Prices for LG V30s ThinQ unveiled, it launches in South Korea tomorrow

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The LG V30s ThinQ and V30s+ are launching in their home country of South Korea and we finally have pricing details. You can order one now, shipments start tomorrow. The base model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage costs KRW 1,048,300 while the Plus model with 6GB/256GB memory is KRW 1,097,800. That’s $ 975/€790 and $ 1,020/€825 respectively (which will differ by country due to taxes and duties). Besides the extra memory (and new colors), the new V30s models boast ThinQ smarts – that’s LG’s AI brand. We compared the camera on the S-model with the old V30 and found that it’s not a huge… – Latest articles

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LG V30 vs LG V30S ThinQ camera comparison

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MWC 2018 is now over and it brought some new devices and also some.. improved devices. In the case of LG we got the latter type of phone – the LG V30S ThinQ and not the LG G7. So to recap, what has the V30s Thinq improved in the LG V30 – well it comes in two new colors – New Moroccan Blue and New Platinum Grey (yes, New is part of the name) – a 2GB bump in RAM… – Latest articles

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AI camera tech in LG V30S was developed with EyeEm, which beat Google last year

LG launched its own artificial intelligence platform – ThinkQ – and it brought it to phones with the new LG V30S ThinkQ. Among its new features is AI CAM, a layer of artificial smarts on top of the camera viewfinder. It recognizes what’s in the scene and adjusts the camera settings accordingly. AI CAM was done in collaboration with EyeEm and its Vision API. The company’s app was recently featured on Google’s Android Excellence list, but there’s more to it than that – EyeEm’s image recognition is better than Google’s. A benchmark performed last year graded multiple algorithms on how… – Latest articles

The curious case of the LG V30S ThinQ

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 Welcome to LG’s new smartphone strategy. A new flagship every year, followed by an incremental upgrade six months later. It’s a strange approach that’s sure to annoy early adopters, but LG’s certainly not the first to adopt the strategy — it’s in-line with the sort of thing OnePlus, among others, have been doing for a while now.  The first such handset from… Read More
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LG V30S ThinQ official with added RAM and storage, AI camera features

LG V30S ThinQ official Moroccan Blue

As expected, LG has taken the wraps off of a new LG V30 variant at MWC 2018.

The LG V30S ThinQ is now official, and yes, it looks pretty much just like the LG V30 that launched last year. There are a few changes with the LG V30S ThinQ that are worth making note of, though.

With the V30S ThinQ, LG has upped the RAM from 4GB on the standard V30 to 6GB on the V30S ThinQ. The storage has been upgraded, too, going from 64GB on the V30 to 256GB on the V30S ThinQ.

The upgrades that LG is more likely to talk about have to do with the camera. Specifically, LG has given the V30S ThinQ some camera AI smarts. The AI Cam uses machine learning to recognize what you’re pointing your camera at and show keywords on screen, which you can then use to make sure that the camera’s settings are appropriate for what you’re shooting in order to get you a better image.

LG V30S ThinQ official Platinum Gray

Also included with the LG V30S ThinQ is a Bright Mode that’ll combine four pixels into one to give you a brighter photo when you’re shooting in low light. Your photo will be a lower resolution than normal, but you’ll hopefully be able to see what you’re trying to capture.

Finally, LG has added a QLens image detection tool to the V30S ThinQ. This feature is connected to Amazon and should be able to help you shop for things that you point your phone’s camera at.

If you’ve already got an LG V30 and are frustrated that LG is launching a new version of your device with updated camera features, fret not, because LG says that the AI camera features found on the V30S ThinQ will be offered on existing V30 models via a software update.

Those of you after a whole new smartphone should know that the LG V30S ThinQ will launch in Korea in the coming weeks, with a wider launch happening in March. There’s no word on pricing yet, but we do know that the LG V30S ThinQ will be offered in New Platinum Gray and New Moroccan Blue color options. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

[Hands-on] LG announces the LG V30S ThinQ, which is just a V30 with camera AI and more RAM

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LG rolled the V30 out late last year with a few notable features, at least for LG. That phone had the first OLED panel on an LG phone in several years, and it didn’t have the extra ticker display that defined older V-series phones. It turns out LG isn’t done with the V30 yet. As rumors indicated, LG is releasing a new version of the V30 called the V30S ThinQ (yes, that’s the name) with AI camera goodies.

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[Hands-on] LG announces the LG V30S ThinQ, which is just a V30 with camera AI and more RAM was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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LG’s V30S ThinQ is a V30 with more RAM and AI

LG is usually one of the big hitters of Mobile World Congress. In 2016, the company used this show to debut its radical LG G5 modular flagship. In 2017, we saw the LG G6, which was among the first phones with an almost bezel-free display. But in 2018, LG is giving us a rehash: the LG V30S ThinQ.

Yes, I agree, that name is awful.

The V30S retains the exact same design as the V30, the same dual-camera system, the same 18:9 display, same 3,300mAh battery, and same Snapdragon 835 processor. The only upgrades are to memory, with the V30S stepping up from 4GB of RAM to 6GB, and from a choice between 64GB or 128GB of storage to a 128GB or 256GB selection. The colors on offer are called New Platinum Grey and New Moroccan Blue, in case they’re…

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LG V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinkQ now official: V30 with more memory and new colors

The all new LG V30s is here, but you can safely let go of your seats. Just like the rumors predicted, it is nothing more than a memory upgrade over the current model. Plus, a new AI platform added on top. So, while technically LG announced two new devices, the V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinkQ, the “S” and “S+” parts, simply stand for 6GB RAM, plus 128GB storage and 6GB RAM, plus 256GB storage, respectively. That’s about the only hardware change announced today. That and a pair of new colors, as clearly evident by their names: New Maroccan Blue and New Platinum Gray. Those will be the only… – Latest articles

LG’s V30S ThinQ is the AI-fueled phone the V30 should’ve been

In the midst of a tricky fiscal year, LG decided to run with a new strategy: cook up interim smartphones to sell between its major flagship releases. The plan was based in part on the surprising success of phones like the X cam, and since the company…
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LG USA giving away 30 Raspberry Rose V30s on Twitter

LG USA is running a sweepstakes where 10 lucky winners can grab one of ten exclusive Raspberry Rose colored LG V30 in honor of Valentine’s Day. LG will be making two extra drawings, so there are a total of 30 Raspberry Rose V30s you might win. All you have to do is retweet the following post from LG USA and you’ll be eligible to win the #BeMineLGV30 Sweepstakes. Valentine’s Day means 2x the love and 2x the LG V30 phones in the #BeMineLGV30 sweeps. We’re giving away TEN exclusive LG V30s in the new Raspberry Rose color! RT by 2/15 for a chance to win, and come back for more giveaways… – Latest articles