Grappling Hook Mountain Climber ‘Hang Line’ Gets a New Video

In June of last year, we posted the trailer for a sweet looking grappling hook game called Hang Line from industry veteran turned solo developer Ed Kay. June was an awfully long time ago, so if you’re like me you may have been wondering just what the status is of Hang Line. Well! Good news for us then as the developer has posted an update to our forums with some new info and a new video of Hang Line. Here’s a quick description from Mr. Kay about this latest vid: “This video shows a level about half way through the game, which is on a mountain that is characterised by having giant boulders which must be carefully yanked free so the player can pass onwards to the top. But the local wildlife don’t take kindly to climbers intruding… I hope you enjoy it!”

One of the more interesting things about Hang Line is how all the various elements can interact with each other, and as Kay further explains: “My aim was to make a game that was extremely easy to pick up but had a lot of mastery and tons of emergent gameplay. Every element in the game interacts with every other element. Goats can kick cats, cats can pounce on explosives, explosives can explode stalactites, stalactites can crush goats… When this number of systems are all interacting as the player swings and bounces around on an elastic grapple line – you never know what to expect. And to me that’s what makes it special.” Gah! Everything about Hang Line sounds so cool! It’s been in the works for over two years but it’s “very close now” so drop by the forum thread to register your excitement and look for this one hopefully sooner rather than later.


‘The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands’ Pushed Back to Next Month, New 30-Minute Gameplay Video Released

Late last month we spied a very cool looking trailer for an upcoming game called The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands from Xigma Games. Taking the incremental aspects of A Dark Room [$ 1.99] and mixing them together with the resource-collecting, town-building, and combat elements of Kingdom: New Lands [$ 9.99], The Bonfire looked like a really slick mashup of those formulas, and I was all excited to get my hands on it when it launched this month. Well, good news/bad news situation as The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is taking longer than expected to finish up and is now slated for release in March, but to make up for the delay Xigma has released a lengthy new video showcasing the first 30 minutes of the game. WARNING: A video this length obviously contains some spoiler-ish stuff, so if you’d rather go into The Bonfire fresh, maybe skip watching this.

As the video shows quite clearly, things start off extremely simple in The Bonfire as you gather wood to make a fire, but everything just builds off from there until you’re managing multiple people, collecting multiple resources, and fighting off baddies trying to invade your space. I really love the look of this one, especially the dynamic weather system and day/night cycles, and as you can see the first twenty minutes all takes place in the small starting area but once you’ve gathered up enough resources to build a bridge you expand into a new area and I have a feeling that this is going to be a pretty big game. This seems like a game worth keeping an eye on, so be sure to follow along with the discussion thread in our forums and look for The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands sometime in March.


Apple hires video production veteran Carol Trussell away from Gaumont Television

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Apple has hired Gaumont Television executive Carol Trussell as the head of production for Apple’s nascent video effort.
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Apple offers look at the development of Portrait Lighting camera feature in new video

Apple this evening has shared a new video offering a look into the development process that led to the creation of the Portrait Lighting feature on iPhone X. The video shows how Apple used the “art of portraiture” to come up with the technology…