Samsung Galaxy S9+ gets torn down by iFixit, found hard to repair

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It’s the Samsung Galaxy S9+’s time to get the iFixit disassembly treatment and for us to have a good look inside its beautiful glass and metal hull. The teardown starts off like you’d expect for a waterproof glass and metal phone – with a heatgun, opening pick and a lot of nervous prying. The battery is glued in place and required Adhesive Remover and a lot of know-how to remove. The camera is the more interesting component. Being the Galaxy S9+ it’s the dual camera with the main variable aperture sensor and the second, tele sensor. The main camera’s aperture is made up of two… – Latest articles

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 torn down

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has been torn down by Chinese site ZOL and we’ll be taking a look at some of its inner workings. The teardown has revealed several improvements in design and materials when compared to the original Xiaomi Mi Mix. There are no screws to access the inside of the phone, so to get inside, the rear ceramimic panel of the phone must be heated to loosen its adhesive. Once the back panel comes off, the fingerprint scanner’s ribbon cable remains tethered to the board. There’s a shield protecting the mainboard, which also features antennas printed in a gold color…. – Latest articles

iPhone X torn down on video, reveals dual batteries

The Apple iPhone X has been covered extensively since a select number of YouTube personalities got their hands on the phone ahead of the launch date. The iPhone X officially becomes available tomorrow, November 3. So as people line up or eagerly await the arrival of the big brown UPS truck to their homes, the iPhone X has already been torn down on video. Interestingly. The overall structure of the iPhone X is similar to the how iPhones were built in the past: The display is removed from the top and hinges at the top. The iPhone X’s display is connected to the board on its right side, so… – Latest articles

LG V30 taken apart, watch its f/1.6 camera torn to pieces

Smartphone camera lenses are mentioned usually if they have an impressively wide aperture or bear a famous brand name. But have you actually seen a phone camera lens? The LG V30 includes a glass element in its lens assembly to improve image quality and boasts the widest aperture on a smartphone yet – f/1.6 – plus OIS. A lot of things to cram in such a small package and now you can see it all taken apart on video. As for the phone itself, it has a fairly repair-friendly design. No, the battery is not user-replaceable like on previous V-series phones. And a cracked screen likely mean that… – Latest articles