HomePod Diary: For me, it’s the Apple Watch all over again – but should you buy one?

Well, almost. With the Apple Watch, I was pretty sure it was a pointless device, and was wrong. With HomePod, I did think it was going to find a role as a HomeKit hub and a device to allow my partner to control lighting when her phone was in another room. But I wasn’t expecting much from it as a speaker.

And yet it’s the speaker which is winning me over.

As I’ve said before, the sound quality isn’t up there with B&O or Naim – but is at least as good as a Sonos Play 5. I wondered last time whether two stereo-paired HomePods might go some way to closing the gap between the two levels, and I now find myself actively hoping this proves to be the case …



Apple launches rich ‘Close Your Rings’ webpage to promote healthy living with Apple Watch

Just in time for some weekend motivation, Apple has added a new page to their website promoting Apple Watch’s activity tracking features. The page, titled “Close Your Rings,” details realistic and effective ways that Watch wearers can live a healthier and more active lifestyle by completing one simple goal each day.



Strapple’s mock-croc Apple Watch band on sale for President’s Day [Review]

Best List: Crocodilus Apple Watch band by Strapple This crocodile Apple Watch strap is a total crock. But in a good way! Made of Italian calfskin leather but stamped to look like crocodile skin, this beefy Apple Watch band looks exotic but costs a fraction of what a real reptile hide would set you back. […]

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11 new trailers you should watch this week

I finally got around to seeing Wonder Woman last month on my flight back from CES. I know a plane isn’t the best place to watch a movie, but it was very useful for tuning out the strangers who were unfortunate enough to hit it off beside me. I was also glad the film largely ditches the drab, dark colors that fill so much of DC’s universe in favor of bright colors that popped even on the plane’s tiny screen.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the movie is how much it’s willing to play against your expectations in small but important ways. The fact that Diana is the hero at all — by virtue of her hidden lineage or simply her gender — is a reversal of what we expect, and the film knows how powerful it is just to see her step onto the…

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Best Apple Watch Stands and Chargers

Charge your Apple Watch in style and comfort.

While you don’t need a stand to charge your Apple Watch, it can be both a lovely and practical addition to your bedside table or dresser.

A great stand not only displays your watch and band while you’re not wearing it, but it also helps hide unsightly charging wires and lets you interact with features like Nightstand mode.

If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch stand, here are my top picks!

Elago W3

For the Apple fan boys and girls, you can charge your Apple watch with this adorable mini 1984-era Macintosh. It’s made from soft silicone and is only about 3 inches tall.

When you place your Apple Watch onto the mount in Nightstand mode, the green, simple design really makes it look like you have a tiny Mac sitting on your desk. All you have to do is slip your Apple Watch charger into the W3’s perfectly fitting holder, then rest your Apple Watch on its side. It really is the perfect setup for any Apple geek.

You can pick up this particular Apple Watch stand for around $ 8.

See at Amazon

Twelve South Forté

Twelve South’s Forté offers a sleek design and top-notch quality for displaying and charging your Apple Watch.

Its angled chrome stand lets your smartwatch easily hang in any direction, all while hiding the charging cord inside the curved rear support. Those curves also help keep your band curled and contained while your watch charges, and a smooth leather base offers a place to rest your iPhone at night, too (if you charge both in the same place).

You can pick up the Twelve South Forté for around $ 58.

See at Amazon

Studio Neat Material Dock

Looking for a two-in-one solution for your desk or nightstand? Studio Neat’s gorgeous Material Dock lets you charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone on an elevated, circular wooden base with cork backing.

The Dock intentionally sits the Watch on its side for easy access to its buttons in Nightstand mode, letting your iPhone snooze away behind it. Adding cords to the Dock requires a little bit of setup and a screwdriver, but the end result is a great-looking stand and hidden charging cables.

The Studio Neat Material Dock will set you back around $ 70, but it’s totally worth checking out.

See at Studio Neat

Native Union Dock and Anchor for Apple Watch

Native Union offers two different Apple Watch docks, depending on your style and preference: The first, simply titled “Dock”, is a single slab of silicone with an adjustable aluminum arm. On its face, it looks pretty similar to many of the other vertical watch docks out there — but it has a reversible secret.

The $ 60 Native Union Dock’s base can be positioned either on its side (displaying the watch in Portrait mode) or on its back, giving you access to your watch in Nightstand mode. How you view your watch is entirely up to you and how you prefer your chargers and stands to function.

The Dock also comes in multiple colors to match the various Apple Watch models: Slate/Space Gray, Midnight Blue/Gold, Stone/Rose Gold, and even two (grossly expensive) marble base variations.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist take on a charging dock, the Apple Watch Anchor offers a simple weighted square block; insert your Apple Watch charger along the bottom, and you can lay your watch atop it in either direction.

Twelve South TimePorter

Traveling with your Apple Watch? TwelveSouth’s TimePorter is one of the best ways you can do so, offering a sunglasses-style synthetic leather case with a charging port atop it.

Open it up, and you’ll access a compartment for storing Apple Watch bands and your charging cable alike. Better still, the TimePorter offers a spool to tame and control your Apple Watch charging cable, keeping it organized no matter where you travel.

You can pick up this particular Apple Watch stand for $ 50.

See at Twelve South

Pad and Quill Luxury Pocket Stand

If you want a slightly classier look while you travel, Pad and Quill’s Luxury Pocket Stand offers a foldable hardwood charging stand to hold and display your watch.

Inspired by Pad and Quill founder Brian Holmes’s grandfather and his pocket watch, the Luxury Pocket Stand was designed to resemble an old-world watch display for new-age tech. It hides the Apple Watch’s charging cable within the stand, and provides a wedge shape when folded to coil your cord around the base while traveling.

You can even color match the stand to your preferred style of wood: Cherry, Walnut, or Mahogany for around $ 50.

See at Pad and Quill

Sena Watch Case & Stand

Rounding out the on-the-go stand styles, Sena’s Watch Case provides a squat cylindrical leather carrying case for travel, while the top can be removed and flipped to provide an easy charging station for your Apple Watch.

Like the TimePorter, Sena offers hooks to wrap your Apple Watch charger inside the case, allowing you to easily travel with the cord. When you’re ready to pack up, simply unplug from your charging source and reassemble the case for safe travel.

You can pick up the Sena Watch Case & Stand for around $ 55.

See at Amazon

What’s your favorite Apple Watch stand?

Already have a sweet stand you’ve been using to charge your Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments!

Updated February 2018: This article still has the best of the best Apple Watch stand options!

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