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Tech Deals: $400 Off 4K iMac, $10 Titanfall 2 For PS4 / Xbox One, 50% Off August Smart Lock, More

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Titanfall: Assault Beginner’s Guide – how to guide your mechs to victory

Respawn’s dazzling mech battler Titanfall has gotten its first mobile game at long last — Titanfall: Assault. Assault transforms that parkour FPS action into a card battler not dissimilar to Clash Royale.

Titanfall: Assault isn’t just another clone, though. The game has some pretty deep gameplay, and it’ll be helpful to have a few beginner’s tips going in if you want a head start on the competition.

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After a lengthy soft-launch period ‘Titanfall: Assault’ has officially launched, complete with lower rewards and more costly upgrades

NEXON’s Titanfall: Assault is now officially available on the Play Store. More or less it takes the tried and true gameplay from Clash Royale and adds giant robots. While it is billed as “a mobile RTS with fast-paced action and intense PvP battles,” you have to wonder how the $ 109.99 in-app purchases affect the head-to-head multiplayer gameplay.

As I have previously stated in my earlier hands-on with the soft-launch version, it is my opinion that the IAPs in this title affect the multiplayer negatively. Considering that NEXON just rebalanced the game for today’s release, it seems pretty clear what direction they want to take it in.

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After a lengthy soft-launch period ‘Titanfall: Assault’ has officially launched, complete with lower rewards and more costly upgrades was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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‘Titanfall: Assault’ real-time strategy title lands on iPhone, Sega Forever drive expands with ‘Ristar’

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Two major titles have arrived on iPhone and iPad as free-to-play titles this week, with Nexon’s ‘Titanfall: Assault’ introducing real time strategy to the battlefield-based franchise, while ‘Ristar’ has been ported to iOS 22 years after its first release on the Sega Genesis.
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Respawn CEO: Despite sales stumble, expect more ‘Titanfall’

Titanfall 2 has sustained its playerbase and momentum with free DLC every month since its release, but there's no question that the game was a hit that didn't make the impact it should've. In an interview, Respawn's CEO chalked it up to an inconvenie…
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‘Titanfall 2’ arrives on EA’s PC and Xbox One subscription services

Titanfall 2, the criminally underrated man-vs.-mech multiplayer game that reliably releases new free content nearly every month, is now available for subscribers of EA's subscription services. Users on both EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on…
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‘Titanfall 2’ brings back the franchise’s popular co-op horde mode

Titanfall 2 has kept the fires burning for its dedicated community by valiantly releasing small bumps of free content almost every month this year. While gratis DLC is always great, fans clamored for vertically-inclined maps like the original game ha…
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‘Titanfall 2’ DLC adds another weapon slot and new maps on June 27th

It might be hard to top Titanfall 2's last DLC release that dropped the first new playable titan since the game launched. But the mech-filled multiplayer shooter's next free content block will add something back that fans have been wanting for months…
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