Google shows the waiting times at your favorite restaurants

If weird food trends (cronut, anyone?) have taught us anything it's that people are prepared to wait a long time for a seat at a restaurant, so whether you're visiting a popular local eatery or Time Out's latest gastro-pick, you're faced with two cho…
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Left on read: the nail-biting mobile games that leave you waiting for texts

It’s been over an hour since I’ve heard from Nour. She’s left the Syrian city of Homs, our home, and is making her way to Europe in hopes of a safer life. When her name finally lights up my iPhone screen, I hold my breath and hope for the best. “He’s not answering the phone,” she messages about the man meant to smuggle her across the border. “Nor to my texts.” There’s nothing I can do. I tap through a few message options before selecting an angry emoji, and send it off through the game’s fake phone interface. Then I settle in to wait, unsure when I will hear from her again.

Interactive fiction game Bury Me, My Love is played on your real phone, using an interface similar to messenger WhatsApp. It unfolds through a series of texts…

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Lines of People Waiting for the iPhone X Are Already Massive

The iPhone X officially launches tomorrow, and customers are already lining up at Apple Stores around the globe for a chance to nab one of the premium OLED handsets.

In many cases, prospective iPhone X buyers came prepared — often with chairs, blankets and food items to hold them over until the OLED handset launches on Friday morning. And these queues aren’t done swelling: as the launch time inches closer, the lines are only going to get bigger as the day goes on.

At this point, it’s already looking like the anticipation and excitement iPhone X launch is far overshadowing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus launch event — which many media outlets described as “bleak.” Some Apple Stores are already seeing hundreds more customers gathered for a shot to purchase an iPhone X than they did for its 2017 stablemates.

Some people standing in line have already been waiting for hours. According to a Twitter user in California, hopeful iPhone X purchasers already started lining up around 3 p.m. on Wednesday at the Palo Alto Apple Store location — just under two full days from the launch on Friday. And, to be fair, this line is a lot smaller than in other places.

The situation is similar in the UK, with lines already forming outside of the Regent Street Apple retail location in London, according to a post by Twitter user Dean Johnson.

Even more customers are lined up at the Orchard Street location in Singapore. As of Thursday, local media station Channel News Asia reported that there were “hundreds” gathered outside of the brick-and-mortar outlet a full day before the iPhone X launch. Employees even began to set up corrals to keep the crowd organized, and began giving wristbands to line participants.

Lines at Apple Stores in Japan are similarly as long. According to a Twitter user, lines at a retail location in Osaka, Japan stretched two blocks from the entrance — with the user estimating a crowd of about 200 to 300 people.

Apple Stores in Australia, which will be one of the first countries that the iPhone X will launch in, are seeing similar crowds.

Despite the fact that Apple has promised that retail outlets will have iPhone X devices in stock for walk-in customers, it’s extremely likely that supplies will be constrained — especially as the demand is so demonstrably high across the globe. So while some customers will be able to get their hands on an iPhone X, many will be left waiting.

The iPhone X is largely expected to spur an “upgrade supercycle” for Apple, one that could launch the company well past its $ 1 trillion market cap milestone. With massive lines already forming for the premium device — in spite of its high price tag — things are looking up for Cupertino. That’s especially true as the company’s financial future could largely depend on how well the iPhone X does.

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Surface Book 2 hands-on: The sequel we’ve been waiting for

It turns out the Surface Laptop isn't Microsoft's only proper notebook this year. The Surface Book 2 was just announced, and at first glance, it seems to fix all of the issues we had with the original model (as well as last year's refresh). It has a…
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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL stock depletes, waiting begins

If you have a Pixel 2-shaped hole in your heart then you’d best be prepared to wait. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are already showing out of stock warnings on most models. The Google Pixel 2 is easier to get – in most configurations it will ship by October 17 though some color and storage configurations will ship in 5 to 6 weeks although that estimate could be pushed further back. The more desirable of the two – the Google Pixel 2 XL – can ship in 2 to 3 weeks in a best case scenario if you really don’t care for a specific memory/color combo and you are in the US. Waiting 5 to 6 weeks… – Latest articles