watchOS 5 Concept Images Envision New Watch Faces, Ambient Display, and More

This year, Apple will more than likely announce watchOS 5. Which, hopefully, will introduce plenty of noteworthy features and changes to the wearable operating system. Continue reading
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Watch the first footage from Kodak’s reborn Super 8 film camera

Even if you think that film has had its day, there's no denying it evokes a dreamy nostalgia that digital video can't match. Kodak got a lot of folks, including A-list Hollywood directors, excited about its hybrid Super 8 camera based on that idea, a…
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The next Apple Watch might double as an EKG heart monitor

The current-gen Apple Watch can already detect your heart rate, but it’s not so great at figuring out whether you’re likely to have a stroke with that data. So, for its next wearable trick, the company is reportedly baking in an EKG heart monitor. That’s according to Bloomberg’s sources, who noted that one version of a future Apple Watch requires you to squeeze the wearable’s frame with two fingers; the device will pass “an imperceptible current across the person’s chest to track electrical signals in the heart and detect any abnormalities like irregular heart rates.” That means you’ll be able…

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