Samsung’s true Face ID rival won’t arrive until 2019

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Apple’s huge lead over Samsung in mobile facial recognition won’t be threatened anytime this year. Samsung is supposedly working on adding a 3D mapping facial recognition sensor to its next flagship smartphone, but according to a report from Asia, the supplier won’t have it ready until 2019. Israeli startup Mantis Vision is allegedly collaborating on […]

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Why Apple Watch Series 3 won’t work with macOS Sierra — yet

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If you’ve just put the Apple Watch Series 3 on your wrist and it suddenly won’t unlock your Mac, don’t panic.

Apple Watch and your Mac (2013 and newer) can work together to keep everything on your computer a little more secure thanks to watchOS’s Auto Unlock: It lets you automatically unlock your Mac (no passcode needed) if you have your watch on and unlocked.

But if you have an Apple Watch Series 3, you’ll need to upgrade your computer to macOS High Sierra for this feature to work properly — at least for the time being.

Why? The Series 3 Apple Watch uses the company’s newly designed W2 wireless chip; it makes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth faster and more efficient, but requires updated software on the Mac so that the two devices can talk to each other.

Currently, the W2 chip is only supported in macOS High Sierra, which means that any Mac you might want to use with your Apple Watch is going to need the update to function correctly.

But what if you don’t want to upgrade to High Sierra? Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a roadmap for when this software tweak might arrive on older versions of the software (in the form of a security update, most likely). As far as we can tell, there’s no technical reason why Sierra wouldn’t be able to receive a patch to let it interface with Series 3 — both macOS 10.12 and 10.13 support the same computer models. More likely: This update fell down the priority list in the wake of other, more potentially destructive macOS bugs.

If you need to continue using Sierra for app-related reasons — or you’re a little wary of upgrading given the aforementioned destructive macOS bugs — you can still use Auto Unlock if you feel like partitioning your drive: That way, you can keep some of your work in a Sierra-only space, but get the everyday benefits of using High Sierra on the other partition.

How to create a partition on your Mac

Otherwise, it’s about playing the waiting game. There are still plenty of great things you can do with your Series 3 Apple Watch — but if you have macOS Sierra, unlocking won’t be one of them just yet.

Updated March 2018: Added the latest information about Series 3 and macOS Sierra.

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Netflix won’t reward kids with ‘patches’ for watching TV

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Last week, reports surfaced that Netflix was testing a sort of rewards program wherein children could earn "patches" for watching shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events and Fuller House. While the patches didn't come with any additional benefits a…
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iPhone X Won’t Turn On? ReiBoot for Mac/Windows is Best Bet to Fix All iOS Stuck Issues

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iPhone X Won't Turn On ReiBoot for Mac Windows

My amazing run with iPhone X suddenly came to a standstill! During restart, the iPhone got stuck at Apple logo and just didn’t seem to get out of the mess. I tried a few simple tricks to troubleshoot the issue but in vain as the iPhone X won’t turn on.

When the smartphone completely refused to get into action, I decided to take the help of an iPhone and iPad management tool to shoot out the problem a bit comfortably. During the hunt, the one software that came to my notice was Tenorshare ReiBoot.

iPhone X Won't Turn On ReiBoot for Mac Windows

ReiBoot For Mac and Windows

The iOS device management tool helped me fix the unresponsive iPhone X without having to go through roundabout ways. Moreover, it repairs your device without any data loss.

But this is just a tip of the iceberg as the tool has got plenty to be an enormously handy troubleshooter for your iPhone.

As an iPhone user, this is exactly what you would want to have to ensure your device is not plagued by issues for too long so that you would be able to use it without any interruption.

iPhone X Stuck on Boot Screen? The Quick Fix

Step #1. First off, download and install ReiBoot on your computer.

Step #2. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. Next, launch ReiBoot on your computer.

Step #3.  Click on Enter Recovery Mode.

Put iPhone X into Recovery Mode using ReiBoot

Step #4. Once you have put your device into Recovery Mode, click on Fix all iOS stuck.

Fix All iOS Stuck on iPhone X with ReiBoot

Step #5. Then, select the problem your device has encountered. Hit Stuck on boot screen → Next up, click Fix Now.

Fix iPhone X Stuck at Boot Screen using ReiBoot

Note: The tool fixes all sorts of stuck issues, so don’t worry if your specific issue is not mentioned. Simply go ahead with the process.

Step #6. Up next, hit Fix Now (All iOS 11 stuck issues).

Click on Fix Now iOS 11 Stuck in ReiBoot

Step #7. Then, download the latest iOS version and install it on your device.

Download iOS Firmware on Computer using ReiBoot

Step #8. After the firmware has been downloaded to your computer, click the Start Repair button.

Click on Start Repair in ReiBoot on Mac or Windows PC

Now, make sure to keep your device connected to the computer until repairing has been completed.

It would take just around 10 minutes for the process to be finished.

Fixes More Than 50 Stubborn iOS Issues

The biggest highlight of this iOS device management tool is the ability to fix more than 50 complex iOS issues. From iPhone stuck on white Apple logo, stuck on black screen, screen unresponsiveness to screen freeze to the blue screen of death, the tool is readied to come extremely handy when your device seems to be altogether down and out.

Even if you aren’t good at technology, you will be able to troubleshoot difficult issues without much effort. And this is what makes this software such as a user-friendly tool.

Enter and Exit Recovery Mode on Your iPhone and iPad with Just a Click

There are not many folks who find the process of entering and exiting Recovery Mode hassle-free. Personally, I have always found it slightly inconvenient. But with this software, you will be able to enable Recovery Mode with just a click. And once you have resolved the problem, you just need a simple click to get out of this mode. Indeed, it’s much easier than pressing and holding multiple buttons, isn’t it?

So, if you ever find your iPhone in a complete mess and unable to get restored via iTunes, you should try out this tool to zoom through your task without breaking any sweat at all.

Simply connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows using a USB cable → launch Reiboot on your computer and hit enter Recovery Mode. It’s that straightforward. And, if you want to get out of this mode, just click on the Exit button.

Helpful Support Service

At times, some miscellaneous things come in the way and seem to stop you from performing the task just the way you want. And when you have no one to ask whether or not you are spot on, you tend to give up.

To ensure your troubleshooting doesn’t end in limbo, it offers 24/7 support via email in weekdays. Hence, you will never hesitate to try to solve hurdle, knowing you can always ask someone to save you—if something goes wrong.

Lightweight and Secure

There are a couple of essential things that I don’t fail to check out while testing an app are security and lightweight. Many apps keep on pestering you with random notifications. They also tend to clutter your device. But ReiBoot is pretty light and runs smoothly. Besides, it also provides the needed safeguard to your privacy.

Price and Availability

ReiBoot is available for both Mac and Windows. The one-year subscription for one Mac is $ 49.95, while the family pack for 2-5 Mac (lifetime support and free upgrade) comes at $ 59.95. And, the unlimited license is priced at $ 219.95 (lifetime support and free upgrade).

You can get the one-year subscription for Windows PC for $ 29.95, whereas the family pack comes at $ 39.95. The unlimited license for Windows is available for $ 199.95.

Currently, this iPhone management tool is available for a huge 50% discount. So, if you are willing to use the upgraded version of the app, you should hurry a bit as the offer is available for limited time only.

For more information, visit

A Super Handy Tool for Those Who Want to Solve Complex Issues Plaguing Their iPhone and iPad With Ease I have known and used ReiBoot for long. The mobile management tool has always been a very reliable asset when it comes to dealing with challenging issues. But the latest avatar is more equipped to handle problems.

As for price, I think it’s up to the mark thanks to the effective performance, versatility and the ability to get your work done a bit faster. I would certainly recommend it to you if your iPhone always finds itself stuck amid complex issues and you have to run from pillar to post to rescue the device.

To ensure the app ideally lives up to your need, give a try to the free version before going ahead for the pro one, as the trial will clear all the remaining doubts.

Enjoyed reading this software review? Download our app and remain connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such articles.

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Stitch Fix made a big addition to its business that won’t show up in its Q2 financial results

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The new feature — called Extras — signals where the company is headed.

Stitch Fix posted another profitable quarter with revenue of $ 296 million that beat analyst expectations, but the most interesting company development received just a passing mention in the earnings announcement for the second quarter of its 2018 fiscal year.

That’s because the new Stitch Fix feature, called Extras, just launched three weeks ago so it hasn’t yet impacted the company’s financial performance. But its existence points toward the ambition the personal styling company has to grab more of the money its customers spend on clothing outside of their relationship with Stitch Fix.

Let’s back up for a second. Stitch Fix’s core offering uses a mix of personal stylists and algorithms to select five clothing and accessory items to ship to a customer at a time. Customers pay for and keep what they want, send back what they don’t. But they aren’t selecting what goes in their own box from the start.

The new Extras feature, however, allows customers to choose from an assortment of undergarments like bras and underwear to add to each box of five items their stylist has chosen for them. This might seem like a subtle addition, but it signals a big move by the company to supplement its main business built around discovery and serendipity with a more traditional retail shopping experience.

“By forcing them to go to another retailer to buy socks, there’s a chance they can be lured to buy other things at that retailer,” Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake said by way of explaining part of the rationale of the offering to Recode on Monday.

Lake didn’t specifically call out Amazon as “another retailer,” but that e-commerce giant happens to be one of the online companies that has gotten very, very good at selling apparel basics like socks and underwear. And Amazon also has been showing off its ambition in fashion beyond basics by unveiling a wide variety of in-house brands hawking everything from denim to women’s workwear. They are a threat.

Lake cautioned that the “personalization and … the surprise” at the core of Stitch Fix’s offering won’t be going anywhere. But it’s clear the company is thinking hard about the right way to balance the model on which it built its success with the model that will allow it to grab as much market share as possible.

And for good reason. A study from the research firm SecondMeasure found that Stitch Fix customers actually spend more at other top fashion retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom in the 12 months after they become a Stitch Fix customer than they did in the 12 months prior.

For the second quarter of its fiscal year, Stitch Fix net revenue grew 24 percent to $ 296 million, beating out analyst average estimates of $ 291 million. The company also beat estimates on adjusted Ebitda, but its net income came in below expectations thanks to a one-time tax hit related to the Trump tax plan as well as the re-measurement of preferred stock.

Stitch Fix also issued sales guidance for its full fiscal year of $ 1.19 billion to $ 1.22 billion in net revenue; analysts were expecting around $ 1.2 billion. It also said its full-year Ebitda would come in at $ 45 million to $ 55 million; analysts were estimating $ 51 million for the full year.

Stitch Fix went public at $ 15 a share in November; as of Monday morning, its stock price had risen 52 percent since its IPO.

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The Duopoly Breaker Won’t Be Who You Expect

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The following is a guest contributed post by David De Jong, CEO and Founder, Screen6

It’s hard to go a day in our industry without stumbling across a news or opinion piece related to “The Duopoly.” You’ve no doubt heard everyone’s favorite stats about their combined potential. That is, together, Google and Facebook accounted for about two-thirds of U.S. digital ad revenues in 2017. And virtually all of the growth in digital ad spend is going directly into the pockets of the two titans.

Every time I see a Duopoly headline, an old Dutch proverb springs to mind: “Twee honden vechten om een been en de derde gaat er mee heen.” The proverb loosely translates to, “When two dogs fight over a bone, a third one carries it away.”

At present, all eyes in our industry are searching for that third dog – the one that will stealthily creep in to snatch the bone away from Google and Facebook as they bite and wrestle each other. And, in fact, a favored hound has already emerged from the lurking pack: Amazon.

All Eyes on Amazon

The Amazon obsession – which, quite frankly, might be taking up more headline space than the Duopoly obsession right now – is completely understandable and warranted. If ever there was a dog well-positioned to steal a bone, it’s Amazon.

Consider that Amazon is uniquely positioned as it relates to the consumer, and the consumer is the end game. While Google and Facebook squabble over media spend, Amazon is already in possession of the all important direct consumer relationship. Sure, Google knows about consumer intent, and Facebook knows about consumer interests. But nobody is more embedded in the consumer’s actual life than Amazon, because in reality, they are the only ones who actually sell to consumers.

Amazon not only knows what people shop for and purchase day to day (and that data is immensely powerful), but it also struts through the consumer’s front door on an increasingly regular basis. With its acquisition of Whole Foods, it’s going to be making itself even more at home in the consumer’s kitchen. Amazon’s relationship with the consumer is unmatched, and there’s tremendous power in that.

That said, while Amazon is a powerhouse that’s going to continue to redefine entire industries, it’s not necessarily poised to overtake Google and Facebook on media spend. Globally, eMarketer estimates that Amazon brought in $ 1.81 billion in ad revenue in 2017, with about $ 1.65 billion of that coming from the U.S. Compare that to Google’s estimated $ 35 billion and Facebook’s $ 17 billion in the U.S. last year, and we see how far Amazon has to go to be a real threat on ad spend.

Yes, Amazon’s ad revenues are growing at a faster clip than that of the Duopoly, but that doesn’t mean Amazon is intent on hyper-growth in this area. Its current growth is healthy, stable, and impressive. But it’s a long way from being an ad spend disruptor, and Amazon has other fish to fry.

The Third Dog Is Still in the Shadows

While our industry has plenty of reasons to keep its eyes on Amazon, there’s likely a different third challenger out there, poised to carry away the bone as the other two fight. And that third dog is most likely still unknown to us.

When a new contender does emerge, it will come in an unlikely shape. The Duopoly giants aren’t the only companies sitting on treasure troves of consumer data and sophisticated tech stacks. In that regard, major telecoms like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast make for interesting third-dog contenders.

In addition, shifting our perspective on what the actual bone represents opens up an entirely new array of possibilities as it relates to Google and Facebook threats. While many are focusing on competitors as it relates to their current share of media spend, I think the more interesting consideration is who has the biggest share of the media planner’s attention.

In that regard, there are plenty of players in the marketplace whose relationships with brand decision makers are much deeper and more trusted than those of Facebook and Google. And there is power in those relationships. Today management consultancies like EY, Accenture, IBM and Deloitte are making huge inroads as trusted marketing partners, while marketing and advertising technology companies like Salesforce, Oracle and SAP are upping their relationships with brands as well. Then, of course, you have the agencies, who have long served as trusted brand advisers — WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Dentsu, Interpublic. These entities are industry powerhouses in their own right. Any one of them—or better yet, a combination of them—are in the position to make serious industry waves with a well-placed power move.

Let us not forget that 10 years ago, The Duopoly wasn’t even a blip on our industry radar. Disruption in digital marketing happens fast, and the next headline darling – that third dog, if you will – could come from the place you least expect.

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Sweet robot vac won’t suck your wallet dry [Review]

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

No one enjoys vacuum cleaning, so why are we still doing it? Robotic vacuum cleaners have gotten so good — and so much more affordable — that manual cleaning is no longer necessary. I let the Deebot N79S do all my vacuuming for me. The N79S is an updated version of the best-selling N79. It […]

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Reports say Motorola Moto X5 won’t see light of day

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

And the story continues…. first it was rumors about layoffs at Motorola’s Chicago offices, then came the company’s rebuttal (although not outright), and now a new report that says Motorola has shelved its plans to launch the successor to the Moto X4 due to the layoffs. Yes, the report says the Moto X5 – which has leaked at least a couple of times until now – has been canceled, and the company will now shift its complete focus to E, G, and Z series of phones. So this means it’s the end of road for the Moto X line-up, at least for the time being. In addition, the report also notes… – Latest articles

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We talk to Beamdog about Siege of Dragonspear for mobile, classic D&D RPGs, and why a level editor won’t be coming any time soon

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Siege of Dragonspear Beamdog interview screenshot

Siege of Dragonspear is available right now on the App Store. It’s a stand-alone game that fills some of the story gaps between Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2. It’s also the first bit of official new content for the series in more than a decade.

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Punching robots won’t stop driverless cars

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Since California became a haven for testing driverless cars this year there’s been six accidents involving a human and an autonomous vehicle. Four of the accidents were minor scuffs with little to no damage reported. In two, however, the humans involved attacked the driverless vehicles on purpose. According to a Los Angeles Times article, California DMV reports indicate humans in both incidents ran into the street to attack the vehicles. It’s unclear why a person would do such a thing, but to be fair it’s unclear why people do a lot of things. One of the vehicles suffered a broken tail light…

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