2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Offers CarPlay Support

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Toyota had a bit of a tumultuous relationship with Apple when it relates to the in-car system CarPlay, but eventually the company decided to offer its support for the option. Continue reading
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Toyota Continues CarPlay Rollout With 2019 Corolla Hatchback

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Toyota today announced that CarPlay will be a standard feature in the all-new 2019 Corolla Hatchback in the United States.

CarPlay and Amazon Alexa, but not Android Auto, are built into the vehicle’s Entune 3.0 system with an eight-inch touchscreen, Siri Eyes Free, AUX, a USB 2.0 port, and hands-free phone calls and music playback via Bluetooth. A tray with optional Qi-based wireless charging is built in to hold the iPhone.

Toyota is debuting the 2019 Corolla Hatchback at the New York International Auto Show next week. The vehicle will be available at dealerships across the United States in summer 2018. Pricing and exact availability has not been disclosed.

Toyota was one of the last major automakers that didn’t support CarPlay. That changed in January, when the company introduced the 2019 Avalon as its first vehicle compatible with Apple’s in-car software platform, which provides convenient access to Phone, Maps, Messages, Music, Podcasts, and select third-party apps.

Toyota has yet to reveal any other CarPlay vehicles, but if the 2019 Corolla Hatchback is compatible, then the 2019 Corolla sedan likely will be too. The 2019 Camry and 2019 Sienna will also likely feature CarPlay given the 2018 models of those vehicles are already equipped with the Entune 3.0 system.

Lexus vehicles with the Enform 2.0 system will also support CarPlay. Unfortunately, a spokesperson for Toyota told MacRumors that it doesn’t have any plans to support CarPlay in pre-2019 vehicles or other countries at this time.

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Apple CarPlay, Qi wireless charging arrive in 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

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Longtime CarPlay holdout Toyota is making good on promises to deliver Apple’s automotive infotainment platform to drivers, and plans to integrate the technology in its all new 2019 Corolla Hatchback this year.
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Uber may offer its self-driving technology to Toyota

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Lyft and Waymo might not be the only ridesharing companies developing self-driving technology with hopes of making it available to others. Nikkei has claimed that Uber is in talks to slip its autonomous vehicle system into a Toyota minivan, marking…
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Watch a sparkly basketball robot built by Toyota engineers sink flawless free throws

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It’s a tale as old as time. Inspired by a famous manga about basketball, a group of engineers from Toyota worked together in their free hours to build a robot capable of shooting perfect free throws. Eventually, after perfecting their mechanical creation, they challenged professional human players and beat them shot for shot.

That’s the story reported by Japanese news agency Asahi Shimbun anyway, and the video evidence (above and below) certainly bears it out. Although, exactly what technology is powering this free throw-shooting bot is unclear. Asahi Shimbun says AI was used to teach the robot how to shoot, but the video evidence makes the bot look pretty unsophisticated. It moves about on wheels and just repeats the same motions again…

Continue reading…

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Avis Budget inks connected car deal with Toyota

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NEWSBYTE: Car hire firm Avis Budget has announced a multi-year deal that will add 10,000 Toyota cars to its expanding fleet of connected vehicles.

Avis Budget said the services provided by Toyota’s connected car platform would give customers a more personalised experience, while the company would benefit from improved informatics, fleet management, and operational efficiency.

“As connected car technology continues to evolve in the auto industry, we are rapidly adapting our fleet and rolling this technology out to our locations,” said Arthur Orduña, executive VP and chief innovation officer, Avis Budget Group.

“These advancements further improve our fleet management capabilities, which enables us to provide Fleet Management as a Service (FMaaS), while also enhancing the customer experience with time savings and mobile app integration.

“We’re a step closer to a fully connected fleet and ultimately moving towards a new future for our business.”

Internet of Business says

Avis Budget Group is aiming to operate a fully connected global fleet by 2020 and said it will have 100,000 fully connected cars in the US alone this year. As part of this effort, earlier this month, Avis Budget Group commenced installation of 50,000 Unified Telematics Platform (UTP) devices, provided by ID Systems, more than doubling its fleet of connected vehicles.

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Toyota Is Launching a $2.8 Billion Self-Driving Car Company

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Toyota has invested ¥300 billion ($ 2.8 billion) in a new Tokyo-based company that will build software for self-driving cars, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. The Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (or TRI-AD) will set out with 300 employees but the Japanese automaker hopes that number will grow to about 1,000 as the company takes off.

Toyota has an ambitious deadline of 2020 for testing its autonomous, electric vehicles, which is part of the company’s larger goal of commercially expanding the availability and capabilities of self-driving cars.

When Toyota first announced its 2020 goal, the company teased that the autonomous vehicles in development might come with AI functionalities that could facilitate conversations between vehicles and passengers.

Toyota’s main goal with TRI-AD is ensuring the development of reliable software for the cars. “With automated-driving-software development happening around the world, there is a broad spectrum of software being written with a wide variance in quality,” James Kuffner, the new company’s leader told the Wall Street Journal.

Why did Toyota create an entirely new company to handle this work? As Jean-Yves Jault, a Toyota spokesperson explained to the Wall Street Journal, it was partially due to recruiting needs. “The idea is to create a company where we are not bound by restrictions,” Jault said, adding that they’ll need to hire “a globalized team, and one of the best ways to do that is to create a company separate from Toyota Motor Corp., to create a company with different rules—like a startup.”

Driverless cars might seem far off from being commonplace on our roads, but autonomous vehicles are already on the streets in several cities. Self-driving vehicles have the potential to make our roads safer, and with companies like Toyota dedicated to investing in and improving the technology, by 2020 they could become far more commonplace.

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Toyota is forming a $2.8-billion company for self-driving research

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Toyota's autonomous vehicle dreams are too big to contain, so it's establishing a new company to speed up its technology's development. The automaker has teamed up with fellow Japanese entities Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and Denso Corporation to form the…
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Toyota and Lexus Finally Confirm Apple CarPlay for 2019 Models

Toyota this week announced the upcoming availability of its stunning, 2019 Avalon sedan — poised to be the company’s first automobile boasting support for Apple’s CarPlay as a standard option — at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

CarPlay compatibility will be available on all 2019 Avalon trim levels along with a range of other, to-be-determined Toyota and Lexus models — via the Japanese auto giant’s proprietary Entune 3.0 and Enform 2.0 multimedia systems.

What Is Entune 3.0?

Toyota’s exclusive Entune 3.0 system is currently available on select 2018 Camry and Sienna models, however those systems will unfortunately go without a CarPlay-enabling upgrade, the company confirmed in its press release, while adding that it’s still finalizing details on which of its other 2019 models will be graced with support for Apple’s infotainment system.

According to Toyota, its Entune 3.0 system already boasts a number of advanced features including “Safety Connect and Service Connect with a 3-year trial period, Remote Connect with a 6-month trial, Wi-Fi Connect Powered by Verizon trial with up to 2GB within 6 months,” as well as a comprehensive App Suite to help manage it all.

Its revamped Entune 3.0 system will reportedly feature a massive, 9-inch capacitive touchscreen, while offering its own slate of powerful features including advanced voice and gesture recognition, a “quick refresh rate”, and even support for Toyota Remote Connect — allowing smartwatch integration and/or “Amazon Alexa-enabled device connectivity,” the company said.

Interestingly, despite Entune 3.0’s inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, Toyota noted in its press release that the system will only sync with iPhone via a wired (USB) connection.

CarPlay is also coming to select Lexus models, Toyota said, and will be facilitated by the luxury brand’s proprietary Enform 2.0 multimedia system available exclusively in the United States.

Toyota’s Opposition

Despite its 2014 designation as a “committed CarPlay partner” on Apple’s website, Toyota has from the get-go been an opponent of the tech giant’s iPhone powered  infotainment system, indicating as of February 2015 that it “has no imminent plans” to adopt the platform.

“We may all eventually wind up there, but right now we prefer to use our in-house proprietary platforms for those kinds of functions,” Toyota said at the time.

At one point, Toyota was so opposed to CarPlay it even joined the ‘SmartDeviceLink Consortium’, banding together with rivals Ford, Mazda and others to create and deploy SmartDeviceLink — a so-called “open source multimedia system” designed in collaboration with Livio to rival CarPlay and Android Auto.

Despite the opposition, with this week’s announcement Toyota is finally joining the likes of its rivals, including BMW, Audi, Fiat/Chrysler, General Motors, Honda and so many others, in embracing CarPlay as the gold standard in vehicular infotainment.

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Longtime holdout Toyota finally embraces CarPlay

Toyota has confirmed it will finally embrace CarPlay in its 2019 Avalon and other vehicles launching this year. The Japanese firm is one of the last major automakers to adopt Apple’s platform, which will be available with all standard packages. Not every company scrambles to adopt new Apple technologies. Toyota has been holding out on […]

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