How Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will work when it goes live tomorrow

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 Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will go live tomorrow. It’s the first time Google will automatically block some ads in Chrome, but while quite a few online publishers are fretting about this move, as a regular user, you may not even notice it. Read More
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Google’s Chrome ad blocking arrives tomorrow and this is how it works

Google is enabling its built-in ad blocker for Chrome tomorrow (February 15th). Chrome’s ad filtering is designed to weed out some of the web’s most annoying ads, and push website owners to stop using them. Google is not planning to wipe out all ads from Chrome, just ones that are considered bad using standards from the Coalition for Better Ads. Full page ads, ads with autoplaying sound and video, and flashing ads will be targeted by Chrome’s ad filtering, which will hopefully result in less of these annoying ads on the web.

Google is revealing today exactly what ads will be blocked, and how the company notifies site owners before a block is put in place. On desktop, Google is planning to block pop-up ads, large sticky ads, auto-play…

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Apple Starts Shipping Out HomePod To Pre-order Customers Ahead of Release Tomorrow

Ahead of the HomePod release tomorrow, Apple has started shipping out orders of the smart speakers to customers in Australia and the United Kingdom who had pre-ordered it. With the orders shipped out, most customers should get their hands on their HomePod on February 9 itself. Continue reading
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Circuit Breaker Live is back tomorrow at 4PM ET — on YouTube!

You told us, and we listened: we’re taking Circuit Breaker Live, everyone’s favorite live gadget show, to YouTube. It’ll be live on Tuesdays at 4PM ET, starting tomorrow. This week, we’ll be playing with the DJI Mavic Air, the Polaroid POP camera, and… something else. I can’t tell you yet, but it’ll be cool. I promise.

Click right here to open the show page on YouTube, and hit that reminder button so you won’t miss it.

What is Circuit Breaker Live, you ask? It’s The Verge’s live gadget show, where Ashley Carman, Paul Miller, Jake Kastrenakes, Chaim Gartenberg, and others from around The Verge put as many gadgets as we can on-screen. Mostly a lot of things break, but sometimes we are very pleasantly surprised. Other times, we just…

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