Capcom Just Updated ‘Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’ Adding iPhone X and iOS 11 Support

Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [Free] is still considered one of the better Nintendo DS games. It released pretty late in the life cycle of the console but had great reviews across the board. It even won some awards at the time. I was pretty glad to see it release on iOS a year later. The sad thing is, the game never got the sales it deserved. Ghost Trick on the App Store has had quite the rocky history with OS updates. As with many Japanese ports, iOS updates sometimes break things and in a lot of cases, games remain broken for too long. Last year saw a double whammy in updates with iOS 11 dropping support for 32-bit apps with the Appocalypse and the iPhone X releasing introducing another aspect ratio to design for. Watch the Ghost Trick trailer below:

Ghost Trick got updated for iOS 10 support a while back and today it receives an iOS 11 and iPhone X support update. I tried Ghost Trick on my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.5 and could play it without issues before updating. I saw no change post updating either as expected. The screenshots on the App Store are now iPhone X ones and you can tell the “iPhone X” support just adds more artwork in the non game portion of the screen on both sides. A lot of old ports saw black bars added on the left and right when iOS moved to 16:9 aspect ratios and Ghost Trick for iPhone X has extended the artwork on the sides (not the game visuals) a bit more to fill up the screen.

I’m still impressed that Capcom has updated this given it is obviously not super successful. On the other hand Bioshock is still nowhere to be seen. If you haven’t played Ghost Trick yet, now is a great time to check it out. You can play the first two chapters for free as well. Read our review of it here.


Boston Dynamics’s SpotMini Just Unveiled a New Trick

SpotMini, Boston Dynamics’s dog-like quadruped robot, is back, and it’s learned a new trick. The robot, which was unveiled in June 2016 and then updated in November 2017, can now open doors and hold them open.

While opening a door is slightly old hat for a Boston Dynamics robot — Atlas barreled through a push-bar door two years ago — SpotMini’s operation is more eloquent. The robot uses its fifth appendage, an arm mounted essentially where a canine’s head would be, to swiftly assess the door, locate and twist the handle, and pull the door open.

In a video released by Boston Dynamics, not only does the new-and-improved SpotMini open the door for itself, it even holds it open for its robot colleague. A portrait of professional collegiality, this is a big step up from the solo activities of washing dishes or rolling over.

Boston Dynamics has made steady progress in their efforts to build robots that move in a life-like manner, whether it’s Atlas’ Homo sapiens-like saunter or SpotMini’s four-legged gallop. The same month they debuted their updated SpotMini, the company made headlines by releasing a video showing their Atlas robot’s back-flipping antics.

The SpotMini’s latest development is confirmation that progress continues to march on behind Boston Dynamics’s doors. But while biomimetic robots are certainly useful — the ability to copy human motion enables these robots to dexterously manipulate objects and navigate complex terrain — they still inspire more fear than awe in many people.

Outlets such as The Verge and Popular Mechanics have noted the similarities between SpotMini and the door-opening velociraptors of Jurassic Park splendor — not exactly a calming comparison, so if you envision these robots taking over the world, you’re not alone.

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Disney’s competitive cover shooter ‘Star Wars: Rivals’ may not be officially available, but here is a quick trick that will get you into the game today

Back in June of 2017 Star Wars: Rivals was released as a soft launch title in Australia and New Zealand. At that time I did a brief hands-on with the cover-based corridor shooter. Well, it would appear an official launch is nearing because as of yesterday Disney announced that Star Wars: Rivals is now officially available for pre-registration. This sadly means that most people still won’t be able to install the game.

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