‘Top 5’ Phone Maker Mass-Ordered In-Display Fingerprint Readers

Interface tech company Synaptics announced on Tuesday that it has begun “mass production” of a display-embedded fingerprint sensor for a “top five” manufacturer.

The company’s new Clear ID FS9500 family is a series of optical, in-display fingerprint sensors. Notably, Synaptics said they’re specifically designed for edge-to-edge, bezel-free “infinity displays” similar to the one on the iPhone X and recent Android flagships. As far as how it works, the company states that its display-embedded sensors “magically activate” only when needed.

Synaptics has been working on display-embedded fingerprint technology for some time and announced its first working version — the Clear ID FS9100 — back in December of last year. The FS9500 announced today is an upgraded version of that technology.

The human interface company added that its fingerprint sensors work with wet, dry and cold fingers. Because it’s built under the display glass, it’s waterproof and scratch-proof. And, performance-wise, Synaptics said that it’ll work “twice as fast” as 3D facial recognition systems (which, at this point in time, is basically calling out Face ID).

Who Is the Fingerprint Sensor For?

Of course, the big question about Synaptics’ announcement is which smartphone maker has tapped them for the under-display fingerprint sensors. Synaptics did not specify beyond saying that it’s a “top five” OEM.

While it’s worth noting that Synaptics is a known Apple supplier, the Cupertino iPhone-maker has long relied on its own proprietary solution for its Touch ID tech. It’s also unclear whether or not future iPhones will even sport a Touch ID sensor — it’s been left off of the company’s newest iPhone X flagship, and Apple engineers have explicitly stated that Face ID is the future.

Combine that with rumors of Face ID coming to Apple’s entire iPhone lineup and possibly its iPad Pro lineup in 2018, and that makes the “top 5” OEM unlikely to be Apple.

It’s more probable that Synaptics is referring to an Android manufacturer, especially since a full-fledged, 3D facial recognition system is still forecasted to be a few years off for Android makers. As far as which Android manufacturer, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Huawei are all candidates.

Before the iPhone X’s unveiling in September, Apple was long rumored to be working on its own display-embedded fingerprint sensor technology. While several Apple staff have disputed those rumors, it’s still not clear whether Apple spent any energy exploring an in-display solution before settling on Face ID. While Apple could include a relocated, display-embedded Touch ID sensor in a future iPhone, it’s a bit far-fetched at this point.

On that note, knowing how Android manufacturers operate, it’s certainly looking likely that one of the major OEMs will “borrow” Apple’s rumored idea and debut a flagship with a relocated, under-display fingerprint sensor next year.

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Synaptics announces in-display fingerprint sensor, launching with a ‘top 5’ smartphone maker

Getting the fingerprint sensor inside a display has been the next logical step for years (unless you’re Apple). It has proven hard to crack the code on that, though. As displays keep getting bigger, it’s time for someone to take the plunge, and Synaptics says it has the technology to make it happen. Its new Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors are coming soon in partnership with a “top 5” smartphone OEM. That’s a bit cryptic.

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Synaptics makes available in-display fingerprint sensor to a ‘top five’ manufacturer

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Long-time Apple supplier Synaptics has revealed its new fingerprint scanning technology, with the company claiming that it functions through "infinity displays" like that found in the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X.
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Synaptics announces in-display fingerprint sensor, coming to new smartphone from ‘top 5 OEM’

Synaptics Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensor official large

With the rise in smartphones that have minimal display bezels, manufacturers are working to find new ways to make their devices secure. Some are putting a fingerprint reader on the side of their phone, some are putting it on the back, and some are ditching the fingerprint reader altogether for face or iris scanning. Today Synaptics has announced a new security feature for smartphones.

Synaptics has announced mass production of its Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display fingerprint sensors. The company says that it’s working with a “top five OEM” on the mass production of this in-display fingerprint reader, which is “designed for smartphones with infinity displays.”

The Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors activate only when needed and can be used with wet, dry, and cold fingers, says Synaptics. The company also says that its Clear ID fingerprint sensors are twice as fast as 3D facial recognition.

While Synaptics doesn’t reveal exactly which company it’s working with on the mass production of its Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensor, the fact that it’s a “top 5 OEM” means that there are only a handful of options. Those include the likes of Samsung and Huawei.

In Synaptics’ announcement, the company says that the Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensor is good for smartphones with “infinity displays”, which is the name Samsung uses for the slim bezel screens on its flagship Galaxy smartphones. Synaptics also says that it’ll offer private demos of its in-display fingerprint sensor on a “full-production, soon to be announced Tier 1 customer phone” at CES. Considering all of that, it’s possible that the Galaxy S9 is the phone being hinted at. We’ll just have to wait and see, though.

Which device do you think will be the first to use Synaptics’ Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensor?

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