Google Assistant is now on Android Auto, because apparently it wasn’t before

According to an announcement made by Google at CES, the company’s Google Assistant is now on Android Auto. If you’re a bit confused by this, that’s understandable. Apparently, the previous implementation was just a simpler voice search. Now that things have been upgraded to the full Google Assistant experience, you’ll have a wider range of functions and tools available behind the wheel. 

At first, this announcement didn’t make a lot of sense, as you’ve been able to “OK Google” your way about Android Auto for quite some time.

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Apple’s flagship Chicago retail store wasn’t designed to handle snow

Apple’s new flagship retail store in Chicago, the one with a MacBook-shaped rooftop, is nothing short of an architectural marvel. At least, that’s how some news reports put it when the store opened back in October. Beyond standing out among the less inspired buildings of the downtown Chicago area, the new Apple Store also happens to be very poorly thought through considering its thin roof now has dangerous icicles hanging perilously over public walkways.

The deadly ice daggers have forced the closure of those spaces, as pointed out by local blogger Matt Maldre and reblogged by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. As Maldre explains, the fancy building design, while seemingly in service of Apple’s new “town square” ideal for its retail stores,…

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A U.S. president dominated this year’s list of most popular tweets. It wasn’t Donald Trump.


Twitter came out with its annual list of the most popular tweets, moments and hashtags of 2017 on Tuesday.

As expected, a U.S. president was responsible for many of the most liked and retweeted posts of the year. Perhaps unexpectedly: that that president was Barack Obama, not Donald Trump, who has claimed the title “The Twitter President” for his constant tweeting.

Obama was responsible for three of the top ten most retweeted tweets of the year, including the second most retweeted post of 2017, which he sent the weekend of the Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Two other tweets from the @POTUS44 official account, which was originally the @POTUS account Obama held as President, were in the top ten.

The teenager who tried to get a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets from Wendy’s was the most retweeted tweet of the year.

Obama also had two of the three most Liked tweets of the year, including the tweet above which came it at No. 1. It has more than 4.5 million Likes. The third most liked tweet of the year: Obama’s shoutout to Senator John McCain after it became public that McCain was diagnosed with cancer.

Trump was still a big part of the year on Twitter despite being absent from the list of most retweeted posts. (Twitter only listed the top three most Liked tweets, and Trump wasn’t on that list either.)

PBS’s live coverage of Trump’s inauguration was the most watched livestream of the year, and Trump was also the most tweeted about “elected world leader,” ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

In case it wasn’t obvious, Twitter was full of political animosity in 2017. The year can be summarized by the four most popular U.S. activism hashtags:

  1. #Resist
  2. #MAGA
  3. #ImpeachTrump
  4. #TrumpTrain

A few other “winners” from 2017:

Most tweeted about TV show: Game of Thrones

Most tweeted about movie: Wonder Woman

Most retweeted athlete tweet: LeBron James calling Trump a “bum.”

Here are the top ten most retweeted posts of the year:










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A New Black Metal Album Was Just Published — and It Wasn’t Made by a Human

Artificial Intelligence Shreds

Artificial intelligence has already proven its prowess at tasks, from driving cars to making nuclear reactors safer. Now, the technology is being used to create a black metal album that shreds just as fiercely as music produced by humans.

Coditany of Timeness is the product of a project undertaken by CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski. It’s a five-track black metal album that features songs with algorithmically generated titles like Timension and Wisdom Trippin’.

The music was produced by feeding an album called Diotima by Krallice into a neural network. Songs were broken down into short chunks, and the system was asked to project how the next section of the track would sound, before being told whether or not its prediction was correct – common methodology for teaching an artificial intelligence how to operate.

At first, the sounds that were produced were “noisy” and “grotesque,” according to an interview with Carr published in The Outline. However, it became more sophisticated thanks to a process that saw as many as five million guesses at how a black metal song should sound made over the course of three days.

OK Computer

Machine learning techniques allow AI to sift through a huge amount of content and output something completely new based on those influences. This is being used to create all manner of art.

We’ve already seen AIs write their own music, and produce visual artwork. They’ve shown promise when it comes to writing scary stories, and they can even come up with some decent ideas for Halloween costumes.

There are still questions to be asked about how this compares to human notions of creativity. However, AI-based art is a very fascinating prospect.

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For 6 minutes, Twitter was a Trump-free zone. It wasn’t long enough.

For six minutes today, the world experienced social media without Donald Trump. And just as we were starting to get into it, to become fully engrossed in the very essence of what made it so good to begin with — the heavy breathing, animal-like noises, and intense feelings of pleasure that only comes from experiencing someone in their rawest form — it was over. Maybe think about baseball next time, Jack? After the internet lit its collective cigarettes, but before it managed to get out of bed, the theories started to roll in. TWITTER JUST BANNED DONALD TRUMP! 😂😂😂😂😂 —…

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