Best iPad Apps to Make Most of your Apple Pencil: Add Wings to Your Creative Soul

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Best Apple Pencil Apps for iPad 2018

As expected, Apple Pencil support has come for iPad 2018—aka 6th generation iPad. The stylus works with tons of finest apps to let you create notes, draw, sketch, paint and more with absolute precision. Not for nothing, it’s termed as a premium artistic tool for sketching every imagination and infusing life into fascinating designs! We have picked out the best Apple Pencil apps for iPad, which are primed to get the most out of your creative soul.

With these top iOS apps at your disposal, you can craft wonderful picture, create good-looking notes and also annotate PDFs gracefully. You can color books and also sketch your thoughts to perfection.

Best Apple Pencil Apps for iPad 2018

Best Apple Pencil Apps for iPad

#1. GoodNotes 4

GoodNotes 4 iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

“GoodNotes 4” is a new age note-taking app with a wide range of writing and sketching tool. With advanced OCR technology, you can quickly search your notes. It also allows you to annotate documents and PDFs with the Apple Pencil. The app also lets you edit Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.

It features neatly designed lined papers, graph papers, music papers and notebook covers to let you create attractive notes. Even better, GoodNotes 4 supports a number of languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Price: $ 7.99

#2. Notability

Notability iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

Ranked at number five in productivity category, Notability is feature-rich and one of the highly-rated note-taking apps for iOS. It has got all sorts of tools to let you take detailed, concise notes using Apple Pencil.

There are tons of writing and sketching tools to let you create a masterpiece. You can import PDF, DOC, PPT, image files, and even GIFs from other apps and beautifully annotate them. You will also be able to annotate lecture slides and meeting agendas or complete class assignments.

Moreover, Notability is compatible with several languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

Price: $ 9.99

#3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert by Readdle iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

If you are after a comprehensive PDF editor, you shouldn’t look beyond PDF Expert. Using a great many advanced tools, you can read, annotate and edit PDFs elegantly.

You will be able to change text and image with ease. It also allows you to sign the document and highlight text in scanned books.

Don’t want anyone to access your files? No problem, you can use a password to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, it’s integrated with multiple cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Price: $ 9.99

#4. Pigment

Pigment iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

Should you think of adding wings to your creative soul, Pigment would be an excellent tool to get started. Apart from quenching your thirst for coloring, the app can also be enormously helpful in killing stress. There are as many as 24 different pencils, markers and brushes to you bring every image to life.

You can also use watercolor, pastel tools, markers, colored pencils and even oil paint! Use the color wheel to add vibrant colors, get the most out of shade control slider, and don’t forget to try out the professionally curated palettes.

Besides, you can upgrade to the pro version of the app to have unlimited access to the entire library.

Price: Free

#5. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

Affinity Photo has a lot of similarity with Photoshop. The app lets you edit photos to your best liking. That aside, you can also draw and sketch. Thanks to the full support for Apple Pencil, including pressure sensitivity and tilt, it offers you complete freedom to let you express yourself.

You can use it to apply awesome editing effects to photos to make them look stunning. Did I say; you would also be able to create paintings with its extensive brush library and brush tools.

Price: $ 19.99

#6. Procreate

Procreate iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

An app as rich and artistic as Procreate should be a great asset for an aspiring artist like you! It features several top-notch editing tools to let you sketch and draw beautifully on your iPad. Procreate is loaded with 136 beautifully made brushes and has the support of high-definition canvases. There is also dual-textured brush system to add the real charm to your masterpiece.

Use 17 layer blend modes for mind-blowing composition. Oh yes, there are 35 customizable settings for every brush. With 250 levels of undo and redo, you won’t be bothered about making mistakes.

Price: $ 9.99

#7. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

Take your love for sketching to the all-new level by making the most of Adobe Photoshop! You can use a variety of built-in brushes, pencils, pens, and markers to design your arts.

Use it to create fantastic watercolor paintings and also send your artwork to Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC as layered PSD files. You will also add multiple images and drawing layers. It has as many as14 tools to let you adjust size, color, opacity and blending settings. Better still, Photoshop has multiple stylus support including Adonit, Wacom, Pencil by 53 and Apple Pencil.

Price: Free

#8. Inspire Pro

Inspire Pro iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

For painting, drawing, and sketching, you can’t go wrong with Inspire Pro. The flash point of this app is the vast library of 80 high-quality brushes which are divided into eight sets including Oil Paint, Airbrushes, Basic Shapes, Graphite Pencils, Wax Crayons, Markers, Chalk, and Textures.

You can access 70 more brushes in the Inspire Pro Shop. There are more than 20 different settings to customize brush strokes. As brush strokes are automatically recorded, you will be able to play the video of your artwork. What’s more, Inspire Pro comes with 1000 levels of undo and redo.

Price: $ 7.99

#9. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

Isn’t it an irony that Apple’s biggest rival—Microsoft makes one of the finest note-taking apps for iOS? OneNote is an absolute class and has a range of tools to let you effortlessly take notes. Based on your specific needs, you can organize your notes.

You can instantly find your most recent notes and pin the pages you use most. To offer more security to your notes, you have the option to use the password or Touch ID. Another notable feature of this app is the support of several languages like English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi and more.

Price: Free

#10. MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo iPad Apple Pencil App Screenshot

Never underestimate a brilliant note-taking app like MyScript Nebo that has got all the qualities to be on par with the best. Not for nothing, it is the winner of Best App 2017 CES Mobile Apps Showdown and App Store Best of 2016.

What I have found adorable about this app is the simplicity with which it lets you get your work done. For instance, you can effortlessly format your handwritten text as titles, paragraphs, and even bullet lists. And with the intuitive gestures, you will be able to edit them all quickly.

Beyond easy-to-use functionality, MyScript Nebo is compatible with a good many languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Price: $ 5.99

That’s all, for now!

What’s your pick?

I guess you have loved taking a peek at the apps mentioned above. Let us know which one has caught your attention.

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AT&T, like other telcos, is working hard to build up IoT business-to-business deals, as more traditional areas of its retail business decline. The company is a sponsor of Red Bull Racing, the Formula 1 team owned by the Austria-based drinks company, which may have given it an ‘in’ on the deal.

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