T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts will include free T-Mo umbrella, Vudu rental, and more next week

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Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is bringing with it another special piece of T-Mo-branded merchandise. For the March 20 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mobile customers can score a free umbrella. The umbrella features T-Mobile Tuesdays branding and magenta and black panels. Also included in next week’s gifts is a $ 20 dining credit for Dining Advantage, a service that offers 100,000 deals to local and national restaurants. You can browse through all the deals offered and when … [read full article]

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‘Monster Merge’ by ‘Down the Mountain’ Developer Umbrella Now Available for App Store Preorder

Umbrella put up its newest in-house title, Monster Merge, up for pre-order on the App Store for a release in March. Their title about combining creatures brings in some elements of puzzle games, with a heavy dose of idle game mechanics. You drag monsters of the same type together in order to level them up and discover more of the new monsters. As you merge monsters, you can start to expand your base of operations, and use your current array of monsters to complete tasks for you, while they also generate idle revenue for you.

If you liked Down the Mountain‘s [Free] distinctive art style, you’re in luck: Monster Merge uses a similar isometric blocky style for all the creatures. This gives the creatures a unique look, where basic monsters resemble creatures like spiders and snakes, but have a friendlier, more abstract look. As you get further in the game, you’ll see creatures that start to use different design, resembling orcs, dragons, and…skeleton wizards? This game’s gonna have it all. Or at least, it’ll have 30 unique monsters at launch, and there is plenty of potential down the road for the game to use more. How about some cameos from indie games or Down the Mountain? Eli showed up in that one, how about we finally put him to work for a change?!

Umbrella hit the map thanks in large part to the brilliant Boom Dots [Free], and steadily expanded from there with games like Down the Mountain, Wobblers [Free] and Back to Square One [Free]. The studio expanded into publishing in 2017, rapidly putting out a bunch of casual titles from other developers, and giving them the Umbrella polish and promotional push. The studio still does its own games, and Monster Merge is their latest original, in-house-developed title.

You can preorder Monster Merge on the App Store right now. I suppose pre-ordering a free game is kind of silly, but the way to look at it is that this way you know the game will get downloaded to your device the second that it’s available to download. I mean, think about all the other things you take for granted. Is pre-ordering a digital file, which is if not literally infinite (the sun will explode one day) then practically infinite, really the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to the absurdity of our modern existence?

You can spend the next few weeks pondering that question while you wait for Umbrella’s Monster Merge to release on the App Store on March 7th.


Check Out Video of the 15(!) Games Umbrella is Releasing this Summer

It’s been a crazy couple of years for Umbrella Games since transitioning from that company that made the Crossy Road of Q-Bert games with Down The Mountain [Free] into a full-fledged developer and publisher of mobile games, expanding their library to more than two dozen titles. And it’s hardly a trickle of new releases as it seems like every time Umbrella announces a new game, it’s not just ONE new game but multiple new games. Well, they’re taking that and really running with it seems, as Umbrella has debuted a new supercut video of all their upcoming titles for this summer and there’s a whopping 15 games on offer. Check out a bit of each and every one in the following trailer.

Several of those titles have been on our radar before and have been covered in the past, like Crushy Bricks, Shape Fix, Tidy Robots, Dash Legends, and Wicked Pixel. Of course, with FIFTEEN new games on the horizon there’s also a fair share of stuff we hadn’t heard about before, and there’s reason to be pretty excited as Umbrella has been consistent with putting out high quality stuff for a long time now. So keep tuned in to TouchArcade as we continue to do our weekly roundup of new games each Wednesday as all 15 of these new games from Umbrella start popping up in the App Store over the course of the next several months.


Umbrella Games Soft Launches ‘Crushy Bricks’ in Canada, With Several More Games on the Horizon

Umbrella Games is keeping the release train rolling all throughout the summer, but if you’re in Canada, summer has come early. Crushy Bricks has been soft launched in Canada. This puzzler has you swiping bricks out of a stack, trying to match 3 in a row, with levels that have different goals. Some levels require you to match a certain number of a particular color brick, others just require you to get high scores in a limited number of moves. This is a game that seems like it’s just going to keep throwing new tricks at you over time, so good luck with it.

This one launches worldwide July 6th, after Dash Legends hits on June 22nd. Umbrella’s got a couple more games in the works fir July. There’s Wicked Pixel on July 13th, and Shape Fix on July 27th.

Until then, you can get your Crushy Bricks on at the link below. And of course, check out our soft launch guide on how to download these region-locked releases.

Canadian iTunes Link: Crushy Bricks