Smart cities market value to hit $2 trillion by 2025, says Frost & Sullivan

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The overall market value for smart cities will surpass $ 2 trillion by 2025, according to Frost & Sullivan – with artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of it.

The analyst firm believes AI, alongside personalised healthcare, robotics, advanced driver assistance systems and distributed energy generation will be among the cornerstone technologies of future smart cities.

With more than 80% of the population in developed countries expected to live in cities by 2050, now is the time to act. According to a study from Counterpoint Research, which this publication examined earlier this week, there will be more than 125 million connected vehicles shipped by 2022.

The convergence of technologies – such as smart cars integrating with smart traffic lights – will be an important factor, but getting citizens engaged will also be key. Last month, Gartner put together a series of recommendations for local government CIOs in Asia, citing the importance of discussions between the government and its citizens. According to Frost & Sullivan, more than half of smart cities will be in China, generating $ 320 billion for its economy by 2025.

Europe will have the largest number of smart city project investments globally, according to the research, while the total North America smart buildings market – comprising smart sensors, systems, hardware and software – will surpass $ 5bn by 2020. The analysis also noted the rising importance in Latin America, citing Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janairo as active cities in this area. Smart city projects in Brazil will drive almost 20% of the country’s IoT revenue by 2021.

“Currently most smart city models provide solutions in silos and are not interconnected. The future is moving toward integrated solutions that connect all verticals within a single platform,” said Vijay Narayanan, senior research analyst at Frost & Sullivan in a statement. “IoT is already paving the way to allow for such solutions.”

You can find out more about Frost & Sullivan’s smart cities studies here. Latest from the homepage

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Cryptokitties Are Like Pricey Beanie Babies, And Just As Devoid of Value

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Nobody can tell you what to buy on the internet. Purchasing frivolous luxury goods from Goop? Go for it. The Porg-from-Star-Wars mug in your Amazon shopping cart? Why the hell not.

But there’s a new kitten on the block, and it’s got even the most prodigal internet-users shaking their heads.

A blockchain-based game called Cryptokitties that launched last year just raised $ 12 million from investors.

And how do you play it? In short, you give them your ether (the cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain) in return for little pictures of grumpy cats.

A bit more detail: gamers can collect unique Kitties that have different Cattributes (patterns, eye shapes, highlights, etc.), Mewtations (rare Cattributes), and an entire genealogy. The idea is to buy and “breed” kittens and sell them off for ether. Plus, your cash is safe with them, thanks to blockchain technology that puts each trans-cat-tion on a public ledger.

Users can then “like” other kitties, and give their own obnoxious bios. “Oy. I’m Kitty #564551. My cousin twice removed is Genghis Khan. My secret indulgence is whiskies. This will be an amewsing friendship,” reads the bio for one particularly googly-eyed grey cat with yellow stripes.

At the time of writing, prices for Cryptokitties range from the equivalent of $ 1.15 up to $ 58.4 million — a ludicrous amount for an ugly, virtual kitten.

But before you wither under the fear of humanity’s imminent demise, you should know: the value of the cryptocurrency market makes just about as much (or little) sense as the value of any given Cryptokitty. Objectively, cryptocurrency is equally as valueless, and not nearly as visually interesting as a JPG of your ugly cat.

After all, Bitcoin has value because we decided it does. It has no inherent value — you can’t build a house with it, or make it into jewelry. Scarcity and desirability alter that value. In the same way, there’s a limited supply of unique Cryptokitties (they are all guaranteed to be different from each other), each ascribed with an arbitrarily assigned value. The same is true for Beanie Babies and baseball cards.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with bringing blockchain technology closer to the cat-loving masses, as long as they are aware of what they are getting themselves into.

As of right now, users are limited to selling and breeding, but Cryptokitties CEO Roham Gharegozlou is hoping to expand the Cryptokitty universe.

“This is the early glimmers of what a blockchain-based game economy could look like,” Gharegozlou tells Business Insider.

As long as you know the risks, get these Cryptokitties while they’re hot. Because unless you are, like, really, really good at Cryptokitties, they probably won’t be paying for your retirement.

Disclosure: Several members of the Futurism team, including the editors of this piece, are personal investors in a number of cryptocurrency markets. Their personal investment perspectives have no impact on editorial content.

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Steve Jobs signed employment application nets over 3x estimated pre-auction value of $50,000

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Giveaway: Get one of 15 pairs of MJYUN Truly Wireless Earbuds and charging case (a $39.99 value) plus a 20% off coupon for everyone else [US]

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

For years now, the quirky feature of most wireless headphones has been, well, wires. Now, thanks to companies like MJYUN, we have truly wireless headphones and at an affordable price. In fact, 15 of our readers will be getting them for free and the rest of you can take advantage of a 20% off coupon.

When I say truly wireless, I mean not just no wire connecting to your phone, computer, or other host device, but no wire connecting the buds either.

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Giveaway: Get one of 15 pairs of MJYUN Truly Wireless Earbuds and charging case (a $ 39.99 value) plus a 20% off coupon for everyone else [US] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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