Sacramento Kings to build NBA 2K League training center inside arena

Now that the National Basketball Association has its own eSports initiative with NBA 2K League, it's only a matter of time before various teams jump into the digital arena. Qualifiers start January 1st, with draft rounds planned for March of 2018 for…
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Find out why Bitcoin is rocking world markets (and make some serious money) with this training

If you’re a Bitcoin virgin, now’s the time to jump in with both feet…which you can do with this two-course Bitcoin and Blackchain bundle from One Month. Contrary to its name, your One Month courses are yours for life…and they’re only $ 19, an 85 percent savings, right now from TNW Deals.
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Apple offers 30-minute online training sessions to iPhone X purchasers

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To acclimate users to the iPhone X, Apple is offering a phone conversation with an Apple Specialist, while watching a video on a computer to "help you go further" with the new device.
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