GoPro faces uncertain future as holiday sales disappoint

The holidays were not kind to GoPro. The action camera company had already issued an earnings warning in January, dropping its projected Q4 revenues from $ 470 million to $ 340 million, that's a 37 percent year-over-year decline. The holidays were so d…
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Point ‘n Tap Adventure ‘The Uncertain’ Coming December 7th – Experience the End of Humanity

I think by now it’s fair to say that robots will outlive us all (especially if Elon Musk continues to build autonomous vehicles), and the upcoming adventure game The Uncertain explores the possibility of such a future. In The Uncertain, which is making its jump over from Steam, you play as an engineering robot called RT-217NP, who (just like Wall-E) is very curious about the human race, which has managed to wipe itself out in a series of (probably unnecessary and stupid) wars. He can only experience humanity through the items it has left behind. But, as is usually the case, there’s a mystery waiting to be solved.

The Uncertain is a classic 3D Adventure game (so expect to combine inventory objects and solve plenty of puzzles) with a nice art style and interesting ideas. It’s also an episodic adventure game, so we are only getting Episode 1 (which offers around 4 hours of gameplay). Episode 1 of The Uncertain will release December 7th and will cost $ 2.99, not much to witness the end of humanity. Head over to our forum thread for more.


Tech fund manager bullish on Apple stock in run-up to iPhone X preorders, but says future uncertain

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Apple stock is prime for a rally in the run-up to iPhone X preorders on Oct. 27, even if there are concerns about the phone and the company in the future, according to one prominent investor.
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Verizon cutoffs mark an uncertain future for rural customers

Last week, some Verizon customers in rural areas received unexpected news. The carrier would be terminating their service as of October 17th, because they were using a "significant amount of data while roaming off the Verizon Wireless network." These…
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Fate of iPhone 8’s Touch ID Still Uncertain Amid New ‘Face ID’ Leaks

Within the last 10 days it was discovered that Apple may have inadvertently leaked some of its ‘best kept secrets’ about the iPhone 8, when strings of iOS 11.0.2 code were discovered in a pre-release firmware build destined for Apple’s HomePod. Long story short: the HomePod code was discovered hidden on an unprotected web server last week, at which point strings of it began circulating Twitter like wildfire. Some of Twitter’s most prominent iOS developers then banded together and began sifting through the strings of code like fine sand, ultimately discovering a trove of features and specifications that could debut on the upcoming iPhone 8.

The latest revelations were unearthed by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, who along with Steve Troughton-Smith may have uncovered just about everything there is to know about the iPhone 8 this week. Their previous revelations are wide-ranging, and hint at features like 4K video recording @ 60fps, advanced biometric facial recognition, iPhone 8 display resolution, ‘SmartCamera’ functionality, and so much more. Guilherme’s latest discoveries may shed further light on the many capabilities of Apple’s biometric facial recognition solution.

Apple Pay & Third-Party App Authentication

Apple’s advanced facial recognition system will not only include support for authenticating Apple Pay payments, but, lending further credence to the uncertain fate of Touch ID, will also be accessible to third-party app developers to allow authenticating or logging in, according to the strings of code Guilherme shared via Twitter this morning. Shown below, the codes clearly yet cryptically references a “payment authentication error” caused by something called ‘Pearl’, and “numberOfAppsUsingPearl.”

Interestingly, it was revealed in an earlier leak that Pearl is actually Apple’s internal codename for the iPhone 8’s 3D facial recognition project, which suggests that both of these authentication features could be facilitated by facial recognition in lieu of Touch ID. As of this afternoon, the fate of Touch ID on the iPhone 8 remains an unknown variable; however it was speculated by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple may outright do away with the fingerprint-sensing technology in favor of facial recognition on its flagship device.

While previous reports have suggested that the iPhone 8’s biometric facial recognition system will be even more accurate than Touch ID — and may even be capable of unlocking an iPhone within just a few hundred milliseconds, it still remains unclear whether facial recognition will outright replace Touch ID on the iPhone 8, or whether Apple has somehow managed to embed the sensor underneath the device’s display as originally rumored.

‘Multi-Biometrics’ & More

In addition to the authentication code, Rambo shared strings of code referencing features like multi-biometrics, modern HDR, 1080p240 camera capture, as well as ‘FrontPearl’ and ‘BackPearl’ camera support. Each of these relates to camera technology in some way, so they could be references to iPhone 8 camera features such as the inclusion of 1080p HD video recording at 240 fps, or improvements to high dynamic range (HDR) photography aided by the iPhone 8’s VCSEL camera systems.

Of course we recommend taking all of these with a grain of salt until further notice. Though it’s certainly exciting to read into all these secrets, it’s important to realize that Apple could shift course at any time, and nothing is guaranteed until the moment it’s shown off on stage.

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