VICE News Posts a Glimpse of What It’s Like to Be a Part of Train Jam 2018

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As anyone who is a regular reader of TouchArcade probably knows, we took part in Train Jam 2018 leading up to our week at GDC 2018 last month. If you’re unfamiliar, Train Jam began five years ago and is the brainchild of developer and all around game industry bright spot Adriel Wallick and it tasks developers traveling to GDC to create a game in the 50+ hours it takes to ride an Amtrak train from Chicago to San Francisco where GDC takes place. The jam has only grown each year since it began, and this year’s Train Jam sold out an entire train’s worth of people, which equals roughly 340 riders. The folks from VICE caught wind of Train Jam and decided to tag along for the ride too. The result is this 6-minute video which captures some of the people jamming on the train and their stories, some of the gorgeous scenery, and the all-around great vibes of the entire event.

While the above video is a really cool snippet of Train Jam 2018, it definitely doesn’t encompass everything, and in all honestly you could easily make a 90-minute documentary about the event and still not be able to touch on everything. Eli attended Train Jam last year and gushed so much about it he convinced me to give it a shot this year. I was hesitant, as I live near San Francisco and so I’d be flying all the way to Chicago just to ride back on a train to where I came from, which seems a bit absurd. Also, GDC by itself is such an exhausting event to cover that tacking on an extra 5 days to allow for Train Jam wasn’t something I was overly thrilled about. However, boy am I glad I listened to Eli. Train Jam is one of the best things I’ve done in my life, and I’m going to try my best to be able to go each and every year. If the above video looks like fun to you then keep an eye out for tickets going on sale for next year’s Train Jam likely in early 2019.


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How to Copy/Paste Text from iPhone or iPad to Mac, PC, Android, and Vice Versa

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

How to Copy Paste Text from iPhone or iPad to Mac, PC, Android, and Vice Versa

I’m pretty much deep into Apple ecosystem and almost always surrounded by iOS and macOS. However, there are times when I have to encounter Android and Windows PC. And, that’s when I begin to crave for a seamless experience across all platforms. Thankfully, there are quite a few handy apps that allow you to copy/paste from iPhone/iPad to Mac/Windows PC/Android or vice-versa—without costing an arm and a leg!

If you are using iOS 10 or later and macOS Sierra or later, you can copy/paste between your iPhone/iPad and Mac seamlessly. But what if your devices are not compatible with these operating systems? No problem, you can take the advantage of the below-mentioned apps to overcome the hurdle. If you are using Android/Windows and wish to mingle with Mac and iPhone, these apps can let you get across the line with consummate ease! Ready to try them out? Here you go!

How to Copy Paste Text from iPhone or iPad to Mac, PC, Android, and Vice Versa

How to Copy/Paste Text from iPhone or iPad to Mac, PC, Android, and Vice Versa

#1. Pasteasy

Pasteasy is simply the best copy-paste tool. What stands this app apart from the rest is the wide compatibility. You can use this app on your iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC.

Another notable aspect of this app is the lightning fast functionality. The app lets you copy and paste not just text but also images. Ensure that you have iOS 7 or later, Android 4.0 or later, macOS 10.9 or later, Windows XP/Vista 7/8 or later.

Price: Free (iOS and macOS apps are priced at $ 2.99)

#2. CloudClip

CloudClip works very similar to Command-C but with one huge difference: it relies on iCloud. The gateway is the CloudClip iOS app. Here’s how it works:

When you copy text on the Mac, it gets sent to iCloud. After copying text, open CloudClip on your iPhone and the copied text is shown in a list. You can copy the text now and use it anywhere else on the iPhone.

If you copy text on iPhone to paste in the Mac, you have to open CloudClip on iPhone to have the copied text pushed to iCloud. Once this is done, the copied text is available from the menu bar icon for CloudClip.

Although it is not necessary that both the devices remain on the same network, it doesn’t make much of a difference. You’ll need to enable iCloud on both the devices.

Price: Free
Download iOS App  (Free) Download Mac App (Free)

#3. Scribe

Scribe uses the same philosophy of technique but replaces Wi-Fi or iCloud with Bluetooth LE.  The benefit of using Bluetooth LE is that it saves power and the disadvantage is that it’s one-to-one (you can use one iPhone to one Mac). Fantastically, you don’t have internet connectivity when you are just copy-pasting between the two devices.

With Scribe, the connectivity and transfer is instantaneous too. But it’s not as ubiquitous as Command-C. Also, since it relies on Bluetooth LE, iPhone 4 and lower aren’t supported.

Price: $ 2.99
Download iOS App (Free) Download Mac App

#4. MyPhoneDesktop

Although not exactly a favorite alternative, MyPhoneDesktop finds mentions in reputed blogs. MyPhoneDesktop supports Windows PCs and Linux systems besides Mac. But it’s actually an overkill for just copy-paste. There’s a lot more that MyPhoneDesktop can do (like making a call on your iPhone but triggered from your desktop, sending files, sending SMS from Mac, etc.

And it’s a little complicated/sophisticated.

Price: $ 4.99

#5. ClipSync

I have found ClipSync pretty neat in terms of functionality. This tool is designed to work with Windows PC and Android devices.

You have to install “ClipSync Server” on your computer and mobile device. When you copy text on your computer, it automatically sends the copied text to the clipboard of all your android devices on the same LAN over WIFI. Simply long press a text input field and paste from the default context menu.

Likewise, when you copy text on your mobile device, it will automatically update your Windows clipboard as well as the clipboard of all other Android devices connected to the same LAN.

Price: Free

#6. Clipbrd Beta

Clipbrd Beta is a highly effective app that lets you bridge the gap between your Mac, Windows PC, and Android device. To get started, you have to add Clipbrd Beta extension to your Chrome on your computer and download its Android app on your smartphone.

Once you have set your devices, you can easily copy/paste text. It’s a lightweight app and offers the needed safeguard to your privacy.

Price: Free

#7. ALT-C

ALT-C works flawlessly in letting you copy and paste between your Android and Windows PC/Mac. To start things off, you have to install the app both on your computer and the mobile device.

It uses Google Cloud Messaging with SSL connections to get your work done. You can also customize this app to open specific types of text in various applications. Besides,

ALT-C is compatible with Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.9 or later and Android 4.0 or later.

Price: Free

#8. ShareMouse

ShareMouse is primed for Mac and Windows PC, allowing you to copy/paste between them with the desired convenience. The app supports formatted text, bitmaps, files and folders containing multiple files. It also offers AES encryption for secure network data transmission.

Ensure that your computer is running Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and/or Apple macOS 10.7. Besides, your devices must be near and connected to the same local network.

Price: Free
Visit their site for more information

That’s all, for now!

Your pick?

So, which app have you chosen to break the barrier? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Nancy Dubuc made a big bet on Vice, and now she’s going to try fixing it, as CEO

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She has stepped down as CEO of A&E and is likely to become the new boss at Vice Media. Makes sense.

A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc has left and is probably going to end up as CEO of Vice Media. The first part is official; the second part hasn’t been announced yet.

But it will be surprising if it isn’t — Dubuc has been talking to Vice about the job for several weeks, according to people familiar with the discussions. And it makes sense for many reasons:

  • Vice Media’s run as the raucous, break-all-the-rules-but-still-succeed media upstart has come to an end, and it needs help: The company missed its 2017 numbers by a wide margin, and its much-buzzed-about HR problems have now become well-documented HR problems.
  • Dubuc’s position as CEO of A&E would be difficult to sustain, since she had already been engaged in extensive — and eventually public — conversations with Amazon about running its studio business.
  • Dubuc is already well acquainted with Vice: She pushed for the deal that turned one of A&E’s low-rated cable channels into Viceland, Vice’s low-rated cable channel. That deal also put her on the Vice board.
  • Dubuc spent a lot of professional capital on that deal. And Viceland has not been a success. (Dubuc will argue otherwise (see below), but she’s in a very small minority.) Now she’s basically doubling down on that bet. The upside is that she can be the woman who shaped up Vice. The downside …

The longer Shane Smith stuck around Vice as CEO, the more surprising it was that Smith was Vice’s CEO. And he seemed comfortable with the idea that he wouldn’t be CEO as the company evolved: Two years ago at the Code Media conference, Smith was musing out loud about the fact that he had become Vice’s “brand artist.”

The big question marks for Vice, Dubuc and Smith: How much of the company’s success is dependent on Smith’s presence, leadership and uncanny sales skills? How much of that will he contribute to the company when he’s no longer CEO, no matter what role he morphs into? It will be fascinating to watch.

Speaking of watching: Dubuc appeared onstage at our Code Media conference last month and answered several questions about Vice. At the 25-ish minute mark, you can see her commentary about Vice’s “bro-y” culture; at 33:25, she has an extended defense of Viceland’s performance. Short version: “We’re 24 months old — what do people want? Give us a shot here.”

Recode – All

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Samsung’s vice chairman pardoned in time for the Olympics it’s sponsoring

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A South Korean corruption scandal involving millions of dollars in bribes made by Samsung’s de facto leader Lee Jae-yong in exchange for government favors has been conveniently pardoned just in time for Samsung to sponsor the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.
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