Wonder Woman 2 will be the first production to adopt new anti-sexual harassment guidelines

Wonder Woman 2 will be the first film production to officially adopt the Producers Guild of America’s anti-sexual harassment guidelines. The PGA issued guidelines on Friday for producers, cast, crew, and other team members to recognize and combat sexual harassment both on and off set. The announcement that Wonder Woman 2 would be the first production to implement the new recommendations was made at the PGA Awards on Saturday by the presidents of the Guild (via iO9).

Joining the PGA trade association is voluntary, and the Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines are sanctioned as “best practices” for its over 8,000 members. “Producers possess authority both on and off the set, and can provide key leadership in creating and sustaining work…

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Wonder Workshop Dot and Cue review: One of these is not like the other

A few months ago, I reviewed the Collectors Edition of Anki’s popular ‘Cozmo’ robot. Cozmo was first and foremost a toy, but the app included a ‘Code Lab’ where owners could create simple block-based programs (Anki has even extended that in subsequent updates).

After that review, Wonder Workshop asked me if I wanted to try out two of its toy robots – the ‘Dot’ and ‘Cue.’ Unlike the Cozmo, where coding functionality was more of an afterthought, programming is at the heart of the Dot and Cue.

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Wonder Workshop Dot and Cue review: One of these is not like the other was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Here’s How to Unlock Wonder Woman in ‘Arena of Valor’ Right Now

Arena of Valor [Free], the latest mobile MOBA to take iOS devices by storm, finally has its first big licensed character hitting the US version of the title. Starting today, players can start the journey to obtain Wonder Woman, the DC-licensed Amazonian Warrior. Starting today, a multitude of quests are now available that will each bestow Wonder Badges. The quests range from a wide variety of objectives, most of them centered around trying all the different types of battles (3v3, 5v5 etc) as well as objective based quests (Defeat a tower in battle). Unlocking Wonder Woman will require a total of 76 Wonder Badges, meaning that players will need to continually check in on quest statuses and ensure that the login quests are all cashed in as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman as a hero is a Warrior/Control character with a high amount of Constitution and Ability Damage. Her abilities include the Lasso of Truth which stuns enemies and either pulls Wonder Woman to them or them to her depending on how much HP the afflicted enemy has. Other abilities include Sword and Shield and Bracelets of Submission, which both offer additional Control techniques (stunning and slowing). Like a lot of tanks, Wonder Woman certainly has a learning curve but can be an force to be reckon with in the right hands.

Players interested in checking out Wonder Woman should start gathering those Wonder Badges now. Of course, you can always just purchase her straight up now with either a good amount of in-game and premium currency. Either way, be sure to check out our weekly Arena of Valor streams on Twitch for a chance to catch her in action.


Wonder Woman, Batman, and Other Justice League Heroes Coming to ‘Puzzle & Dragons’

Justice League, the film that brings together some of the most popular DC heroes, is about to hit movie theaters, and—as expected—it’s also about to visit a few mobile games. Puzzle & Dragons [Free], the popular mobile puzzle game, will host three new character pairings in honor of the film: Batman and Cyborg, Superman and The Flash, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman (the last one is fan fiction waiting to happen). These three pairings will make their debut in the Justice League Collab Egg Machine, and players will also have the opportunity to fight against new DC villains as they battle through the new Justice League Collab Dungeon.

Players that are at Rank 50 or above will be able to pull a random collab character from the Rank 50 Justice League Collab Egg Machine for a limited time, so keep an eye out for that so you don’t miss out. The Justice League event is live and will run until November 26th, so enjoy playing as those pretty cool characters (well, most of them are cool).


Angela Robinson on the frank eroticism of her Wonder Woman movie

There’s no denying that writer-director Angela Robinson has excellent timing. Her new film, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, about the creation of the Wonder Woman comic book character, has been in the works for years. But it finally came to fruition the same year Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman climbed the box office charts and made a huge splash for the character. Interest in Wonder Woman and her strange, colorful, bondage-filled history is at an all-time high, and Robinson’s seems poised to fill in the gap. The movie comes to theaters disguised as a lively, colorful origin story for a colorful character — a conventional biopic about a creator whose fierce lady superhero character met a prudish, scolding response when he…

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