Atheer brings enterprise AR platform to Toshiba smart glasses

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Owners of Toshiba’s recently-announced smart glasses will soon be able to use them with an enterprise-grade augmented reality (AR) platform from Atheer.

Toshiba’s Client Solutions Division has just inked a strategic partnership deal with the California-based AR firm. This marks the first time that Atheer’s AiR platform has come to Windows 10 users.

Atheer has confirmed that its enterprise AR technology will be available to owners of the dynaEdge AR glasses by the second quarter of 2018.

It’s described as an “integrated suite of capabilities designed to meet the needs of today’s industrial enterprises”.

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AR revolution

With AiR Enterprise, users of Toshiba’s smart glasses will be able to tap into industrial applications, covering areas such as dealer service, manufacturing, repair operations, assembly line management, and technician training.

The platform offers user point-of-view photo and video capture, barcode scanning, detailed task and workflow analytics, integration with other enterprise systems, and business security.

Soulaiman Itani, CEO and co-founder of Atheer, said his company’s software lets users get the most out of their AR glasses.

“We are delighted to partner closely with Toshiba on the development of a uniquely powerful implementation of our award-winning AiR Enterprise application, optimised for Windows 10 on Toshiba’s new dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses,” he said.

“We believe that this relationship will provide a huge boost for enterprise customers who have been waiting for exactly this kind of Windows 10-based enterprise AR solution from a world-class hardware manufacturer.”

Transforming enterprise

When purchasing the dynaEdge AR smart glasses package, companies get an AR100 head mounted display and a DE-100 Mobile Mini PC.

Carl Pinto, vice president of engineering at the client solutions division of Toshiba America, called the partnership with Atheer “a natural fit”.

“We are particularly excited by the fact that Atheer brings its award-winning AiR Enterprise software and its unique touchless, gesture-based interactions to our smart glasses,” said Pinto.

“Throughout our collaboration, Atheer has proved to us that it has the experience and technology leadership to be the right AR solution provider in this emerging space.”  

Internet of Business says

While augmented and virtual reality glasses have long been thought of as gamers’ accessories, or as offering a window into a world of entertainment, their industrial applications are numerous and exciting. 

For example, engineers and other industrial workers can use smart glasses to access detailed schematics, machine data, or digital twin representations of machinery. These could enable them to repair, upgrade, or troubleshoot faulty equipment. Meanwhile, the training potential for all kinds of industrial workers is similarly large.

More about this in our detailed report on industrial wearables, here

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Toshiba dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses, a wearable Windows PC announced

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Toshiba today introduced new dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses for enterprise customers, which is a wearable Augmented Reality (AR) solution that combines dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC with Windows 10 Pro and dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display (HMD). Toshiba says that the AR solution provides Document Viewing, Live Video Calls, See-What-I-See, Photo/Video Capture, Alerts/Messaging, Workflow Instruction and Barcode Scanning capabilities making it ideal for a variety of uses cases, including Maintenance, Remote Expert, Manufacturing, QA Inspection & Audit, Logistics, Training and Knowledge Transfer. The wearable Toshiba AR100 Head Mounted Display weighs about 50 grams and can be used with either the left or right eye based on your preference. It has an integrated micro display that provides a viewing experience equivalent to a 4.1-inch display seen at 14 inches and has an integrated touchpad, GPS, three-axis accelerometer with a gyroscope for head tracking, 5MP POV camera, speaker and dual noise-canceling microphones for voice communications. It offers Lens-less Frame, Safety Frame, Safety Helmet Mounts and Headband offering flexibility and comfort demanded by enterprises deploying wearable solutions. The AR100 HMD is developed in a partnership with Vuzix Corporation. The Toshiba’s wearable dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC has a five-button, on-device navigation system to enable up/down, left/right toggles as well …
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