How to use tech to spend Valentine’s Day with your pets

Who needs humans when there are pets to love us?

Valentine’s Day is here in full force, screaming at us with flowers, chocolates, creepy Cupids with arrows, and more. Cast aside the commercialism of the day of love by casting aside your human companions and turning your attention to your animal pals! I mean, get this, according to a survey from our pals at Petcube, 65% of people surveyed said they prioritize their pets over their romantic partner (just @ me next time, Petcube!). Feel the unconditional love only a pet can provide by celebrating Valentine’s Day with the animal in your life!

An adorable puppy being adorable

If you asked me anywhere else, I’d tell you spending Valentine’s Day with your animal starts and stops at petting them, holding them close, giving them treats, playing with toys, and reminding them just how good they are. Since this is iMore, we’re gonna add a little spin by giving things a tech angle.

Here are some ways technology can help you spend Valentine’s Day with your pet!

Away from home? Camera time!

If you’re not able to be home for Valentine’s Day, you can use a WiFi-enabled camera to tune in to the action while you’re away.

I have a Logitech Circle 2 camera in my home that keeps a close eye on the front and back doors of my house when I’m away. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it to encourage a crook to bounce, so it’s mostly served as a way for me to check in on the puppers when I’m not there in person.

The $ 180 Circle cam (and many other WiFi-connected smart cameras) features both a microphone and a speaker, so you can communicate with your puppers (or cats or pet pigs or ferrets) to remind them how much you love ’em.

If you’ve got a pet with separation anxiety, this is also a good way to check in for soothing when needed.

See at Amazon

Wi-Fi-connected smart toy

You don’t have to stop at just chatting with your pet these days. There are some pretty incredible “smart” (read WiFi-connected and app-controlled) products on the market for your animal companion.

Furbo Dog Camera

The $ 180 Furbo Dog Camera lets you not only check in on your pet pal while you’re away from home, it also lets you hit a button to deliver a delicious treat! You simply refill the camera with treats and you can drop ’em for your pet at any time. I foresee this being an issue with my two dogs — my chihuahua/rat terrier mix is pretty feisty and she’d probably try to claim all the treats for herself — but I can imagine this’d be a pretty nifty little device for a single-pet home. Load up your pet with heart-shaped treats for Valentine’s Day if you’re not able to be there in person!

See at Amazon

Petcube also makes a $ 170 Wi-Fi-connected treat camera.

Petcube Camera

There’s also the Petcube Camera, which serves as a Wi-Fi-connected camera and pet toy.

You can use the microphone and speaker to chat with your animal while you watch them with the camera. Best of all, it features a built-in laser that you can control with the companion app, so you can enjoy a bit of catch-the-laser while you’re away from home.

With the $ 150 Petcube, there’s no reason to be away from home to use the built-in laser. You and your pet can play for hours while you’re drowning out the day of love.

See at Amazon

Subscription boxes are fun!

While it’s only tangentially related to tech, I can’t pass up one of the best ways to give your pets a little Valentine’s Day love: a subscription box!

I recently subscribed to BarkBox and my dogs seem to have figured out the sound a BarkBox makes when it’s being opened, ’cause they get excited every time I begin to open the box. A $ 29 monthly subscription to BarkBox nets your pupper(s) a toy or two and a few packages of treats. January’s box, called “The Knights of the Hound Table,” featured a princess squeaky toy, a dragon squeaky toy, and three medieval-themed bags of treats!

If you have a cat, you can check out The Dollar Pet Club, which features toys and treats for cats.

If you have a rabbit, a parrot, or a pet rat, you can check out the Exotic Pet subscription boxes over at Cratejoy. If I still had pet rats, I’d definitely subscribe to the RatPak.

How are you and your pet spending Valentine’s Day?

Are you spending Valentine’s Day with your pet pal? Their unconditional love is unmatched! Enjoy your day and feel free to share your story in the comments below or over on Twitter!

Updated February 2018: This article was updated to include new links, prices, and ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your fluffs.

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Note: For Valentine’s Day only, all of Speidel’s iconic Twist-O-Flex Apple Watch bands are 10 percent off! Perfect for him or her. Today’s all about showing the one you love just how much you care. I say it’s a great opportunity to throw a little love your own way. Speidel — purveyor of the original stretchy, […]

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 45 temporarily free and 85 on-sale apps

Cash For Apps: Make money with android app

Happy Valentine’s Day, to those of you who care. How fortunate for us that the holiday fell on Wednesday, so that I can bring you all another round of app sales to celebrate. Today is substantially larger than Monday’s list, so get ready to dive in. As always, the times listed on these apps and games are accurate at time of writing.



  1. Ringtone Maker Pro $ 3.99 -> Free; 6 hours
  2. Gym Mentor Pro $ 0.99 -> Free; 1 day
  3. Password Manager : Store & Manage Passwords.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 45 temporarily free and 85 on-sale apps was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Best Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps-2018: Roundup of Loving iPhone Apps

Best Valentine's Day iPhone Apps

They say, “True love can’t be defined in words or expressed. It can only be felt.” But these Valentine’s Day iPhone apps are designed to let you put your romantic feelings across as effortlessly as you can ever imagine. As no otherworldly thing can be more amazing than your sweetheart, you must come up with something marvelous to make him/her feel special. And, you know why it’s so interesting to pamper your loved one…

Whether you wish to create a beautiful card, send touching quotes or play love quiz with your dear one, these Valentine’s Day apps ensure you are able to win over your darling with aplomb. Let’s dive across to pick a nice app to bring plenty of smile for your loved one!

Best Valentine's Day iPhone Apps

Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps – 2018

#1. Valentine Day Photo Frames

Valentine Day Photo Frames iPhone App Screenshot

Take your love quotient to an all new level by presenting your sweetheart an exclusive photo. It features multiple frames to let you design a spectacular photo. Pick out a fantastic photo frame, select a pic of your love, perfectly adjust it, add colored text and you have created an appealing photo for your Valentine. There is also an option to share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Price: Free

#2. Valentine Day Countdown!

Valentine Day Countdown iPhone App Screenshot

It’s a wonderful feeling to express your deepest feelings to your love. With this app, you will be able to express your heart out effortlessly. There are tons of Valentine Day quotes to let you put your deepest feelings into a heartfelt message.

Price: Free

#3. Daily Love Quotes

Daily Love Quotes iPhone App Screenshot

The feeling of love is not limited to Valentine’s Day, though it is the day when your love meter is booming red. This app will give you beautiful and romantic love quotes on your iPhone as well as Apple Watch. Flaunt the poet inside you to your partner, without disclosing the source of the quotes. The app will surely add a spark to your love life. The app is completely free with some ads, but you can remove them by spending a dollar.

Price: Free

#4. St. Valentine’s Love Horoscope

St Valentines Love Horoscope iPhone App Screenshot

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when everyone’s heart is filled with love and emotions. This forces you to think whether your loved one is compatible with you and also will two of you stay together for a lifetime. This is when horoscope comes in action. This free app offers you to check compatibility between you and your beloved one. There are many other features, but they need to be purchased. Overall, the app is decent to serve your Valentine purpose.

Price: Free

#5. Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentines Day iPhone App Screenshot

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your soul mate or family; it is also associated with your friends. So spread the love with your friends this Valentine with beautiful stickers. You can edit your group picture with frames, and other Valentine themed material. And when you are done, you can share the picture on Facebook with just a few taps, and don’t forget to tag your friends. The app is free, but it offers certain premium features which need to be purchased.

Price: Free

#6. Valentine Expressions

Valentine Expressions iPhone App Screenshot

Ah well, another fantastic app with cool designs to put a broad smile on your valentine’s face. A wonderful collection of Valentine objects, customization options and of course, add your beautiful love note!

Price: Free

#7. iPhone App Screenshot

If you are planning to steal the heart of your sweetheart by sending beautiful flowers, you don’t need to look beyond “”. The best thing about this popular app is that it lets you deliver gifts in 195 countries.

You can send various types of flowers like roses, carnations, tulips, sunflowers, orchids, lilies, daisies and more. It delivers flowers same day and also lets you track the delivery. So whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or birthday party, you can use this app to send flowers on any special occasions.

Price: Free

#8. Love Quiz!

Love Quiz iPhone App Screenshot

Assuming that you have already checked the horoscope, sent a romantic card, wished your friends and relatives, now it is time to enjoy the evening with your loved one. Download this quiz app designed specifically for Valentine day. The app will present you with the different quiz which you and your love will have to solve. This will help you know more about each other, and also it will give you quality time with your partner. The app is free, but there are different quizzes which can be purchased.

Price: Free

#9. Romantic Card Maker

Romantic Card Maker iPhone App Screenshot

We often run out of ideas at the time of looking for a Valentine Card for our loved ones. It’s then we seek help from apps on our iPhone. Romantic Card Maker will come to the rescue, where you can design your own card. The app also has a broad range of card which you can choose to send. Apart from that, it displays a countdown for Valentine’s Day, offers romantic ringtones, and let you share your card on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The best part is that it is completely free.

Price: Free

#10. Valentine’s Wallpapers

Valentines Wallpapers iPhone App Screenshot

Right when you look at your iPhone the first thing in the morning, how about seeing beautiful wallpapers that set the mood for the day? If you’re smiling as you read this, you’ve got to try this app. It’s free, and you get tons of HD-quality iPhone Valentine’s wallpapers. Okay, I’ll admit one thing: not all of these wallpapers look great, but some of them are just priceless.

Price: Free

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Crappy Valentine’s Day, Robots: AI Is Terrible at (Human) Seduction

Ah, yes, the 14th Day of February, on which you’re maybe anticipating some sweet words from that special someone, or feeling forever alone, or just went and rejected the Hallmark holiday altogether. No matter your feelings about the holiday, we’ve found you a Valentine for the day to tell you the sweet nothings no one else will:


Mmm, sultry. Now imagine it carved into one of those candy hearts. Boom, right? Except not.

That probably (hopefully?) isn’t quite up to your standard for heart-meltingly hot. And that’s probably because it was written by an AI, which, it turns out, hasn’t quite mastered the art of (human) seduction.

A woman named Janelle Shane created the candy-heart-generating AI. By day, Shane is a laser scientist, but her hobby is to train neural networks. And she purposely trains them to do silly things, and to be, well, kind of bad at them. Her previous neural networks have invented names for new residents of the Star Wars universe and for paint colors. One even wrote Harry Potter fan fiction.

To create her candy heart AI, Shane collected as many genuine candy heart messages as she could find and fed them into a neural network. The algorithm detected patterns in the data and then used those patterns to create messages that imitated the genuine ones.

Granted, the system’s far from perfect. But it does give us a little perspective on just how strange we are as we try to woo one another.

“I would say that [watching them go off the rails] is one of the greatest pleasures of training neural networks. It may be frustrating at times, if you’re trying to get something done. But I love it when things like that happen,” Shane said in an interview with Slate. “It is satisfying in the sense that you’re seeing computers aren’t good at everything yet.”

Yes, the neural network came up with a couple of messages that are almost cute in the right light. The simplicity of “MY MY” has an old-timey charm, and “YOU ARE IT” hits some of the right notes.

Other attempts stray from the affectionate into the simply strange.

A few messages channel the opening of a disappointing Tinder exchange, such as “HOW U HOT” or “YOU ARE BABE” or the more straightforward “HOLE.” From there, they range from the perplexing — “LET’S RIND” and “LOVE 2000 HOGS YEA” — to the possibly derogatory: “MY HAG” and “YOU RANK.”

Would-be lovers might find themselves mired in rage over romance, or, if you’re nasty like that, not nearly hot enough. To that end, if the AI hasn’t spat out a candy heart message to your liking, there are more to choose from; you can request access to those that include four-letter words that aren’t spelled L-O-V-E.

If there’s one thing this experiment shows, it’s that robots still can’t do everything we can. The writers currently employed to compose messages for candy hearts can consider their jobs automation-proof, at least for now—or until the next generation of young people actually find some success with “HOW U HOT.” Which, come to think of it, is only just a few letters shy of “U UP?”

Honestly? Yeah. They should probably be worried.

The post Crappy Valentine’s Day, Robots: AI Is Terrible at (Human) Seduction appeared first on Futurism.


Here are some Android-themed love cards for Valentine’s Day

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Today is Valentine’s Day, and whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone loves the hilarious e-cards that spread across social networks this time of year. What better way to mark the occasion than making our own Android-themed cards? For your enjoyment, we made 10 love cards poking fun at Android phones and the people/companies behind them:

If you have any fun ideas for cards, let us know in the comments below.

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What Are Consumers Spending for Valentine’s Day?

A fascinating new report and corresponding infographic from Forbes and Statista are helping marketers better understand how the Valentine’s Day holiday translates to spending among millions of consumers across the United States.

Culling data from the National Retail Federation, the new visual shared below presents an eye opening look at shopping and buying trends ahead of the most romantic day of 2018 — today!

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Here are the very best mobile games to play with your significant other this Valentine’s Day

Heart Star best Valentine's Day games screenshot

It’s Valentine’s Day! Did you get loads of cards and chocolates and other tacky, simple expressions of human affection? Did you send out tat because you find it almost impossible to express emotion unless there’s a section dedicated to it at your local shop? Hahahaha it’s all fun and games.

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Treat yourself to 10 percent off Twist-O-Flex bands this Valentine’s Day [Watch Store]

Note: For Valentine’s Day only, all of Speidel’s iconic Twist-O-Flex Apple Watch bands are 10 percent off! Perfect for him or her. Today’s all about showing the one you love just how much you care. I say it’s a great opportunity to throw a little love your own way. Speidel — purveyors of the original stretchy, […]

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