Review: Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone X

Twelve South has just released an updated version of their SurfacePad cover for the iPhone X. There are several new enhancements in the new version, and I had a chance to test it out the past few days…. Read the rest of this post here

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Twelve South Debuts New SurfacePad Case for iPhone X

Twelve South today announced the launch of a new SurfacePad case for the iPhone X, expanding its popular SurfacePad design to Apple’s latest flagship iPhone.

The SurfacePad is a folio-style case, but rather than being bulky like most cases with this design, it’s ultra thin because it attaches to the back of an iPhone using Twelve South’s “SurfaceGrip” technology.

Basically, SurfaceGrip is an adhesive that lets you remove and reapply the SurfacePad to the iPhone X over and over again without losing tackiness.

The SurfacePad offers total device protection with its leather back and microfiber-lined leather cover, which also happens to have slots to hold two credit cards. A cutout at the back leaves the camera exposed so there’s no interference with taking pictures, and the sides and bottom of the device are also left uncovered.

Like all SurfacePad cases, the SurfacePad for iPhone X’s cover can be folded back and arranged into a stand for the device.

Twelve South has added a few features that are exclusive to the iPhone X, including automatic sleep/wake functionality when opening or closing the front flap and a new full-grain leather that Twelve South says will last longer and will develop a rich patina.

The SurfacePad for iPhone X is available in black, cognac, and deep teal, with the latter two being colors unique to iPhone X. It can be purchased for $49.99 from the Twelve South website.

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Twelve South launches new SurfacePad leather cover for iPhone X [Video]

Apple accessory maker Twelve South today launched a new SurfacePad cover for the iPhone X. More like a Smart Cover for the iPhone than a traditional case, it protects the front and rear of your iPhone X, while providing sleep/wake functionality by virtue of a magnetized front cover.

The iPhone X SurfacePad also provides two handy credit card slots, works as a stand for videos and FaceTime calls, and is comprised of full-grain leather instead of Napa leather like the previous version. As a result, users can expect the updated cover to have a longer lifespan and wear in better over time.

The SurfacePad is available in three colors: Black, Cognac, and Deep Teal. Twelve South sent us samples of the latter two to examine. Watch our hands-on impressions for more details. more…


Twelve South’s $30 MagicBridge makes combining your Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 a breeze

You may not have known this existed.

The MagicBridge from Twelve South is currently on sale for just $ 29.99 at Amazon, a savings of $ 5. Whether you want to tidy up your desk a bit or are tired of your trackpad always moving on your desk, you are going to want this MagicBridge. The idea behind it is simple, you snap your keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 into the mold, and turns them into one. It has cutouts so that you can charge both while still in the MagicBridge, and best of all you can configure it to have the Trackpad on the left or right, depending on your preference.

This is only the second discount on this product, and the largest one yet, so don’t miss out. It still sells for the full retail price of $ 34.99 at Twelve South’s own store, Best Buy and more.

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