Heroes and villains unite in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, now on mobile

Released in Japan last year, Opera Omnia is the first installment of Dissidia Final Fantasy to end up on the mobile platform. As with the other Dissidia titles, it throws together the greatest characters from the world of Final Fantasy to fight alongside each other. Now, publisher Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts) and developer Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) has launched the game worldwide. Time to dust off your gunblades.

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Before sharks became movie villains, they were celebrated in myths across the world

Close your eyes and think of sharks. Chances are, you picture Jaws, bloody shark attacks, tacky Shark Week specials, or maybe Sharknado. Sharks have had a rather one-dimensional reputation in the West. But while our modern imagination sees sharks almost exclusively as terrifying creatures, the history and mythology around sharks is markedly more complicated and rich. In many cultures, sharks have been part of the folklore for centuries.

“No other animal elicits such fascination and fear as the shark,” writes Dean Crawford in Shark. In this book, Crawford lays out some of the mythos of this powerful predator around the world.

Predictably, the cultures with the most shark myths are the island regions surrounded by water. In the Marshall…

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New postage stamps celebrate Disney villains

Walt Disney Studios’ artists are being celebrated with a new stamp sheet of ten Disney villains from the United States Postal Service. The announcement was made over the weekend at the D23 expo in Anaheim, California.

Disney was founded in 1923 and its Ink and Paint department helped create many of the studio’s classic films. “The Postal Service is highlighting the Disney villains and the pioneering spirit of the Ink and Paint Department that brought many of these characters to life,” said Postmaster General Megan Brennan in a statement. “These Forever stamps are our way of saying Disney Villains will forever entertain us and serve as a tribute Disney’s artistry and storytelling skill.”

The stamp sheet


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‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’ Getting ‘Villains of the Multiverse’ Mega-Expasion June 22nd

I’ve repeatedly written about the crazy amount of content Sentinels of the Multiverse [$ 6.99] has received in recent years, and on June 22nd the game is about to get another mega-expansion called Villains of the Multiverse, which is part of Season 2. This expansion brings 10 new Team Mode villains and 4 new environments to the game, and once it releases, almost every deck currently available for the physical version of the game (outside one deck that will also be coming to the game soon) will be available in the video game version of Sentinels. That’s quite a feat considering how much content the physical game has.

Apparently, when you add the 5 Team Mode villains from Vengeance, you get more than 380 thousand possible villain team combos to battle and more than 8 million possible hero teams you can assemble; talk about replayability. The Villains of the Multiverse expansion will come your way June 22nd, and will add new music to the game as well.