Fabulous Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times’ Arrives on Android April 11th

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Last fall developer Perchang unleashed a sequel to one of the finest turn-based dungeon crawlers in the App Store with Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times [$ 4.99], and all was right with the world. Well, if you were on iOS that is. Android folks weren’t in on the fun just yet, but Perchang promised some Android love soon and even recruited some beta testers for just that purpose last month. Now here we are about six weeks later and Warhammer Quest 2 for Android is all finished up and ready to release just shy of two weeks from now on April 11th. Perchang has even put together a fancy schmancy new trailer just for this Android release, check it out.

Like the iOS version, Warhammer Quest 2 will cost $ 4.99 on Android and will include a number of DLC options. There are two expansions, The Lord of Khorne and Shadows Under Reikland, which add a ton of content to the game and are priced at $ 4.99 apiece. Then there are six additional Warrior Classes available for purchase at $ 2.99 apiece if you want. None of the DLC is required and the base game will keep you plenty busy, but there’s lots more Warhammer Quest 2 available for those that can’t get enough. Be sure to give our review of Warhammer Quest 2 a read for some more insight and look for the Android release in just a couple of weeks.


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A ‘Warhammer’ AR fantasy card game is coming to PC this year

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‘Warhammer Quest 2’ DLC Pack ‘The Lord of Khorne’ Now Available

Perchang and Rodeo Games just released the first DLC for Warhammer Quest 2 [$ 4.99], entitled The Lord of Khorne. This new paid DLC will take players through a brand new region of Talabecland. East of Altdorf, Khorne’s Chaos forces are laying siege to this land, and the player has to try and defeat his forces and stop his advance. This all takes place in a seven-part story campaign, with a new map, new environments, and of course, a bunch of new enemies to take on. The developers claim that this is a 30% increase in playable content over the base game.

The expansion also introduces three new classes for players to use. The Ogre is the class for players that like to smash through things, delivering deadly physical damage. The Wardancer can leap over enemies and chasms in the environment, and dual-wield weapons to get an edge on opponents. Meanwhile, for those that prefer using some white magic, the Warrior Priest offers some new spellcasting options for players that prefer a more thoughtful approach to the game. There’s a whole host of new abilities, weapons, and items that the Lord of Khorne expansion introduces with its release.

Even if you don’t pick up this DLC, the update comes with some new features. There’s iPhone X support, so y’all don’t have to worry about the notch on your device any more. Dungeon ambushes are in the main game as well, so dangerous encounters with all their risk and reward can appear suddenly. With the new content, Warhammer Quest 2 now has seven total Warrior classes, 20 campaign quests, and over 250 items in total.

How much will all this DLC run you? The Lord of Khorne runs $ 4.99, with each new Warrior costing $ 2.99 each. While these aren’t cheap, considering that mobile games have to sell at such low prices, these DLC packs are a good way for fans to help support future development of the game, and consider that there’s a premium for being a customer like this. However, if you haven’t picked up Warhammer Quest 2 yet, then now’s a good time, as the game is on sale through the end of the weekend for $ 2.99, down from $ 4.99.


RPG Reload File 103 – ‘Warhammer Quest’

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where even our finest apparel reeks of goblin blood. In each installment, we take a look at a game from the App Store’s past to see how it stands up in the here and now. It’s a chance to revisit old favorites, reflect on their position in the overall iOS library, or simply to take a deeper dive than our reviews typically allow for. I try to cover a variety of games in these articles, but if you feel like I’m missing something very important, by all means let me know. You can offer up suggestions in the comments below, and while I can’t promise I’ll get to them soon, they will be added to the master list for future consideration.

It’s been a long while since we last did an RPG Reload File, with the last entry back in April of this year. With most of the big names on iOS already covered either in an RPG Reload or a review written by this very author, it became relatively difficult to find new ground to cover. That being said, there were and are still a few big names that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Today, I want to take care of one of the bigger ones. For at least a few of our readers, Warhammer Quest [$ 2.99] was just about all of the RPG they needed for months on end. It was the penultimate release from acclaimed TRPG developer Rodeo Games, and in the opinions of many, their best game. One of those grand situations where a license is matched up almost perfectly with a developer, Warhammer Quest stands as both an enjoyable video game adaptation of a classic board game and a good follow-up to the Hunters series of TRPGs.

I’ve already gone into the history of the game’s developer, Rodeo Games, in the RPG Reload File on Hunters. The short version is that the Guildford-based team was founded by four members who had previously worked on games for Codemasters, Sony, Criterion, and others. They felt that the mobile market was a nice place for a small team like theirs to break into, and decided to make strategy games because those were the sorts of games they liked to play. Their first release was Hunters, a fairly straight-forward take on the genre that nevertheless earned the fledgling developer a lot of fans. Rodeo followed up that game’s February 2011 release with a more fleshed-out sequel in early 2012. That game earned acclaim from no less than the legendary Julian Gollop, the creator of games like Rebelstar and X-COM. Clearly, Rodeo Games was on to something.

Getting compliments from one of the founding fathers of the video game genre you’re working in would probably be flattering enough for anyone, but Gollop’s eye wasn’t the only that Hunters had caught. While flying out to the annual E3 show in 2011, two of Rodeo’s founders struck up a conversation with the gentleman who took the unoccupied seat in their row. When they mentioned who they were and what game they had developed, their fellow passenger took out his own phone and showed them the game’s icon sitting on his home screen. It turns out that he was a fan of their game. That man was Andy Jones, one of the main game designers from Games Workshop. Besides helping to design many of their board games, Jones was also the company’s director of licensing. Talk about serendipity.

One of the many games Jones designed at Games Workshop was Warhammer Quest, a juiced-up successor to the popular HeroQuest tabletop RPG created by Games Workshop for Milton Bradley. Its particular brand of turn-based strategy that sees players sending a small party of characters through smaller grid-based rooms made it a good fit for a Hunters-style video game conversion. The game’s modular mission design and expansions also made a lot of sense for a mobile game. The game could be enjoyed one mission at a time or in longer sessions as the player saw fit, and should Rodeo want to add on to the game later, there was certainly precedence for players paying to do just that with the board game.

Warhammer Quest finally released on May 29, 2013. It was only a year and change after the release of Hunters 2, but the game managed to look, sound, and feel like Rodeo’s finest yet. The response to the game was generally positive from both players and critics, with the bulk of the complaints resting on the overall familiarity of the game for Hunters veterans, along with having certain characters only accessible via IAPs. The game received numerous expansions with new locations, quests, and characters in the year following its release. The standard version of the game feels complete on its own, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can continue your adventures for quite a while. Which is, if nothing else, another way the game is accurate to its source.

Being a reasonably faithful translation of a tactical board game, Warhammer Quest falls between the lines of a few different genre descriptors in video gaming. It is at its core an RPG, featuring a progression system wherein your heroes increase their stats after accumulating enough experience points or equip new pieces of gear. It’s sort of a dungeon crawl, albeit of the turn-based, top-down variety that largely fell out of popularity after the arrival of Diablo. The combat system mostly resembles a TRPG, with each side moving their units and attacking on each turn until one side is wiped out. Then there are some pen-and-paper style random encounters that pop up from time to time. In video RPG terms, random encounters are usually just battles that pop up out of nowhere. Here, however, they take the form of short events that may benefit or penalize you in a number of ways.

While the game does feature towns and an overworld map, these are essentially menus. Mind you, they’re menus where you can get randomly assaulted, break your arm, and lose half of your gold as you flick between the locations. But menus nonetheless. The bulk of the game is spent in the various dungeons that scatter the lands. You’ll typically pick up a quest from town that will open up a location for you to explore. There are also some side-dungeons that don’t move the plot forward but do provide some kicks off the beaten path. Either way, you pick the dungeon you want, head in, and start digging around. Dungeons are broken up into smaller areas, and when you reach the edge of the area, the next one will appear. Usually, but not always, this brings out some enemies for you to dispatch.

The base game gives you the classic HeroQuest party, more or less. You get a beefy human warrior, a slightly less beefy dwarven warrior, a not-beefy-at-all elven ranger, and a tofu human wizard. Each of them has some exclusive equipment and abilities, and you’ll need to learn which character is best for each situation if you want to survive the more difficult maps. Do you need someone who can dish out and take heavy damage? Human warrior’s your guy. Want to pick off enemies from a distance and have some magic points in reserve? Wizard will be of great use. Or how about the same situation, minus the magic points? Well, the ranger can try. She’ll probably miss, though. Sorry.

Honestly speaking, your party members don’t really have a lot of actions at their disposal. Not at the start, and the situation doesn’t improve terribly as you go, either. Instead, the gameplay variety comes from the parade of nasty monsters that you need to defeat. Obviously, the ideal scenario is to have the player gain lots of interesting tools to take on lots of new situations, but in the absence of one of those two qualities, the other can suffice if done well enough. Still, although Warhammer Quest offers a lot of interesting battle scenarios, it can start to feel monotonous. It’s a particular concern if you’re on anything less than the highest difficulty setting. This was also an issue with the two Hunters games, so it’s not surprising to see it carry over here. The best remedy is to avoid shotgunning the game. Take it a quest or two at a time and you’ll have a much better go of it.

It also doesn’t help that movement can sometimes feel as slow as molasses in the winter. There’s a fast-forward button you can hit on enemy turns, and I have no earthly idea why that speed wouldn’t be the default. Between your party and the enemy, you’re going to be watching a lot of animals, monsters, and humanoids slowly lumbering across the field and poking at each other. The game adheres to its roots outside of battles, as well. Each character must be individually moved, and when everyone has moved their designated spaces, you have to end the turn manually before they can go again. It’s probably worth mentioning here that in its original form, Warhammer Quest is a multiplayer game that is enjoyed as much as a social activity as it is as a tactical challenge. The video game version is single-player, putting everything in the player’s hands. That’s part of why some people find it tedious, I think. It technically wasn’t meant to be played this way.

Generally speaking, I don’t have the issue with the game’s many IAPs that a lot of players have. Perhaps it’s because I’m familiar with the original board game and its equally numerous add-ons. There is one part of the IAP criticisms I can get fully on-board with, however. The game allows players to buy gold in exchange for real money. Which, hey, I’m usually fine with as well. If someone wants to buy their way to the end of a single-player game more quickly, who am I to say they can’t? It’s not like there’s a paywall here. You won’t be swimming in gold, but gold shouldn’t ever be the cause of any real hold-ups in moving through the game. The problem in this game is that there are those pesky random events. You can lose a lot of gold just by getting a bad roll behind the curtains, and that applies just as well to the gold you’ve purchased as it does the gold you’ve earned. That doesn’t feel right to me, but maybe I’m just old.

If you just ignore all that buying gold nonsense, though, Warhammer Quest is a pretty good time. It could do with being a little faster, but that’s the case for a lot of strategy games. Its once-cutting edge graphics have lost a lot of their shine in the last few years, but it still looks reasonably good outside of a general lack of background variety from dungeon to dungeon. Multiple difficulty settings means this one is good for at least one playthrough, though I don’t know that I would want to play it more than a few times in its entirety. With plenty of expansion content, you could probably just pick up a couple new characters, one of the new areas, and just pretend it’s a new game. Provided you haven’t already played through all of that content, anyway.

Unfortunately, the game that Rodeo followed this up with didn’t perform as well as hoped, and the developer ended up going into maintenance mode. I wasn’t sure if they were going to update their older games or not, but the remaining staff came through and Warhammer Quest will live on for the foreseeable future. Some of the Rodeo Games developers formed a new company called Perchang that created a sequel to this game, but in spite of some nice improvements, I feel like the first game is a lot stronger all-around. Let’s hope the original sticks around for a long time to come, and the sequel can realize its potential by fixing some of its issues. We don’t get very many games like this one on mobile anymore, so we have to appreciate the ones that do come around, I think.

That’s my take on Warhammer Quest. What do you all think? You know the business, friends. Share your thoughts in the comments below or pop in on the Official RPG Reload Club thread in the forums. We’re on the last week of our RPG Reload Play-Along of Final Fantasy Tactics, so if you’re playing that, it’s time to mop up before our next big playthrough. That’ll be coming up next week. Thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend!

Next Week’s Reload: The December/January RPG Reload Play-Along

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‘The Horus Heresy: Legions’ Is an Upcoming Warhammer Card Game With High Stakes

I know what you’re probably thinking: there are too many Warhammer games out there. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for ones that take the IP in different directions. The Horus Heresy: Legions is going to turn all your favorite Space Marines into cards and turn the legendary Warhammer battles into card-to-card combat. This new collectible card game starts at the beginning of a civil war that has the famed Legiones Astartes fighting each other instead of their traditional enemies. So, you’ll have to build a deck and go out to fight your brothers. The game has warrior lodges (clans) and events that apparently have permanent game-changing effects on the game, which sounds like fun.

The developers seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on the idea that players and events can have an effect on the game as a whole, a feature missing from most other CCGs, which tend to feel very ephemeral. And with the many Horus Heresy novels providing plenty of backstory and events, there’s plenty of material for the developers to work with. If you want to join the closed beta, head over here and sign up.


Warhammer Quest 2 guide – battle strategies for beginners

Warhammer Quest 2 is a new mobile strategy RPG that is taking the App Store by storm. Set in the dark Warhammer universe, it’s a gloomy, gritty strategy RPG with some exceptional strategy combat.

Tactical RPGs can be a bit tough to break into, but we have a few helpful beginner tips to ease you in. Soon you’ll be slinging spells and swinging swords with some serious skill.

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‘Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times’ Review: Outstanding Follow Up to One of the Best Tactical Combat Games Ever

What are the best tactical role-playing games for mobile devices? I see that question a lot and, inevitably, somebody mentions Warhammer Quest [$ 2.99] by Rodeo Games, and rightfully so. Warhammer Quest is without question one of the best turn-based combat games out there and one in which I’ve invested a huge number of hours in the four-plus years since its release. Rodeo Games is no more, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop a sequel from making its way to the App Store. Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times [$ 4.99] was just released by Perchang, but can it clear the high bar set by its predecessor?

Perchang is home to a lot of the talent from Rodeo Games so the band is largely back together and it shows in The End Times. The game looks and feels similar, as well it should, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when the one you had is quite good at, you know, rolling. Things are dire in Middenland and a new threat has emerged. A king with three eyes has amassed an army of evil doers to assault the world and all its people and bring about an apocalypse. If you can’t trust kings with three eyes who can you trust these days?

Unwilling to go quietly to their doom, the powerful across the land with a stake in the status quo set aside their differences and gather to take on the three-eyed king and save the world. Two such paragons are Captain Marcus Hammerfall of the Empire and a dark-elf sorceress named Meharva Darkshade. The pair strike an uneasy and assumedly temporary alliance to seek out the Mace of Helsturm, a powerful artifact that could swing the battle against the King and his army of chaos. Together, they enter the ruins beneath Altdorf on their quest, and you control them.

You start out The End Times with Marcus and Meharva but pick up other companions as you progress. Much like the original, the game plays out as a series of regional quests in Middenland. Each quest in the main storyline takes you to a different city or town and into a dungeon delve. Prior to entering you pick and equip your party and send them forth to defeat the minions of the three-eyed king and any other dungeon dwellers who dare block your path. As you complete quests you gain experience for the heroes that participate, as well as loot and gold. Each town and city provides opportunity to level up your team at the training grounds, buy and sell loot at the market, and recruit new companions at the tavern. The End Times follows the main storyline with each delve taking you closer to your overall goal. There are also side quests that can be used to help level your characters and get more loot as well as random events that pop up during travel that add some nice immersion to a game that is, for the most part, more hack and slash than role-playing.

The combat encounters play out the same as the original and will feel familiar to any fan of turn-based role-playing games. Each member of your party has a pool of action points that can be used to either move or attack. This lets you cruise a great distance across the map, take a more modest move action and attack enemies, or take multiple attacks. There are a number of different weapons and some characters can switch between melee and ranged options. The touch controls are well-implemented and you can play through turns very quickly if desired or take your time to ponder your best move. As you level each character gains access to more options, opening up the strategic variety you have at your disposal to take down any particular fight.

Video-game graphics have come a long way since 2013 and The End Times is certainly modernized from the original. First, it is fully 3D and looks great. You can zoom in and out and turn things every which way to enjoy the camera angle of your choice. The city maps are quite attractive and highlight the height of castles and towers and nicely reminiscent of the Game of Thrones opening sequence. I also like the forests and other terrain features present in the world travel maps.

Let’s talk payment model. Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is a premium game where the initial price gets you the Middenland campaign with no restrictions. There is an expansion available as well. For $ 5 you can buy the Reikland region which adds a ten-part regional quest, new settlements, a new enemy—the dastardly rat people known as Skavens—and two more tile sets. Additionally, there are a number of special packs available via in-app purchase. There are character packs, for example, that give you a new character to play along with special weapons, skills, and outfits. You can also buy gold with which to hire adventurers and buy equipment. You earn gold just by playing the game, so there isn’t a need to pay to advance here, the option is just available for those that want to get their hands on some of the extras earlier.

One last thing to note before buying is that upon release there is a bug in the game that causes a crash when trying to load a saved game. I experienced this bug on two different game saves and can’t get back to my main game. Perchang is aware of the bug and there should be an update very soon, but in the interim it is best to either not exit a game back to the main menu or wait until a new version is released (the game was reviewed on version 1.003).

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is exactly what I wanted to see in this sequel. The game play is fun, challenging, intuitive, and compelling—pretty much the mix of adjectives you want for a video game. Perchang didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here, they stuck with what worked well in the original and updated things where it made sense to do so. Whether you’re a fan of Warhammer Quest, or tactical-combat games in general, picking up The End Times is an easy decision. Do it. If you’re looking for more information on the game you should head to our forums where the page count for Warhammer Quest 2 is growing by the day. Perchang developers have also been active participants in the discussion there and have shared quite a bit about the game.



Out Now: ‘Warhammer Quest 2’, ‘Time Recoil’, ‘Game of Thrones: Conquest’, ‘Mmm Fingers 2’, ‘Campfire Cooking’, ‘Syllablade’, ‘Returner 77’, ‘B-Grade Renegade’ and More

It’s once again that time of week where we round up all the new iOS game releases of the past 7 days, and what a week we’ve got folks. The long awaited Warhammer Quest 2 arrived a day early and has been getting a positive reception so far, 10tons’ latest top-down shooter Time Recoil has arrived sooner than I thought it would too, and Game of Thrones: Conquest is out of soft launch and now available worldwide. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So check out the full list of games below and as always let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up this week!


A Butterfly

iTunes Description

A butterfly wants to cross all gates till the end of the world!
It is a beautiful, lonely, firm butterfly, die for trying! But it never gives up!

This is a one tap arcade game.Reflex is the key and time is more important.
Lots of beautiful butterflies can be unlocked.

Anime music and Movie graphics.

It is fantastic! Please feel free to try it!

Forum Thread: A Butterfly (by LI YIN JIAN)

B-Grade Renegade

iTunes Description

“B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket” is a strategic action roguelike with procedural level generation and permadeath!

You are Foxy Scavenger, an outcast mutated fox, trying to survive in the wastelands.
Our beloved Earth has been pillaged, used up, sucked dry, and now it’s gonna explode!
You’re on a mission to reach the last rocket before it blasts off into space.

Choose the route to take each day. Try to get as many miles as you can, but bear in mind that there are different perks and missions to complete along each route.

Forum Thread: B-Grade Renegade (by muzboz)

Booty Quest

iTunes Description

Ahoy, matey! Set sail on an epic adventure in the ultimate match 3 treasure hunt!

Join Piper and her pirate Crew on a swashbuckling puzzle adventure as you discover mysterious islands bursting with fun match 3 challenges and booty. Exchange your loot for a variety of awesome rewards and customize your ship to face off against friends… or the villainous Pirate Queen! There are loads of ways to play, with new content added regularly, so step aboard and hunt down the treasure!

Forum Thread: Booty Quest (By Outplay Entertainment)

Bozo Buckets

iTunes Description

Step right up and test your aim by playing Bozo Buckets. Toss ping pong balls into buckets to see if you have what it takes to win the Grand Prize.

•••• FEATURES ••••
– 10 Levels full of challenges and excitement.
– Simple one flick control to toss balls.
– Beautiful 3D graphics.
– Fun for all ages.

Forum Thread: Bozo Buckets (by App Happy Games)

Campfire Cooking

iTunes Description

Campfire Cooking is a puzzle game about relaxing moments in nature, as you prepare meals over a warm fire. Discover the joy of cooking on a stick and test your problem-solving skills with some challenging campfire puzzles! The latest creation from Layton Hawkes is guaranteed to make you feel clever, hungry and eager to book your next woodland escape.

Forum Thread: Campfire Cooking (By Layton Hawkes)

Candy Adventure Dreams

iTunes Description

Download Candy Adventure Dreams for free now. Candy Adventure Dreams is fun match 3 casual puzzle! Objectives differ in over 100 levels. Make matches of 3 or more Candy, create blasts! Starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. Start your sweet journey in this puzzle adventure!

Forum Thread: Candy Adventure Dreams (by viorel sburlea)


iTunes Description

Celestine is a 2.5D adventure odyssey,
location: Mars,
mission: expedition sent to Mars to investigate abnormal structure activity.

historical discovery was made that day, a complete habitable world underground with its own fauna and flora ,

while our expedition was excavating the location, spaceship Celestine got attacked by an alien hostile martian force, the crew members are all dead, except our martian astronaut Frank, he is safe but waiting for rescue to save him.

mission is to bring him back safe to the martian space probe station.

Forum Thread: Celestine (by Mounik Interactive)

Chef Wars

iTunes Description

Chef Wars is the first food discovery RPG! Recruit chefs, source ingredients, and invent hundreds of recipes from around the world. Then use those recipes to win themed kitchen battles! Become the most famous chef and stop the evil Baron von Pork from world domination!

Forum Thread: Chef Wars (by Mindcake Games)


iTunes Description

At first, this game feels daunting. Winning seems a matter of luck. Then, you find clever ways to improve your chances. You win more bets with friends, and improve your high scores when playing alone.

Each turn, you throw a coin into one of the maze’s columns. Your do that in such a way that the most coins will come out during your own turns (and the least during your opponent’s).

The coins are held back by switches that react to passing coins. This means that you can use your coin to get other coins out during your turn, making them yours. But watch out that they don’t get stuck themselves, ready for your opponent to snatch it.

Forum Thread: Coinski (by Geert Docter)

Cottage Garden

iTunes Description

COTTAGE GARDEN – a colorful sea of flowers, framed by walls, paths, and hedges. As ambitious gardeners, you face the challenge of filling the beds in every corner of your garden with plants, inspired by the limitations of space to create ever new compositions. You will use a variety of plants — as well as flowerpots and garden cloches — to design gardens that bloom with diversity. Be kind to the helpful cats!

Goal of the Game – In Cottage Garden, you compete in the art of gardening. Plant two Flowerbeds with different flowers. Score each Flowerbed when there are no more free spaces visible on it, then exchange it for a new, unplanted one. You receive points for all visible Flower Pots and Garden Cloches on the completed Flowerbed, and you may also receive Flower Pots and Cats that will help you with your gardening.
The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Forum Thread: Cottage Garden (by DIGIDICED)

Crashy Cars!

iTunes Description

Get cars across the intersection. Pick up coins, avoid obstacles, score points and unlock special cars! Don’t crash!

Explore new levels and beat your best score. Share a snap of your awesome moves with your friends!
Crashy Cars is an endless one-touch arcade game about timing, anticipation and precision!

Crashy Cars – it’s about time!

Forum Thread: Crashy Cars! (By Headup Games)

Darts of Fury

iTunes Description

Let’s play darts! Compete against real opponents in the stunning new multiplayer darts game from the creators of ‘Table Tennis Touch’. ‘Darts of Fury’ is an action-packed, modern darts game designed for darts newcomers and fans alike.

Pick up your darts, join Sparrows League and face your first challenger. Take aim, swipe to throw and compete against real opponents from all over the world. Earn XP to climb up the Leagues and aim for League promotion to unlock better darts, faster flights, tougher challenges, and bigger rewards. Can you reach the legendary Eagles league?

Forum Thread: Darts of Fury (By Yakuto)

Dungeon Swag: Slime

iTunes Description

You finally found the Slime Dungeon, which was passed down only to the legend.

You heard the story that the treasure is full in the slime dungeon.

Finally, you are standing at the slime dungeon entrance.

The thing that I encountered before the treasure … slime!

Let ‘s defeat the slime that keeps coming and get the treasure.

Forum Thread: Dungeon Swag: Slime (by Catlab)

Game of Thrones: Conquest

iTunes Description

Westeros is at war. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm. Live out your fantasy and join the war. Build your house and raise your army as you navigate a dangerous political landscape. Based on the award winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest allows players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your enemy’s army will not wait to clash swords. Wage war and join the battle today to capture the Iron Throne!

Forum Thread: Game of Thrones: Conquest (By Warner Bros.)

Kick Scooter

iTunes Description

Test your kick scooters skills on this addicting game!

Watch out for moving obstacles and try to do some good maneuvers!
Choose to play as multiple kick scooters by collecting coins to unlock new ones. Compete with your friends for the highest score.

How far can you go?

Forum Thread: Kick Scooter (by Astrologic Media)


iTunes Description

In Loopables your goal is to manipulate the environment to guide the forgetful robot. It’s a surreal experience leading you through a constant loop filled with fun and challenges.

Game controls are easy to learn and puzzles are hard to master. Just tap in the appropriate blocks to make your way.

Inspired by minimalist 3D design & equally beautiful procedural placement techniques makes Loopables pleasant for eyes.

Forum Thread: Loopables. (By Karuwa Apps)

Mmm Fingers 2

iTunes Description

How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters?! Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. Don’t lift your finger or hit anything with teeth or else CHOMP, it is game over.

– New monsters!
– New challenge mode!
– A new and unique challenge every day!
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Easy to use one-touch portrait gameplay”

Forum Thread: Mmm Fingers 2 (By Noodlecake Studios and No Monkeys)


iTunes Description

Climb up using hooks with a tight string, but be careful of the color required for the next shot. Try your attentiveness in the surreal atmosphere of the game onTop, where your observation and reaction can play a cruel joke with you.

onTop is unique arcade with puzzle elements.

Allow yourself to dare to score the maximum record in the classic mode, getting bonuses that negatively or positively affect through the gameplay. If you want more dynamics, the time mode will do it for you, where a limited timer will not give you any opportunities to get bored.

Forum Thread: • onTop • (By Milky Brain LLC)

Pirate Pop Mega Quiz

iTunes Description

Join Captain Gunpowder Jack as he explores the treacherous yet colorful world of Pirate Pop Mega Quiz! Journey across treasure maps as you answer your way through the numerous levels, help uncover the lost treasures and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom.

Forum Thread: Pirate Pop Mega Quiz (by escpodgames)


iTunes Description

New puzzler from the creators of “Klocki”, “Zenge”, “Hook” and “Art of Gravity”.

Like our previous games, its intended to be a relaxing experience, thus there are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters.
Your goal is to push all the buttons.

How do you do it? Well, thats the puzzle…

Forum Thread: “PUSH” (By Maciej Targoni)

Returner 77

iTunes Description

You are the last of 77 chosen survivors. You left Earth in the last days of the Crystal War. Your task was clear: return when the Earth is livable again and rebuild mankind. But why is your space pod docked to the alien spaceship? And what happened on Earth?

As you explore the alien spaceship, deserted and unfamiliar, you find video messages left behind by Colonel Ling – your only link to the human race which will die without you.
But who is she? What happened to her? And can you find her?

It is a thought-through, mystery-packed, page turning and emotional adventure.

Forum Thread: Returner 77 (By Fantastic, yes)


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Rule and guide a mesoamerican village through the vicissitudes of everyday life in the heart of a ruthless jungle. Manage a cute rural village, be the heartless divinity you always intended to be and suffer our debatable humor in this god-game-meets-town-sim.

Decide who is worthy of your tremendous powers, earn the faith of your followers, and gift them with divine knowledge to rebuild the great city that is now in ruins.

Welcome to a world where you live only through the faith of your followers! Keep them in line, but be careful, as they could lose faith and you may very well be just another forgotten god…

Forum Thread: Sacrifices (by Spooky Games)

Shazap: Match Draw

iTunes Description

In Shazap: Match Draw, magic flows from your finger as you connect the dots. Breakthrough graphics developed by veteran visual effects artists electrify the screen in this free game.

Become a powerful wizard swiping magic streaks of fire, ice, electricity, and vitality across the screen. Using only a circle of eight dots, you must draw shapes correctly by connecting the dots. Puzzles are easy to learn and fun to master. They progress to mind-bending challenges including crossing lines, mental rotation, flipping, fill-in-the-blank, and even shuffling dots. Upgrade your magic to freeze, grow, and reveal shape segments as you draw.

Obtain the most powerful magic, build up your wand, and flow through the ranks of the dark clans. Download Shazap: Match Draw for free today.

Forum Thread: Shazap: Match Draw (from Scott Peterson)

Sheep Frenzy 2

iTunes Description

Action of Sheep Frenzy 2 takes place in the same universe as its prequel. Yes, it’s ridiculous but it’s also real and those animals really need your help. In this continuation, you have the opportunity to play with 15 different sheep in 10 worlds. Of course, each world and each sheep have its own rules, so you will have to learn their moves in order to survive… or actually, in order to rescue your wooly friends.

Rules are as simple as they used to be. Use just two “buttons” to move the bar and the bar is what prevents sheep from falling into the abyss. They will just bounce right off the bar to the other side. They may seem a little suicidal, but at least you earn points for rescuing them, right?

Forum Thread: Sheep Frenzy 2 (Crimson Pine Games)

The Sidekicks

iTunes Description

The Sidekicks is a traditional platformer – an adventure with a twist. You play with three different characters – Noobert, Zeronita and Bellie G, all of whom have their unique superpowers.

Due to a fatal error in a code, the video game villains have infiltrated our world. Your mission is to find the pieces of the broken artifact and save the world. Find your way through 30 levels filled with puzzles, action and epic boss fights!

The game is inspired by the classic platform games. It’ll make you smile and challenge you.

Forum Thread: The Sidekicks (by Aatos Media)

Smash Up

iTunes Description

Smash Up is an award-winning shufflebuilding card game designed by Paul Peterson, now available in a beautiful digital adaptation so you can play on the go with friends all over the world. In Smash Up, players draft two faction decks from their choice of pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, and more, and combine them to create a hybrid team that is a force to be reckoned with!

Forum Thread: Smash Up – The Card Game (by Asmodee Digital)

Spin a Zoo

iTunes Description

Build a zoo filled with adorable animals, delivered by train! Look after your animals with food and toys, build and manage your zoo. Spin the train, and complete your animal collection.

Regular train deliveries bring building materials, prizes and surprises, including a claw grabber machine filled with cute critters! Collect resources and construct enclosures to make comfy new habitats.

Expand your horizons! Travel from the local pet zoo to America, Asia, Australia, African Safari, Polar and Marine Worlds, meeting furry friends from across the globe in an original zoo building simulation.

Forum Thread: Spin a Zoo (by Full Fat)

StopBuggin’Me TD

iTunes Description

StopBuggin’Me brings everything you’ve been looking for in a tower defence game together in one place. People of all ages will find this game both challenging and a source of entertainment for hours!

With regular updates and new towers, the story is just beginning! StopBuggin’Me will just keep growing and growing!

Do you have what it takes?

Forum Thread: StopBuggin’Me TD (By Max Andreassen)

Sudoku Su

iTunes Description

## Features

– [x] Quiz auto-generation, the quiz created with 3 levels of dificulty.
– [x] Time challenge
– [x] Cheating feature for finding answers without solving it
– [x] Undo feature is for retreave previous answer

Forum Thread: Sudoku Su (by Damian Plak)

Swipe Link: One Touch Drawing

iTunes Description

Relax and start your brain workout with smart and addictive One touch Drawing puzzle game.

The goal is to remove all blocks by touching linked blocks with the minimal moves. Swipe Link comes with 10 difficulties of puzzles ranging from Beginner to Expert.

You can enjoy the beautiful melodies while solving your puzzles.

Forum Thread: Swipe Link : One touch Drawing (by AFEEL, Inc)

Swish Ball!

iTunes Description

Get ready for the new basketball season in style! Swish Ball is a new and exciting take on the game that we all know and love. Tap, hit, shoot, and swish before the 24s shot clock runs out. Challenge your friends for the big baller crown!

◉ Addicting arcade gameplay
◉ Over 15 balls to unlock
◉ 10 different backboards
◉ Play on 5 different courts

Forum Thread: Swish Ball! (By Appsolute Games)


iTunes Description

Slay epic monsters with weapons, wands, and words! Team up with your friends and become loot hunting heroes in Syllablade – the word battling RPG!

• Big Words, Big Damage •
Chain letters to deal crushing blows to your enemies.
• Customize and Upgrade •
Unlock powerful weapons, rare items, and unique skins.
• Compete in Clan Wars •
Form a clan and stockpile the bones of your enemies in prize-filled competitions.

Forum Thread: Syllablade – Word Battling RPG (by Naquatic)

Time Recoil

iTunes Description

Time Recoil is a top-down shooter where you kill to slow time, dominate slow motion gunfights, and trigger devastating special moves.

The satisfaction of punching through walls while time slows down is beyond words to describe – you must experience it yourself! Originally created for PCs and consoles, Time Recoil offers a rarely seen experience on mobile. Choose between innovative single-stick touch controls or use your MFi-controller!

Time Recoil is a high end game filled with massive explosions, destructible environment, countless bullets and rich AI behavior. The game is playable with older devices like the iPhone 5, 5c or 1st gen iPad mini, but optimally you should use a device released less than two years ago.

Forum Thread: Time Recoil (By 10tons Ltd)

Warhammer Quest 2

iTunes Description

Dungeon adventures in the Warhammer World are back!

In Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times, you will lead your warriors across a war torn land and into dungeons for wealth and glory! Swing swords, fire arrows and cast spells as you fight through the denizens of Chaos. Success in battle is rewarded with new weapons, armours, skills and treasure.

Be on your guard as you travel through a world in turmoil. The road holds danger for the heedless traveller, but rich rewards for the wary. Visit towns to barter in markets, level up your warriors and discover new quests.

Forum Thread: Warhammer Quest 2 (By Perchang)

Zombies! ARgh!

iTunes Description

‘zombies! ARgh!’ is a frantic shoot-em-up that plays out on your coffee table, kitchen floor, desk, yard – wherever there’s a flat surface for zombie destruction to erupt! Battle relentless hordes of the undead, armed with flame throwers, laser guns, rocket launchers and grenades.

Playing in AR means you are in total control of the viewpoint, moving physically right into the action for close up carnage or pulling right out to see where the blighters are coming from. AR brings a whole new dimension to battling zombies!

For non-AR enabled devices there is a more conventional mode where you can have just as much fun obliterating zombies on your device.

Forum Thread: zombies! ARgh! (by Me,We Studios)


Sign Up to Beta Test ‘Warhammer Quest: The End Times’ Now

Turn-based tactical role-playing game Warhammer Quest: The End Times is rocketing toward its October 19th release date. Between now and then Perchang, the makers of the game, are looking for some intrepid beta testers to get in there and find any remaining bugs before the big release. The original, Warhammer Quest [$ 2.99], is without a doubt one of the gems of the App Store, especially if you’re a fan of the genre, so I have high expectations for the sequel.

The beta is for iOS only and Perchang is looking for people with certain devices: iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 4 or newer, iPad mini 2 or newer, and iPod Touch 6th generation. If you want in you should email beta@perchang.com and let them know your name, your device, the languages you speak, and your email address associated with your iOS account so they can hook you up properly. Demand is likely to exceed the need for testers so get your email in early for the best chance and if you don’t make it, fear not, the game is coming soon. Check out our forums for a metric ton of information about the upcoming game.


New ‘Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times’ Gameplay Trailer Released Ahead of October 19th Launch

Announced back in March, Perchang’s Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is one of the most anticipated new games for fans of 2013’s excellent Warhammer Quest [$ 2.99] and simply fans of strategic turn-based dungeon crawlers in general. We’ve been following the game’s development all year and learned just a couple of weeks ago that Warhammer Quest 2 will be launching next month on October 19th. In anticipation of that, Perchang has put together a brand new trailer showing off some of the basic mechanics to movement and combat in the game, as well as one very cool new feature.

I absolutely love that the entire game is in 3D and that you now have the power to zoom in and pan the camera however you want in order to get the best angle on things. It also doesn’t hurt that the visuals in Warhammer Quest 2 are fantastic, giving you even more reason to poke around and look at things up close. In case you missed it, there was another more general trailer for Warhammer Quest 2 released this past July that you should check out if you haven’t yet, and we’ve got a huge forum thread filled with gamers anxious for the game if you want to get in on some discussion. Otherwise look for Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times next month on October 19th.