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Explore your favorite Marvel character’s history with this graphic novel sale.

Almost 300 digital Marvel graphic novel collections are on sale at Amazon for just $ 0.99 each. Most of these volumes were previously priced at $ 10.99, though some were a few dollars higher or lower. These collections include multiple issues to illustrate the backstory and beyond of various Marvel heroes and villains. To read these comics, you’ll need either the Kindle app or Comixology app which can be downloaded onto your computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you just can’t wait for Black Panther 2, kick back and catch up with Wakanda’s hero tonight. If hearing that Defenders Season 2 on Netflix might not happen bums you out, pick up the beginning of the team’s comic series to ease the pain. The Marvel Firsts: The 1970s is a really nice collection too with more issues included than most of the volumes in this sale.

Some other collections include

Search the full sale as there are tons more comics sure to feature your favorite Marvel character.

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Designing Wakanda: An interview with Black Panther’s production designer

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Note: This article contains a few spoilers from the Black Panther movie. When this article was originally published, Black Panther was on the second day of its opening weekend in Chinese cinemas. Before opening in China on Friday, the Marvel Studios movie directed by Ryan Coogler had already grossed well over $ 900 million from cinemas globally, and it is expected that by Monday the movie will have crossed the $ 1 billion mark in just four weeks. This is a remarkable feat that only a few movies, including only four from Marvel, have ever achieved. Most importantly, contributing to the movie’s popularity is its Afrofuturist theme, as well…

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Black Panther’s Wakanda is a transportation utopia with a dash of reality

Wakanda, the fictional African nation at the heart of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, is a dazzling, technological utopia chock-full of science fiction gadgets and gizmos to make gearheads go gaga. What I didn’t expect, though, when settling into the seat of my Brooklyn theater last Saturday, was for the transportation-nerd parts of my brain to be so thoroughly tickled. Black Panther is a transit buff’s dream come true, with an array of cool planes, trains, and cars — and just a dash of reality to ensure these Afrofuturist dreams maintain some believability. (Spoilers ahead.)

Our first glance at the Golden City, Wakanda’s capital, is when King T’Challa’s airship pushes past the holographic camouflage that keeps the nation hidden from…

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‘Black Panther’ trailer previews a technologically advanced Wakanda

Tonight during the NBA Finals Disney/Marvel dropped the first trailer for next year's Black Panther movie. Directed by Ryan Coogler, it will be the first flick to take us into the fictional African nation of Wakanda. Chadwick Boseman takes the title…
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