T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer free T-Mo apron, $4 movie ticket, and more next week

Next Tuesday will be the final T-Mobile Tuesday of February 2018, and T-Mobile is planning some special offers to ensure February goes out with a bang. For the February 27 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mobile customers can score a free T-Mobile apron. There are two versions — magenta with white text and black with magenta text — and each one has the T-Mobile logo along with the #SlowCookerSunday hashtag in celebration of two years of CEO … [read full article]

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T-Mobile launching $200 off iPhone X, half off Apple Watch Series 3 deals this week

T-Mobile is kicking off some Apple-focused deals this Friday. Starting February 23, T-Mobile customers can trade in an eligible device and get their trade-in value plus an extra $ 200 back when they purchase an iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, or iPhone 7 Plus on EIP. The $ 200 comes in the form of a prepaid MasterCard card. Here’s the list of devices that are eligible for trade-in with this offer: Apple iPhone 7 … [read full article]

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Repeal of Net Neutrality to Be Formalized This Week

The Federal Communication Commission’s rollback of net neutrality rules will be officially published this week, and could take effect in April.

While the FCC voted in December to rescind the Obama-era net neutrality protections, the actual order dismantling those rules is expected to be published in the Federal Register on Thursday, two sources close to the matter told Reuters.

The repeal will take full effect 60 days after it is formally published in the Federal Register, an online government journal containing agency rules, proposals, and public notices.

If it is published Thursday, that means the new FCC rules will take effect around April 23.

But the formal publication in the Federal Register also means that state attorneys and consumer advocacy groups will be able to sue to block the order from going into effect, Reuters reported. Similarly, Congress also has a 60-day deadline to introduce legislation that would overturn or block the FCC’s vote.

While a slew of advocacy groups filed petitions to block the net neutrality repeal in January, they’ll need to refile within 10 business days of the new rules’ publication. Many state attorneys have also threatened to sue to protect the old net neutrality rules.

The FCC, headed by Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai, voted 3-2 in December along party lines to overturn the net neutrality protections. The rules, introduced under the Obama administration, were meant to bar internet service providers from throttling speeds to certain content or charging more for priority access.

Broadly, internet providers and many Republicans in government support the FCC repeal. On the other hand, Democrats, consumers, and internet and technology firms are overwhelmingly against it.

Congressional Democrats are already planning on proposing a resolution in the Senate to block the FCC’s repeal — and they’re fairly close to doing so. Google parent company Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon have also lent their support to bids hoping to save net neutrality, Wired reported.

But such a resolution would have to make it through the House of Representatives, where the GOP holds a greater majority. From there, it would go to the White House, where President Trump can — and is likely to — veto it.

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TNW’s Big Spam: What do you call a week without a Wednesday?

Q: What do you call a week without a Wednesday? Top trending tech news: 🚗 Uber officially launched Uber Express POOL (TechCrunch)⏰ Jeff Bezos bought a really expensive clock (TNW) 🎵 Spotify announced its first new hardware product (TNW) What we’re talking about: Jeff Bezos just installed a $ 42 million 10,000-year clock on his property. Because he can. Twitter banned thousands of Russian bot accounts yesterday — and Trump supporters are pissed. Follow the mayhem with #TwitterLockout. 16-year-old Maxime Coutté was inspired by the VR anime series Sword Art Online but couldn’t afford an Oculus Rift. So he built his own. And your 16-year-old is still shoving rocks up his nose. Remember deepfakes? They’re getting better and better.…

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30th DVCon U.S. Kicks Off Next Week

The 2018 Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition U.S. (DVCon U.S.) begins next week, offering attendees the industry’s most comprehensive technical program focused on the design and verification of electronics systems.

Sponsored by Accellera Systems Initiative, the 30th DVCon U.S. will be held February 26 – March 1 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California.

Attendees can choose from a broad selection of 39 papers, 8 tutorials, 4 short workshops and approximately 31 poster sessions over the course of the 4-day technical conference and exhibition.

The conference opens with Accellera Day on Monday, February 26. There will be a morning tutorial, “Portable Test and Stimulus: The Next Level of Verification Productivity is Here,” followed by an Accellera-sponsored luncheon that will provide Accellera updates, honor the 2018 Technical Excellence Award recipient, and have a panel of Accellera Working Group Chairs providing updates on their working group activities and answering questions from the audience. The afternoon tutorial, “IEEE-Compatible UVM Reference Implementation and Verification Components,” will address the new reference implementation and describe the new features and changes relative to UVM 1.2 and what they mean in real applications.

The keynote, “Industry’s Next Challenge: The Petacycle Challenge,” will be delivered by Christopher Tice, vice president of Verification Continuum Solutions in the Verification Group at Synopsys on Tuesday, February 27. He will address how new growth segments in the industry, such as Automotive, IoT, Networking, and 5G Mobile among others, are fundamentally changing the requirements for verification.

There will also be two panel discussions on Wednesday, March 2: “Help! System Coverage is a Big Data Problem!” will have a panel of industry experts discuss some of the issues surrounding system coverage and some possible solutions; and “The Right Tool (or Tools) for the Toughest Verification Tasks” is comprised of users who will discuss how decisions are made about which tools are implemented in a design verification flow.

New to DVCon U.S. this year are four 90-minute short workshops on Thursday, March 1. The workshops were developed to give smaller companies more opportunities to participate in the program. There will also be six half-day tutorials on Thursday, including afternoon tutorials focused primarily on issues surrounding automotive safety and compliance.

For the complete DVCon U.S. 2018 schedule, click here.

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