HCT World Championship, Free Packs, Cubelock, and More ‘Hearthstone’ News in ‘Touchstone’ #121

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Touchstone Tavern, our weekly roundup of the best stories on videos from the world of Hearthstone [Free]. This past week was another relatively slow one, with most stories focusing on the upcoming HCT World Championship and the usual top decks. Still, the game continues to be fun, and Kobolds & Catacombs continues to slowly surrender its secrets (the most recent one being all about a little Weasel). I hope you enjoy the best news and videos of the week, and don’t forget to do two things this week: get your free packs for choosing a champion and watching the big upcoming tournament. Hop on below and let us begin.




Ben Brode Hints at Balance Patch Coming

In a recent tweet, game director Ben Brode indicated that the developers are planning on nerfing some cards probably next month. He didn’t mention which cards might be getting the nerf hammer, but the writer of the news story hopes Corridor Creeper sees a nice nerf given that it can be found in a ton of decks and is pretty overpowered. He also goes into some other possibilities, and you can read the whole story here.

BlizzCon Arena-only Cards Still a Few Months Away

As you probably remember, Blizzard had BlizzCon attendees vote on 9 new cards to be added to the Arena. Community manager Jesse Hill has stated that those cards are still a few months away, so we shouldn’t hold our breath. The writer of the news story believes that those cards will be added to the game when the new expansion smell wears off. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the Arena because some of them are on the crazy side of things. Read the whole story here.

The Weasel Is the Key to a Very Strong Deck

According to this story, Weasel Tunneler is once again a hot card in a brand new deck that looks to weaken your opponent’s deck. The trick is to make multiple copies of this 1/1 card using various Priest and Neutral spells and minions. The Weasel Priest deck also runs the Awaken the Makers Quest card to increase maximum health and provide more time for the weasels to do their job. Trolling decks are the best.

Free Packs for Choosing HCT World Champion

The Hearthstone Championship Tour starts January 18th, so you have until tomorrow to pick your Champion and get free packs if said champion does well. As we talked about in our story, DocPwn is a pretty safe bet, but you can never know how these things will go; Thijs let the pressure of people betting on him get to him and didn’t do well. Head over here to choose your champion.

4 Decks to Watch at the HCT World Championship

This story talks about the 4 decks you should be paying attention to during the HCT World Championship because they should be fun to watch (and also to try, if you have the appropriate cards). The decks are Sintolol’s Jade Druid, Ant’s Spiteful Dragon Priest, Orange’s Face Hunter, and Sintolol’s Big Spell Mage. It’s always fun trying to figure out which decks will stand out and then seeing whether you bet on the right horse. Head over here for full decklists.

World Championship Decks Are Mostly What You’d Expect

It’s always fun seeing what the best players in the world decide to play in a tournament, and there’s no bigger tournament than the World Championship. All 16 players are bringing Priest, with 14 of them bringing the highlander version. Druid and Warlock as also very popular, and, on the other side of the spectrum, Hunter is only found in Orange’s decks. Overall, though, the deck selection is predictable given that it closely follows current meta reports. Read the whole story here.

Cubelock Deck Guide

Cubelock is a new version of Warlock that is all about the Carvinorous Cube and Voidlord, and it’s been pretty successful. This guide goes into detail on how to put the deck together, which cards to possibly substitute, and how to deal with various matchups. Have you played the deck yet?

Best Decks of the Week

This HearthHead story brings together the best decks from last week. The list includes both strong meta decks but also more unique decks that offer different kinds of entertainment. The decks include the powerful Highlander Priest, Tempo Rogue, Control/Cube Warlock, but also decks like Legend Quest Rogue and Legend Pirate Rogue. Check out all the decks here.




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Top Decks, Budget Decks, Deck Guides, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News and Videos in ‘Touchstone’ #120

Hello everyone and welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our roundup of the best Hearthstone [Free] stories and videos of the past week. The Hearthstone world has been on the quiet side given the holidays, but there are still interesting stories about the best and most interesting decks you could be playing right now. As you’ll see in the meta report below, the Kobolds meta is already settled, and that means there isn’t too much room for experimentation (although that might change if players figure out the potential of other Kobolds cards). Overall, though, it’s a quiet time, but that doesn’t mean playing the game isn’t still fun. Check out all the stories and the great decklists below.



Priest Deck Guide

As this writer points out, Priest is probably the strongest class in the game right now, so here’s a guide for the Big Priest archetype. Big Priest is all about huge minions with spells and Barnes to bring them on the deck early as well as removal spells to take the game into the later turns. The article offers a detailed decklist along with possible alterations and a detailed guide on how to play the deck. It then goes into how to handle the various Priest matchups. Overall, this is a good guide for a very strong deck, so check it out.


5 New and Underestimated Cards

Sometimes it’s hard to predict the power level of some new cards, and—as a result—some end up being underestimated. That is the case with the 5 cards in this article. The first is Corridor Creeper, which ends up being much cheaper to play in reality than theory. To My Side is a great card in Spell Hunter decks, Rin The First Disciple is very powerful in the current slow meta, Voidlord breaks the meta, and Possessed Lackey can define the metagame. Check out the list with more details here.


Updated Budget Decks

Budget Decklists are always a great tool for those with limited collections, so this HearthHead list is definitely welcome. The list includes budget decks for all classes, all of them updated with Kobolds & Catacombs cards. If you have a small collection or are a free-to-play player who won’t be buying a ton of Kobolds decks, this list is definitely for you.


Popular Wild and Standard Decks of the Week

HearthPwn put together its customary list of the most popular Wild and Standard decks of the week, and you should probably check it out since it’s another look at where the meta is heading. Standard Decks include Face Hunter, Evolve Shaman, Keleseth Rogue, Quest Mage, and Metabreaker (ranging from cheap to quite expensive), while the Wild Decks include Aggro Paladin, OTK 4 Horsemen, Rin Blood Summoner, and more. A very good list with a range of decks that should give you some good netdecking options.


Esports Superstars Full Decklists

This article breaks down the decklists used in the Esports Superstars tournament and offers an interesting look at what the pros are currently playing. Tempo Rogue was by far the most popular deck, followed by Highlander Priest, Control Warlock, and Aggro Paladin. Control Warrior, Malygos Druid, and TTK Mage were the least used. Patches the Pirate was the most popular Legendary followed by Prince Keleseth and Leeroy Jenkins. Bloodreaver Gul’dan was the most popular Death Knight. The article includes even more interesting information along with detailed decklists. Definitely a good article that points to where the pro scene is heading.


Meta Report

Tempo Storm put together a meta report for a month after Kobolds & Catacombs released, and—as they point out—the meta has already settled. We don’t usually get a settled meta so soon after the release of an expansion. Not many new decks have surfaced, and those that do get overshadowed by old decks that now have new tools. Tier 1 and 2 decks have remained the same, but they are increasingly more refined. The top deck is still Highlander Priest, which resulted in Cubelock seeing a bit of a decline. Combo Dragon Priest tops Tier 2 and has the potential to hit Tier 1. Patches the Pirate and Corridor Creeper Decks continue to mess the meta up since (being neutrals) can be played in all kinds of decks. Read the whole meta report here.





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Kobolds & Catacombs Guide and Best Decks, Dungeon Run Tips, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #120

Hello everyone, and happy post-Kobolds & Catacombs week. As is always the case after a Hearthstone [Free] expansion drops, the community is all energized and players are trying to figure out what decks to put together and whether their new Legendary is useful (hint: usually, it’s not). Players appear happy with the new cards and especially with the new Dungeon Run mode, as you’ll read in a few stories today. And we also have stories about the best decks to play post-Kobolds, although it’s definitely too early to definitively say which decks are the best and which are just crazy experiments or hopeful thinking. How have you been enjoying the new expansion? Sounds off in the comments below!




Hearthstone Directors Answer Questions About Kobolds & Catacombs

If you want to know more about Kobolds & Catacombs, head over to this story and read an interview by Jason Chayes and Steve Shimizu. The story talks about the inspiration behind the new expansion, the final mechanics, Recruit, and more, so make sure to check it out, even though you’ve probably heard most of the information before.


Kobolds & Catacombs Guide

Right after an expansion hits, the game’s meta goes all crazy, at least for a while. This story tries to help you build the right decks regardless of the class you feel like playing. Whether these decks are strong or not remains to be seen, but having some netdecking help early on in an expansion when everyone is still experimenting isn’t a bad thing, right?


Best Kobolds & Catacombs Decks to Try

Another useful netdecking source that goes into more detail on the various decks and explains what the various cards can offer to the deck under consideration. There’s Kolento’s Big Ramp Druid, Thijs’ Big Hunter, Mpi’s Dragon Highlander Priest, and many more. Check them all here and feel free to add any of your own in the comments below.


Dungeon Run Is a Win for Blizzard

As the title of this story deftly explains, Dungeon Run is a great new mode and one of the best things Blizzard has ever added to the game. The story talks about the way the mode builds in variety and replayability and how entertaining the new mode can be. What do you think about Dungeon Run so far? Is it something you felt was missing from the game?

Dungeon Run Is the Single-Player Mode the Game Always Needed

As you can guess from the title, the writer of this story sees Dungeon Run as the perfect single-player mode for what has been primarily a multiplayer game. He sees it as great for beginners but also veterans, who often want a lower-stakes game mode with replay value. He does complain about the lack of long-time rewards, but it still stands as a great way to pass some time playing the game.


3 Tips for Dungeon Run Success

If you’re having a hard time taking out those Dungeon Run bosses, read this story. It offers advice on what kind of treasures and loot to get, what to avoid doing in the early stages if you want to still be strong in the later stages, and how to prepare for the various bosses. While not very detailed, it’s still a helpful guide that includes a very useful full boss list.


New Card Looks a Lot Like a Magic Card

Apparently, one of the new Hearthstone cards looks a lot like a Magic card from 17 years ago. Specifically, Violet Wurm is very, very close to Magic’s Symbiotic Wurm in terms of stats and abilities, but at least the art is different. Both cards were partly designed by the same person, Mike Donais, so the similarities shouldn’t be too surprising. Check out the whole story here.


15 Most Promising Kobolds Cards to Look Out For

If you want to know which cards from the new set have the most potential, read this story. The writer looks at all kinds of cards, including Vulgar Homunculus, Twilight Acolyte, and Hooked Reaver, and tries to predict which ones could be influential (each for their own reasons). Do you agree with the list, or do you have different predictions?


New Legendary Weapons Ranked

The new expansion has added Legendary Weapons for the first time, and you can head this way if you want to see them ranked according to their effectiveness. Dragon Soul (Priest) comes in last with Aluneth (Mage) getting second place and Val’anyr (Paladin) top place because it can get a ton of work done for you (unless silence has something to say about it). Check out the rest of the list here to see whether you got a good free Legendary Weapon or a dud.




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Kobolds & Catacombs Card Reveals, Dungeon Run, The Darkness, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #119

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last Touchstone Tavern prior to Hearthstone‘s [Free] Kobolds & Catacombs release. Finally, we’re only a few days away from a ton of cool cards joining the game, and I (and many others) can’t wait to start building all sorts of fun and silly decks (and, occasionally, some strong ones). As you would expect, last week’s news was all about the expansion and the many new card reveals, but there were also some other fun happenings (like the Critical Role episode). Also, only a few days left before we get the Dungeon Run mode, the new single-player mode that will give players even more to do in-game. Overall, the upcoming expansion appears to have awoken the community from its relatively slumber, and that can only mean good things for the game.It’s a good time to be a Hearthstone player.



Kobolds & Catacombs Releasing December 7th

In what was an unsurprising twist, Blizzard announced that the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion is releasing December 7th in the Americas and the 8th in Europe. Everyone was suspecting that the 7th would be the day, but it’s nice to finally know exactly when it’s going to drop. The expansion brings over 130 cards to the game, and—judging from the reveals—it’s going to be a fun one to play around with. Remember that the pre-purchase of the 50 packs will soon be done, so if you’re thinking of using real money, grab those 50 packs soon.


‘Critical Role’ Did Kobolds & Catacombs

In what was a union of fandoms, Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role did a Kobolds & Catacombs show that was very fun to watch. The popular voice actors’ group put together a fun story that played around with the silliness that is Kobolds & Catacombs, and it’s definitely worth a watch. Head over here for more.


New Expansion Could Make Things Harder on New Players

This story looks at how the new mechanics and ideas coming into the game as part of the upcoming expansion could make the game impenetrable for new players by introducing a higher skill ceiling with less randomness. Also, the writer thinks some new cards’ text is confusing and will further puzzle new players. The article includes some other interesting observations, so check it out here.


The Darkness is the Biggest Minion Ever Created

If you want to go big in the upcoming expansion, you should go with The Darkness, the huge minion revealed earlier today. As this story details, this 4 mana 20/20 Legendary is, well, huge, and even though it requires the opponent to draw three Candles cards from the deck before The Darkness awakens, it’s still a pretty crazy card. Can’t wait to play it, even though it might be too hard to trigger. What do you think about The Darkness?


Brode and Day9’s Laughter Made for the Best Card Reveal Stream Yet

If you’ve watched the final Kobolds & Catacombs card reveal stream, which took place today, then you’ll know that it was filled with non-stop laughter thanks to Ben Brode and Day9. As this story talks about, it was the best card reveal stream yet, and also the longest one ever. In addition to plenty of laughter, the stream also revealed a ton of cool new cards. Check out the story and the laugh-filled stream here.


Kobolds & Catacombs is a Challenge to Localize

When most of us play Hearthstone and enjoy its crazy lines and overall silliness, we don’t often think of the challenge that it can be to localize the game for all those playing it outside of English speaking countries. This article looks at the exact challenge and how the developers have been working to overcome it. And it’s not just issues with various linguistic quirks; art often needs to be changed as well to better fit a country’s culture. An interesting story about things we don’t often think about, so check it out here.


Blizzard Continues to Assess the Game’s Value for Money

The debate over Hearthstone‘s “pay-to-win” status and its rising cost has been going strong for months if not years. This interview with art director Ben Thompson details what Blizzard is doing to assess the game’s value for money, even though it doesn’t contain any details on actual future actions. Do you think the game is too expensive, or is it par for the genre?


Three Cards That Should Retire to the Hall of Fame

With every new expansion, new discussions arise on whether some older cards should head to the Hall of Fame to make space for the new ones. This article looks at three of those: Ice Block, Houndmaster, and Bloodlust, each for its own reason. The writer goes on to detail the reasons behind this argument and adds a few more that might also need to end up in the Hall of Fame—Mind Blast, Wild Growth, Brawl, and Archmage Antonidas.


Match Ends in Almost Improbable Sequence

I like when matches end in complete silliness, and that was definitely the case in a recent DreamHack Winter 2017 match. The lovely Swashburglar led to a Cabalist’s Tome, which gave the player three random Mage cards, and one of them was pretty much the only one that could have saved him. Head over here for a pretty crazy video.





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Kobolds & Catacombs Card Reveals, Recruit Mechanic, ‘Overwatch’ Deathknights, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #118

Hello everyone and welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly roundup of the best news stories and videos from the world of Hearthstone [Free]. As you would expect, last week was all about the upcoming Kobolds & Catacombs expansion, so we’ve got plenty of stories and videos about the latest card reveals and what they might mean for the game. There’s also more talk about Dungeon Runs and the Recruit mechanic, a story on possibly the most powerful card ever, and plenty of video reviews. And, just to break from the expansion monotony, we have a story about all the Overwatch heroes turned into Deathknight cards. Enjoy.




TouchArcade and Value City Reveal Three Shaman Cards

If you want to see some cool Shaman cards that are all about Totems, check out our reveal of three Kobolds & Catacombs cards. The reveal took place in a video podcast alongside Value City. The cards themselves are great for those stubborn enough to build totem decks, so check out the story here and the video below.


Learn More About the Recruit Mechanic

If you’re still unsure about Recruit, the new mechanic coming in the upcoming expansion, read this story. The writer talked to Peter Whalen and Dave Kosak about Recruit and got some interesting information out of that chat. The story talks about Recruit and deckbuilding, how it plays out in different classes, and more. The story also has an exclusive video on Dungeon Run that’s also worth watching.


Silver Vanguard Reveal

Would you like an expensive, low-stat minion with a strong Deathrattle? If yes, Silver Vanguard is for you. This 7-cost 3/3 minion Recruits an 8-cost minion once it perishes. This reveal article goes into a lot of detail about Silver Vanguard’s potential and how Recruit might play out. What do you think of Silver Vanguard?


Paladin Legendary Unveiled

Each class will receive a Legendary minion and a Legendary weapon, and Lynessa Sunsorrow is the Legendary Paladin minion. This 7-cost 1/1 minion has a Battlecry “Cast each spell you cast on your minions this game on this one.” As you can imagine, it’s very easy to boost this Legendary to crazy heights if you have played the right spells before casting it. Read more about this Legendary here.


Some of the New Legendary Weapons Have Voice Lines

In this article, Ben Thompson, Hearthstone Lead Artist, reveals that some of the Weapons we are getting in the next expansion have things to say once played. Those weapons have death lines, lines for when they come into the game, and lines when they are used. Not all weapons have those lines, but those who do will be fun to play with. Read the whole story here.


Is This 3/3 Dragon One of the Most Powerful Cards Ever?

Duskbreaker is a 4-mana 3/3 Priest Dragon that deals 3 damage to all other minions if you’re holding a Dragon, and many players think this card is one of the most powerful cards in the game ever. It can clear up the board and give you a free 3/3 body on the board, a combination that can put you in the driving seat. The writer goes into more details about why many are fearing Duskbreaker, and you can read all that here.


Grand Archivist Brings More RNG to the Game

As is usually the case, each new expansion brings along some cards with crazy RNG, and Grand Archivist is one of those cards. This 8-mana 4/7 card casts a spell from deck on random targets at the end of your turn. While it’s a very expensive card for the stats, it can bring all kinds of crazy RNG to the game, and that’s always fun. Read more about Grand Archivist here.


Paladin and Mage Spellstones Unveiled

Spellstones are a new kind of card coming to the game, and this week we got to see the Paladin and Mage ones. The Mage Spellstone adds a random Mage spell to your hand and gets upgraded when you play two Elementals. The Paladin one summons one 2/2 minion with Taunt and gets upgraded when you restore 3 Health. The writer thinks the Paladin one has more potential. Are you sold on the Spellstones?


Shaman Legendary Grumble, Worldshaker Makes Minions Cheap

Grumble, Worldshaker, the new Shaman Legendary, sounds like a fun card to play because it returns all your minions to your hand when played and drops their cost to 1. The writer of this article sees this card as having massive possibilities. While it’s early to know it’s power, I do like the art on it. Check out the whole story here.


New Priest Legendary Gives Two Turns to Everyone

Now, this is a fun idea. Temporus, the new Priest Legendary, lets your opponent have two turns in a row and then you take two turns. Isn’t that fun? Whether it will be strong or not remains to be seen, and you could easily lose before you get a chance to play those two turns. But still, this is a fun Legendary. Head here to read the whole story.


Check Out These Overwatch Deathknights

If you ever wondered how Overatch heroes would look as Deathknights, look no further than this reddit post. You can see Mercy and her Caduceus Staff, Ana, and all the other Overwatch heroes as Deathknights here, and it’s definitely worth checking it out if you like Overwatch.




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