Apple Recommended WiFi Mesh System Available Now For $219, Down From $350 [Limited Time Only]

If you had your eye on the Linksys Velop Tri-band Whole Home WiFi Mesh System, then you’re in luck, because it’s currently available for a steal.

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Great deal: Linksys Velop Wi-Fi mesh system $135

In the market for a new Wi-Fi router, or just want to upgrade your current setup? Check out the deal Amazon is running right now on the popular Velop Wi-Fi mesh system. The router replacement has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, on more than 3,600 customer reviews, and it’s currently at its lowest price ever…. Read the rest of this post here

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NETGEAR Orbi Pro Tri-Band WiFi System launched in India

NETGEAR today launched Orbi Pro (SRK60) WiFi System for Small Businesses such as professional offices, restaurants, retail, or bed and breakfast inns.  This doesn’t require complicated wiring, professional installation, or added IT costs, says the company. It uses patented FastLane3 Technology that made up of three critical components: Tri-band WiFi, a dedicated WiFi link from the extender to your router, and optimized antenna design.  This includes an AC3000 router and matching satellite engineered to cover a site of 5,000 square feet, and up to 10,000 with two add-on satellites. “With setup and management features that make it easy to add Orbi Pro satellites to cover larger areas, Orbi Pro delivers enterprise-class WiFi and advanced router features with the network performance and reliability a growing business demands,” added the company. It comes with three pre-defined WiFi networks for traffic separation: an administrative network for business connectivity, an employee network for internet access, and a guest network for visitors to enjoy the internet. Highlights and benefits of Orbi Pro  Easy setup without wires: Deliver business-class WiFi everywhere without requiring additional, complicated wiring or installation costs Tri-band high-speed WiFi:Delivers both reliable WiFi coverage and maximum internet speeds even as more devices connect through the fast, dedicated wireless connection between …
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Qualcomm unveils tons of stuff: faster Wi-Fi, new VR platform, AI, audio and other tech

Qualcomm unleashed a pack of announcements that paint a fast, wireless picture of the future of digital tech. Wi-Fi 802.11ax It introduced the first integrated 802.11ax solution for smartphones and computers. An advancement over Wi-Fi ac, it will double the network speed while using up to 67% less power. The module, named WCN3998, features 2×2 antennas and implements a pre-standard implementation (the Wi-Fi Alliance is still tweaking details). It will work with pre-draft 11ax access points due to hit the market later this year and in early 2019. Qualcomm’s new module also… – Latest articles

How to Share a Wi-Fi Password with a Nearby Device in iOS 11

Sharing a Wi-Fi password just became a whole lot easier with the introduction of iOS 11. In previous operating systems, if you wanted to share your Wi-Fi password you’d need to give it out so visitors could enter it into their device and join your network. This could get complicated if your devices had stayed logged in to your Wi-Fi for so long that you found yourself asking, “wait, what is my Wi-Fi password again?” But with iOS 11, iPhone owners no longer have to remember and share their password, the new system allows you to share your Wi-Fi with friends with one tap. Let’s get started learning how to share Wi-Fi in iOS 11!  

How to Share a Wi-Fi Password with a Nearby Device in iOS 11

For this feature to work, the device you want to include in your network must already be in your contacts. If they’re not, go ahead and add them now. The devices sharing and receiving Wi-Fi access must also both be updated to iOS 11.  

  • From your Home Screen, tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down to Wi-Fi and make sure the button is toggled on.

share wifishare wifi

  • Hold your iPhone near another iOS device that is already connected to the Wi-Fi network you wish to join, or the router itself.
  • Tap on the network you wish to join.
  • A screen will pop up prompting you to enter the Wi-Fi password.

sharing my wifi

  • Now a prompt pops up on the network owner’s device asking permission to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Network owner taps “Share Password.”

how to share wifi with iphone

Within a few seconds the password will be sent to your iPhone and you’ll be connected to Wi-Fi!

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