using your Google or Facebook account to make the signup process a little easier.

The Interface

If you have been playing Fortnite Battle Royale on other platforms, you’re going to be pleased that your character, progress, and items will carry over. Your loadout will be as you left it. From this point on, it seems any changes made to your character on one platform won’t sync to other platforms. For example, changing your outfit. This may change in the future.

fortnite dashboard

At the time of writing the only game modes that are available are Solo and Squad, with Duo being temporarily disabled. Solo being you against everyone else, or Squad being you and a team of up to four players against other teams.

As there is no controller support yet, everything is touch based. Moving between the lobby, locker and item shops, moving in-game, shooting, building, everything. If you’re coming from mouse and keyboard or controller, this is going to feel a little different.

fortnite ingame

The health and shield bars have been relocated and replaced with your inventory and build slots. There are a number of buttons placed on-screen along with some touch control modifications.

The Controls

If you have played mobile shooters before, movement and combat will come naturally to you. There are imaginary thumbsticks that you use to control your character. The left stick, which is actually visible, to move, and the right one to aim, shoot, and more. Pro-tip: double tap the left joystick to lock your character into a forward run.

fortnite controls

While there is a button to shoot just above the left joystick, tapping on the screen is a little more intuitive. There are buttons on the right to aim down the sights, jump, and crouch. Finally, to reload, there is a smaller button above your inventory which might be better placed possibly closer to one of the index fingers. As you may have guessed, the game is designed to be used primarily with your thumbs.

Moving, aiming and shooting simultaneously is what you should start practicing. There are going to be a lot of times where you accidentally touch the screen and discharge your weapon. Switching between weapons or building elements will require foregoing movement or aiming, which is a downside to how the game is laid out. Close-up combat is also much easier than some of the long-range shots you need to make.

fortnite controls

Some other modifications include having the doors open automatically which can be closed by tapping on them. Weapons and items are also picked up automatically by running over them. Switching and dropping weapons is also done by tapping.

This would be all well and good if Fortnite Battle Royale was only about moving and eliminating others. But this game is heavily weighted towards the Minecraft-inspired building mechanic. Being great at building can definitely give you both a defensive and offensive advantage against other players. Building is the difference between winning and losing in Fortnite Battle Royale.


This is where the mobile platform has a very steep learning curve. Getting to the build menu requires touching the tool icon next to your inventory. From there you tap on the structural element you’d like to build, choose the area, and make one last tap to initiate the building.

fortnite building

This is slower than on console, and significantly slower than on PC. In both console and PC, actions can be done simultaneously, like running and building, but it takes some getting used to on mobile.

In the beginning, you’re going to remain stationary for long periods of time while you figure out what you’re doing and trying to get a structure in place while trying to move. Fortnite’s combat can be extremely swift, and in the beginning, you’re going to be a little frustrated.

Sound Indicators

One of the biggest changes to Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile is how sound is represented on screen. As the game on other platforms is so reliant on sound, Epic Games needed to cater for mobile users. This is very useful for a few reasons.

Firstly, not all mobile users are going to use headphones. If you find yourself with some spare time and want to have a quick game, you may not always have headphones on you. The other reason is that when the headphones are plugged in it could impede the grip you have on your mobile device. This could negatively affect your gameplay.

fornite headphones

Epic Games catered for this by having directional on-screen sound cues for gunshots, enemy movement, or golden chests. Your player will obviously have to be within proximity for it to be displayed on screen, and the closer you are relative to the sound the bolder it will be on your screen.

On the subject of audio, voice chat still has yet to make an appearance on mobile. Voice is crucial to squad and duo game modes when coordinating between your teammates. The only workaround for the time being is using the Xbox app on iOS to set up an Xbox party chat. Creating a Microsoft account is free along with the Xbox app. After you create a party, invite the friends on your Fortnite squad and chat away while playing the game.

Is Fortnite Battle Royale Worth Playing on Mobile?

fortnite skydive

Is Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile the same as the PC or console versions? No. While cross-play allows you to go up against players on other platforms, it’s not recommended. Unless you don’t have access to a computer or console, but you still want to play with friends, stick to playing against other mobile players.

Has Epic Games translated Fortnite as best they could? Absolutely, 100 percent, yes. Epic Games has set the bar so high for future developers in making Fortnite run so well on mobile. Even with the complex building system and control system, the developer has truly made something special.

Playing Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile will give you certain advantages over PC or console players, like the sound indicators. And future controller support will level the playing field for cross-play even further. Having access to your progress and character while moving between platforms also sets the bar even higher for other developers.

If we’re honest, unlike these games with phenomenal touchscreen controls, controlling Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile takes some getting used to, and you’re not going to be as fast at moving and shooting as a you are on computer or console. However, this is a tiny sacrifice to make in order to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your smartphone.

To answer the question in the headline, yes, Fortnite Battle Royale is definitely worth playing on mobile devices, and sets a new high bar for developers to aim for. So what are you waiting for?!

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Iphone Hints And Tips That Are Worth Knowing

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Now that you just your first iphone you are probably wondering what in the world is an app. Every day we’re bombarded by all these messages that say download this app and that app. But what exactly is an iphone app? The article below offers some great tips and information that will explain to you how to get the most out of an iphone app.

If you have the misfortune of dropping your iPhone in water, use rice to dry it out. First, dry off the phone with a towel. Without turning the phone on, place it in a bowl of dry white rice for at least 8 hours. The rice will help to absorb moisture, and it may keep your phone from shorting out when you turn it back on.

To set restrictions on your phone, simply go to “General,” and then “Restrictions.” Put in a four number password that you can remember. You might want restrictions, particularly if you are a parent and want to restrict certain applications for your kids, and putting in this passcode will help you to do that.

Certain iPhones can be set up to connect to Wi-Fi, although some setup is required. The benefits of the connectivity is obvious, because you can access the internet away from home with your iPhone. This a great advantage to business people because they can check their messages while they are away from their office.

Do you often wonder where that plane is going that is flying above you? Ask Siri. If you have an iPhone 4S, you can ask Siri what flights are overhead at any given moment. This is because of Siri’s relationship with the search engine Wolfram Alpha which keeps track of the data.

To get personal with your iPhone and Siri, try teaching Siri your family’s names. For instance, you can teach Siri your spouse’s name. Then instead of speaking out your spouse’s full name when you want to call him or her, you can say instead “Call my husband” or “Call my wife.” It’s much more personable!

If you have a low data limit, consider using wifi whenever possible to save yourself from overage charges. Setting up wifi at home is simple, and a lot of public places like restaurants, hotels, and cafes all have free wifi set up now. Even grocery stores are starting to offer free wifi.

Control your iPhone music without going to your music app by simply sliding your app bar once to the right. There you’ll be treated to a mini music control system that includes play and pause, next and previous buttons. You can even get quick access to whatever app is currently playing music in the same area.

If you are writing something and wish not to use the iPhone’s suggested words, forget about using the “x” to get rid of them. Just tap the screen anywhere to cancel the suggestion box.

If you drop your iPhone into something wet, don’t panic. Leave it off and simply dry it gently with a towel. Then grab a zipper storage bag or bowl and submerge the phone in some uncooked white rice. The rice will help draw out the moisture that is trapped inside the phone.

If you don’t have an unlimited messaging plan, ensure that the character count setting is enabled on your iPhone. Messages over 160 characters will be split, using two messages instead of one. To turn on this feature, go to “Settings,'” then “Messages,” and turn Character Count on. The counter will appear just above the “Send” button.

If you find an app that you like and want for your iPhone, look at the cost. Chances are that there is a free or cheaper equivalent that does the same thing. This way, you can get the same desired functionality, but save yourself, all or some of your money.

A good tip if you have an iphone is to customize it a little bit. There are many different skins that you can purchase for your iphone that will make it stand out from everyone else’s. It could be of a pattern you like or even of your favorite band.

If you are in a call and cannot hear the person that you are talking to, you can adjust the volume settings on the left-side bar of the phone or put your phone on a speaker mode. This will help you to hear more clearly to improve the quality of your conversations with friends and family.

Many times suggested words can cause you to waste time when composing an email. If you do not want to receive suggestions when composing a message, just tap the screen to make the suggestion box go away. This eliminates the need to tap the “x” to move from word to word.

One of the things that you can do to increase your productivity when searching the internet on the iPhone is to get a bigger keyboard by shifting your phone to a horizontal position. This will allow you to see the characters more clearly, if you have trouble viewing them in the vertical mode.

Do you need to create folders to organize your emails? IPhones do not support this feature, but you can use your IMAP email account to create folders. Access your IMAP server and create different folders. Save your emails in the different folders you created: this should help you keep track of your important messages.

A great tip if you’re new to using an iphone is to take avantage of its GPS features. Say your car broke down in the middle of nowhere and you need a tow truck to come give you a lift. You can use your iphone to pinpoint where you are.

Now, after taking in the above article, you should be confident in knowing exactly what people are talking about when they say iphone app. Apps are rather simple little programs and can make your iphone experience that much better. Take what you learned here and use it to get yourself some great apps that will help simply using the iphone.

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Five iOS Apps Worth Checking Out – February 2018

Over on our YouTube channel, we’re continuing on with our new monthly series that highlights new, interesting, and useful apps that we think are worth checking out.

Because there are so many apps available on the iOS App Store, it can be hard to find new content, and it’s also easy to overlook great older apps. Our app lists are designed to include apps — both new and old — that we personally recommend and have used over the course of the month.

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  • Hooked (Free) – Hooked is actually a book app that offers up short stories in a unique format — chat messages. Hooked stories are all presented as text message conversations, so it’s a little bit like you’re reading someone else’s chat history. With Hooked, you can read little bits at a time in moments when you have a free minute or two, and the stories are always engaging. Hooked is free to download with a free trial period, but unlimited access costs $14.99 per month.
  • App in the Air (Free) – Whether you’re a frequent or infrequent traveler, App in the Air is a useful app that serves up details like real time flight status, airport maps, security wait times, walk time to your gate, airline point tracking, and more. It works with more than 1,000 airlines around the world, and key information like gate changes and updates to flight status are delivered via SMS. The app is free, but there are premium features like real-time flight status updates that require a subscription, which is priced at $34.99 per year.
  • Timepage (Free) – Timepage is a calendar app from Moleskine, the company that makes those handy notebooks. Timepage combines data like events, maps, contacts, weather and more into a simple interface that’s easy to parse at a glance. There are monthly, weekly, and daily views, along with a heat map that lets you know when you’re busiest. Timepage is a free download, but only on a trial basis. A monthly subscription is priced at $1.99, or you can pay $11.99 for the year.
  • Confide (Free) – Confide is a private and secure messaging app that’s a great way to communicate with people when you want to keep your messages entirely private. Messages sent through Confide use end-to-end encryption and disappear after a set period of time, plus there’s screenshot protection so no one can snap an image of what you’ve written. Confide is a free download, but access to features like unlimited attachments and themes requires Confide Plus, priced at $29.99 for three months or $59.99 for a year.
  • Alto’s Odyssey ($4.99) – Alto’s Odyssey is the highly-anticipated sequel to popular 2015 game Alto’s Adventure. Like the original, Alto’s Odyssey is an endless runner with gorgeous graphics, but this time it takes place in the sand instead of the snow.

If you’re looking for great Mac apps that are worth downloading, make sure to check out our February list of essential apps for the Mac. And if you have favorite iOS apps, make sure to share them with us — we’ll be highlighting interesting, useful iOS apps on a monthly basis.

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Amazon is now worth more than 2.5 Walmarts

It was worth just two Walmarts last month.

Amazon, the perpetual retail boogeyman, is now worth more than two and half times its biggest brick-and-mortar counterpart, Walmart.

Thanks to slowing e-commerce growth this past holiday season, Walmart saw its biggest one-day drop in stock price in two years — it lost nearly $ 35 billion in market cap since Monday. Amazon, fresh from reporting its record $ 1.9B in profit last quarter earlier this month, has seen its stock and market value rise about 7 percent since then.

Last year, Recode reported that Amazon, on its 20th IPO anniversary, was worth two times the market value of Walmart. That ratio had stayed nearly the same until Walmart reported earnings yesterday.

The difference in valuation come despite Walmart having approximately three times Amazon’s annual revenue and net income last year. However ,Wall Street has bought into Jeff Bezos’s vision of revenue growth over huge net income figures. It should be noted that Amazon Web Services, a non-retail business, represents a sizable portion of Amazon’s value, making up 10 percent of revenue and the majority of the company’s operating income.

Here’s how the two companies’ market caps compare over the last 10 years:

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Will Nintendo Switch Online be worth it?

Nintendo’s subscription service for Switch is coming this September, but should you save your pennies or just skip it?

Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s upcoming subscription-based service that offers four major features that non-subscribers won’t have access to. Depending on what you do with your Switch, it’s either going to be the best $ 20 per year you’ll spend or not worth a dime.

Do you play multiplayer online games?

Probably the most important feature of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service is online access. Right now, you’re able to take advantage of this feature for free to play against other people around the globe in games like Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2. However, once Nintendo Switch Online officially launches, you won’t be able to play games online without a subscription.

So if you’re a multiplayer online gamer, the answer is clear. You’ll want to put your money where your mouth is if you want to stay on top of the global leaderboards.

Do you play games that allow you to chat with others?

If you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll get complete access to the companion app, also called Nintendo Switch Online. Currently, Splatoon 2 is the only game supported in the app, but it’s designed to be a special app dedicated to helping you connect with other players so you can schedule game sessions, get exclusive gear, and chat in real-time while you play.

Of course, if you already use a different chat service like Discord, the reasons for using the Nintendo Switch Online app are fewer.

That said, if you’re using a chat service to play games with friends, you’re probably playing online, which means you do want to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Do you like classic Nintendo games?

Another major feature of Nintendo Switch online is access to Nintendo’s classic games selection. There isn’t a whole lot of information about what the Classic Game Selection entails, but we know that subscribers will be able to download and play classic titles like Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight, and more. Originally, Nintendo described this feature as being able to download and play a different game every month. We still don’t know the details, but $ 20 per year (or about $ 1.67 per month) for access to a bunch of classic Nintendo titles sounds like a pretty good deal.

To clarify, if you cancel your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you won’t get to keep the games. They’re tied to your active subscription.

If you are excited about being able to play classic Nintendo games that will probably be exclusive to subscribers, then you’re going to want to join Nintendo Switch Online.

Do you sometimes buy games just because they’re on sale?

Right now in the Nintendo Switch eShop, there’s a section dedicated to games on sale. It’s updated regularly (about once per week) with new games, some of which have deep discounts of 50, 60, even 75% off. There isn’t any specific information that says this section will eventually be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but the way Nintendo words it, it probably will be.

I’ve gotten some great games at a really low price ($ 10 games as low as $ 2.50) by checking the Games on Sale section. Nintendo doesn’t only offer second or third-tier titles, either. Doom was recently on sale for 30% off, for example.

If you’re a fan of sales and like buying games just because they’re on sale, a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will pay for itself over the year.

Is it worth it?

Of course, everyone has different financial situations and gaming needs, so I can’t make a blanket recommendation across the board.

I can, however, say that $ 20 per year is a very small price to pay for unlimited online gaming, access to classic Nintendo titles at no extra cost, and deeply discounted games that change almost weekly.

If you have an extra $ 20 (or can save up that much by September), please think about subscribing. I personally think it’s totally worth it.

If you’re not sure you want to invest in an entire year’s subscription, you can always subscribe for one month for $ 3.99 or three months for $ 7.99. As you can tell, though. The $ 20 12-month subscription is the best deal.

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