Ava Airborne guide – Tips and tricks to soar onto the leaderboards

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Ava Airborne is an endless runner much in the same vein as something like Alto’s Odyssey, but instead of riding over the ground with a board of some kind, you pilot a hang glider and try to avoid the ground at all costs. With this new mode of transportation comes some unique gameplay mechanics that make Ava unlike other runners you’ve played, so make sure to keep the following tips in mind to make sure you soar your way onto the leaderboards:

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WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working on iPhone and Android? Tips to Fix the Issue

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WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working on iPhone or Android

WhatsApp video calling is what I mostly use to communicate with friends living on the other side of the ecosystem. Though it works pretty well most of the times, it does hit a bumpy ride on some occasions. But thanks to a few simple hacks, I’m able to fix WhatsApp video calling not working issue iPhone or Android.

So, if you are unable to use video calling on your WhatsApp or often find it going off the handle, these tips can be convenient for troubleshooting the issue. Jump over to shoot out the problem so that your communication continues to be freewheeling!

WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working on iPhone or Android

WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working on iPhone or Android Phone? Tips to Fix the Issue

Check out the Internet

Video calling requires strong network and therefore ensure that it’s in top gear. The poor Internet connection might be the main culprit behind this issue.

Turn Off Cellular or Wi-Fi on your mobile device. Next, restart your device and then turn on the Internet connection.

On your iPhone, open Settings → Cellular/Wi-Fi and then turn it off. Now, turn off your device. Wait for sometime and then turn it back on.

Tap on Settings then Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad

On your Android device, head over to Settings app and then turn off Cellular/Wi-Fi. Next, turn off your device and wait for sometime. Then, restart it. Next up, turn on the Internet connection.

Tap on Settings then WiFi on Android PhoneTurn Off Wi-Fi on Android Device

Update WhatsApp on your Device

It’s always better to keep apps updated to the latest version. Outdated version of an app seems to be always embroiled in trouble. For instance, it may crash randomly, run too slowly and even drain the battery of your device. Therefore, try updating WhatsApp to the latest version on your iOS device.

On your iPhone: Open App Store and select Updates. Then, locate WhatsApp and hit the Update button.

On your Android device: Launch Play Store and then tap on the menu button at the top right corner. Next, tap on My apps & games and then hit the Update button next to WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp on Android Phone

Once you have updated the app, you should be able to use video calling without any hiccups. But if the issue is still not fixed, move on to the next solution.

Delete and Reinstall WhatsApp from your iPhone or Android Phone

Drastic times call for drastic measures! Many a time, I have resolved stubborn issues just by deleting the app and reinstalling it. Agreed, it sounds crazy and many of you might even laugh at the idea, but it’s worth giving it a fresh start.

But before going for the kill, don’t forget to back up your entire chat history; on your iPhone: open WhatsApp → tap on Settings tab → Chats → Chat Backup.

Take WhatsApp Chat Backup on iPhone

On your Android device: Launch WhatsApp → tap on the menu button at the top right → Settings → Chats → Chat Backup.

Tap on Settings then Chat in WhatsApp on Android Phone

To delete an app on your iPhone, just touch and hold on the app in question and then hit the X button when it starts wiggling. Tap on Delete in the popup to confirm.

Delete WhatsApp from iPhone

On your Android device, Simply touch and hold on the app you want to delete. Tap on Uninstall in the popup and then tap on OK to confirm. 

Delete WhatsApp from Android Device

Update iOS/Android OS on your Mobile Device

No solution as yet? Don’t worry there is still one more way to resolve the problem.

On your iPhone:

Launch Settings app → General → Software Update → download and install the available update.

Update iOS 11.3 on iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus

On your Android device:

Open Settings app → About device → Update → Check for Update → Download and Install the available update.

I’m sure the issue has been fixed after the software update on your device.

Over to You

So, which one of the afore-mentioned tricks rescued you? Were you able to resolve the issue just by taking care of Internet or you had to go for drastic measures? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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5 Essential Tips and Apps for Better iPhone Screenshots

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Screenshots have turned into a preferred form of communication. We use them to share a funny conversation or relevant parts of an article. And we use annotated screenshots to point out the craziness that’s happening on our iPhone’s screen.

You might be used to the circle of iPhone screenshots by now. You take a screenshot, go to an app, share the image, and then forget about it while the image takes up space on your iPhone. There’s a better way. And there’s so much more you can do with your iPhone screenshots.

iPhone Screenshot Basics

If you’re using an iPhone with a physical Home button, just press the Home and Sleep/Wake button together to take a screenshot. If you’re using an iPhone X, press the Side button and Volume Up button together for the same effect.

If you don’t want to use the physical buttons to take a screenshot, you can use the AssistiveTouch feature to take a screenshot using an on-screen button. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch to get started.

1. Quickly Share a Screenshot

iPhone Screenshot Preview

If you’re running iOS 11 on your iPhone, you’ll see a little preview of screenshots in the bottom-left corner. Tapping on it will take you directly to the Markup view. Instead, try tapping and holding on the preview.

This will bring up iOS’s traditional share sheet. From here, you can send the screenshot to any of the apps or services using the extensions you’ve enabled. For instance, you can send it to a conversation in WhatsApp, or add it to a note using the Notes app.

2. Quickly Markup and Share

iPhone Markup Screenshots

When you see that screenshot preview in the bottom-left corner, tap on it. It will instantly take you to iOS’s new Markup feature. Here, you can use various tools to annotate the screenshot (more on that below). You can even start doodling on the screenshot using your finger.

Once you’re done, tap on the Share button to share the screenshot to any extension or a nearby device. When you tap on Done, you’ll get two options: Save to Photos and Delete Screenshot. If you’ve already sent the screenshot along to someone, you can choose the Delete Screenshot option. This will help you declutter your Photos library.


Cropping is the easiest task to do in the Markup feature. When you’re in the editing view, just drag in from the edge of the image, from any corner that you like.


When you’re in the Markup view, tap on the Plus (+) button and then select the square or circle button from the bottom row.

This will bring up a box on the screen. By default, it will be black. Tap on the color box to change the color. You can also change the thickness of the box.


From the Plus (+) menu, tap on the Arrow button. You can change the thickness and the style of the arrow from the menu button below. To resize it, simply drag from either end of the arrow.

Add Text

From the Plus (+) menu, select Text. Then tap on the box and select Edit to edit the text. Touch the Aa button to change the font style, font size, and alignment.

Zoom In

Markup has a pretty cool zoom feature. From the Plus (+) menu, select the Magnifier option. You’ll see a circle show up in the center of the screen that you can drag around as needed. This tool provides two round icons on the edge. Swipe on the blue icon to change the size of the magnifier; the green icon lets you change the zoom level.

3. The Best Third-Party Annotation App: Annotable

iPhone Annotable Annotations

While iOS 11’s Markup feature is super easy to use, it lacks a plethora of useful tools. Annotable fills in the gaps.

Using this third-party app, you can quickly pixelate parts of the image or highlight them. But the app has an even cooler trick up its sleeve. If you’ve got text in the screenshot that you want to highlight, just select the abc tool and swipe on the text. Doing so will magically highlight the words. Similarly, you can retract only text from the images using the Retract tool.

However, the app’s UI isn’t the best in the world. When you tap the tools icon in the bottom-right corner, you’ll be greeted with a potentially overwhelming five lines of tools (this depends on which tools you’ve paid for).

Download: Annotable (Freemium)

4. Stitch Screenshots

iPhone Stitch Screenshots Tailor

Using Tailor, you can stitch multiple iPhone screenshots together to create one long screenshot. This is especially helpful when you want to take a screenshot of an IM conversation, a website, or a task list. Instead of sharing multiple small screenshots, you can just share one long, all-encompassing image.

Tailor app is smart enough to recognize bottom navigation bars and it removes them automatically. Just take multiple screenshots, making sure that there’s a little overlap with each, and open Tailor. The app will automatically scan your screenshots, find the related screenshots, and stitch them for you. All you have to do is tap on the Share button.

Download: Tailor (Free)

5. Create Your Own Screenshot Workflows

iPhone Combine Screenshots Workflow

The Workflow app (which was recently acquired by Apple and is now free to use) is a great way to create your own iPhone screenshot workflows. Workflows lets you stitch together a series of actions.

So you can, for example, create a workflow that takes multiple images, stitches them together side-by-side with a gutter of 10 pixels, converts the image to JPG or resizes it to a particular resolution, then shows you the end result. And once it’s set up, the whole process takes only a few seconds.

Let’s create a simple workflow for stitching two images side-by-side:

  1. After opening the Workflow app, tap on the Plus (+) icon and swipe right to reveal a list of all available actions.
  2. Drag in the Select Photos action (turn on the Select Multiple option).
  3. Then add the Combine Images action. Here, stick with the Side-by-Side and Horizontal options. If you want, you can add a 10px spacing between the images.
  4. Lastly, add the Save to Photo Album action so that the generated photo is automatically saved to your Camera Roll.

Now, tap on the Play button at the top to start the workflow. You’ll be asked to select multiple photos, then the app will stitch them and save them to your photo library. You’ll see a preview of the final image at the bottom. Tap on the Gear icon to give the workflow a name, and you can even add it to the Home screen for quick access.

Download: Workflow (Free)

This was just a simple example. There’s a lot more that Workflow can do. We recommend spending some time exploring the iPhone Screenshot Preview library. By the way, you don’t need to write your own workflows for doing simple actions! You’ll find entire libraries of workflows that you can easily import into the app.

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Really Useful IPad Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

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The advancements in technology that have occurred over the past several decaades are quite amazing. Technology is getting stronger, but also arriving in smaller packages every year. These tips can help you get the most from your iPad.

Before you purchase an iPad, you should take the time to make a list of the features you need and decide what kind of storage size you want. There are different models of iPads available and there is no point in spending money on features you are never going to use.

If you are new to using an iPad you may initially think it cannot do much. Don’t be fooled, you simply need to start looking through apps. The real capabilities of an iPad come from the additional applications that you are able to download and use directly from your device.

If you want to organize your apps, create some folders. You can create a folder by tapping one of your apps and holding until all the apps are moving. Drag this app over a second app you want to place in the same folder and a folder containing both apps will appear. Drag other apps to the folder.

Some newer iPads have a mute button instead of a lock orientation one. If you prefer the lock orientation feature, you should go into your settings and tap on the general section. You will be able to choose which function you want to associate with this button. Save your changes when you are done.

Make the most of the “delete all” function that is incorporated within the iPad. For security reasons you can program the tablet to delete all your sensitive data if your password is entered incorrectly 10 times. This is a perfect feature if your tablet has been lost or stolen and you keep extremely confidential details on it.

Take Apple’s iTours to get yourself familiar with your new iPad. It is fun to have all these exciting new apps, but sometimes you could use a little help figuring out how to use them. Apple has an online video tour for every app that comes preinstalled on your device, so be sure to take a look at them.

Using AirPrint, you can print straight from your iPad, as long as you have a compatible printer. AirPrint works with most newer HP printers. If you have a Mac, you can use the Printopia app to print to any Mac printer. To use AirPrint, simply go to the share menu and choose print–that’s it!

Did you know you could print the documents you have on your iPad? You need to purchase an AirPrint ready printer. While you are near the printer, access your share menu and select printer. If you have a Mac computer, you can download an app called Printopia to send your printing jobs to a printer connected to your Mac.

If your iPad turn by turn directions are too soft or loud, change them in settings. Some people may need a little extra volume for these directions, while others like them softer. No matter your need, you can make adjustments right in your iPad settings. You can even turn off the voice if you don’t want it.

Talk to your friends about what applications they use. You may not know that a certain app exists, but your friends might and that app might end up being your favorite. Every now and then, check out what your friends are using, and it might give you some ideas for yourself.

When using your iPad to input a large volume of text, use this time-saving tip. When you get to the end of a sentence, do not type a period. Instead, you can tap the space bar twice in rapid succession. This will automatically insert a period followed by a single space for you to begin your next sentence.

When checking out any new applications, don’t overlook free options. Many times they are just as good as the paid version, although they may include advertisements. This is also a great way to have a type of trial before purchasing the full version that doesn’t have any obtrusive ads on it.

You do not have to save documents to your iPad to share them. Access them via the Internet and open your share menu. You will then have access to a list of all the documents you opened. Tap on the document you want to share. If you want to share an entire page, you will be able to send it as a Word document or as a PDF.

Find out about other Apple products. You may be able to use your iPad in tandem with other devices in the Apple family, making your use of all of them much easier. You can look at the Apple site, or you can just search on the internet for ways that you may be able to use other Apple devices.

If you have some recently purchased apps from the app store you want to hide, it’s quite easy! Open up the App Store and click on the ‘purchased’ tab on the bottom of your screen. It should give you a list of apps and choose the one you wish to hide. Swipe over the app or right over it, and it should now grey out over the ‘installed’ button. A red button will pop up and you will now have the option to hide the app.

Take advantage of free apps for your iPad. Although there are a number of sites that offer apps at reasonable prices, there are also those that give them to you for free. Be sure to check the reputability of the site you download from and read the fine print. You should have no problem getting nearly everything you need at no cost.

Computers no longer fill a room, now they can be held in your hands. When you choose the iPad, you also need to choose to keep learning about what it offers. If you need to learn how to get started using your iPad keep reading this article.

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‘Sword Art Online: Integral Factor’ Tips, Cheats and Hacks

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Imagine getting trapped inside a video game and the only way to get out is to beat it. Yeah, that would be pretty bad news considering all the stats that indicate people don’t generally finish the games they buy. But that conceit made the Sword Art Online light novel and anime series awfully popular, and it’s front and center in the latest mobile game based on that franchise, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor [Free].

SAO has had games built around it before, but Bandai Namco has taken an interesting and logical approach with this one. Instead of playing as Kirito, Asuna or other well-known characters, you take on the role of one of the many anonymous players trapped inside the game within the game. Integral Factor then retells the story many fans known from a different point of view, and since it is also an MMORPG in its own right, it’s as close to putting yourself inside Sword Art Online as it’s possible to get.

Well, until someone invents the NerveGear, that is.

Inside the game, you have access to NPCs and even cross paths with Kirito and the others, but who’s going to be your guide to the game? That would be us. Read on through the rest of our Sword Art Online: Integral Factor tips and you just might make it to floor 100 yourself someday.


Getting Around Aincrad: Controls and Other Basics

Integral Factor is played from a third-person perspective and the basic controls are pretty simple. In the bottom-left corner of the screen is a virtual thumbstick to move your character. Anywhere else on the screen, you can hold and drag to look around, as well as pinch to zoom in and out.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Buttons in the bottom-right corner of the screen are for combat, which we’ll get to in its own section. The upper-right corner features a mimi-map, which marks both your location and the direction you are currently facing. The next location you need to reach to proceed on your current quest, if any, is marked by a crosshairs, and tapping on the mini-map expands it to a full-sized overlay.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

The upper-left corner of the screen has a hamburger icon which will produce a menu (and make your character look as if he or she is accessing the in-game menu in true meta fashion). From there you’ll find tabs to check your character status, equip items, view quest info, find your friends or party members and access the shop.

The bar at the bottom of the screen is for in-game communication. Along with emotes and stamps, you’ll also find a chat bar with three option: ‘Say’ is public chat to anyone around, ‘Party’ chats with anyone you are currently grouped with, and ‘Tell’ is like a whisper in other MMOs that sends a message to a particular player.


Fight for Your Right to Party: An Intro to Combat

The combat system in Integral Factor is easy to learn but has surprising depth to it. The largest of the buttons in the bottom-right corner is for basic attacks. Simply walk up to an enemy — you’ll know them from the red crystals over their heads — and tap it to start attacking. You can also hold down the button to continuously attack.

Four buttons around the main attack button are for sword skills. You start the game with a single skill but can have up to four of them slotted at a time per weapon you have equipped. These skills do more damage than a normal attack, generally effect an area indicated by a darkened area on the screen and can also have other effects on enemies. Just tap the desired skill button to activate it; you’ll have to wait for its cooldown to complete before using it again.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Above the skills is a button marked ‘Switch’ that can unleash an especially powerful skill. That button also doubles as a meter that fills up with a light blue color as you damage enemies. When it’s available, the Switch button will flash, and once used, the meter needs to be refilled for its next use.

Here’s where things really get fun. The button with the orange weapon icons next to the Switch allows you to swap between two weapons you have equipped. This is useful because some enemies are vulnerable to different types of weapons — for instance, stabbing instead of slashing — but also because swapping on the fly will allow you to use skills from the other weapon while the skills on the previous one are still cooling down. While you won’t need to use this strategy against the enemies you encounter early on, it’s a cool and useful tactic for bosses and stronger foes you fight later on.

Last but not least, the button that looks like a faceless Barry Allen in action at the very bottom makes your character dash. However, when engaged in combat, that dash is actually a backstep that can instantly help you avoid incoming attacks.


Partners Are People Too

As you progress through the game’s story, you will meet and befriend a character who becomes your partner on all your adventures. Her default name is Koharu, though you can rename her as you like. Along with serving a narrative purpose, your partner aids you in combat, attacking whoever you are targeting and joining in when you use the Switch ability.

While you don’t have to worry about controlling or issuing commands to your partner, you do want to remember to equip them with a weapon (or weapon and shield), armor and skills of their own. You can find their stats and equipment by going to ‘Partner’ under the main menu.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

One last note about partners: When you are in a party with other players, your partners won’t be available since you have other people to watch your back. Where do they go during their downtime? That’s an excellent question.


Order Up: How to Get More Sword Skills

Integral Factor doesn’t make you chase characters to collect, so it needs another gacha-style element. This is a free-to-play game, after all, and Bandai Namco needs to make money from it somehow. In this case, it’s through Orders, which you can find in the ‘Shop’ tab of the menu.

Orders allow you to purchase Skill Records that teach and allow you to equip new sword skills. They are based on different characters from the Sword Art Online and come in different rarities. Some Skill Records also are specific to a certain class of weapon, of which there are six: sword, rapier, shield, club, axe and spear.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

To purchase Orders, you’ll need the game’s premium currency, which is called Arcana Gems. You’ll obtain these in a variety of ways, including as login rewards, for completing achievements and for finishing certain quests. You’ll also receive Skill Records as rewards from time to time too.

Not to be confused with sword skills, you can also obtain and equip up to four abilities, the slots for which you will find in your character’s armor tab. Abilities offer passive stat boosts, damage buffs and the like, including bonuses against certain kinds of enemies.


How to Improve Everything

Improving your character’s base stats is pretty simple, as things like HP and attack value go up every time you level up. Just keep fighting enemies and completing quests and this simplest form of progression will take care of itself.

Everything else you have, including your weapons, sword skills and abilities, can be improved using materials found on your adventures and the common currency of the game, called col. To enhance your equipment or skills/abilities, you’ll want to visit an NPC Blacksmith in any town. Pretty simple menu options will show you what stuff you have that can be enhanced and any materials you have that can be used to that end.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Selecting the materials and item to be enhanced will then show you the exact effect of the enhancement and the cost in col. Then one tap and your stuff is instantly better.

If you have an item that is at its max level, you can also perform a process called transforming to bump it up to the next rarity tier, making it even more powerful still — unless it’s maxed out there as well, Skills and abilities will have empty stars if they can be transformed beyond the tier they are currently at. The process is much the same an enhancement but requires different materials and a lot more col.


Party Up

Though we’ll grant you that Kirito preferred solo play when he first stepped into Sword Art Online, it’s not much fun to play alone all the time in an MMO. Integral Factor makes it easy to form parties and tackle quests with other players.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

From the main menu, simply tap the fourth icon down, which looks like two people, to open the Party menu. There you’ll be able to use ‘Party Search’ to find parties looking for members, or use ‘Party Recruit’ to start your own party. When doing the latter, you have the ability to set the level range for prospective party members, the size of the party (up to six players) and set a password if desired so that not just any rando can join.

Assuming you’ve stayed with us this far, you now have a base of knowledge much better than most of the poor souls in the Sword Art Online series when they first learned they were stuck there. Good luck in reaching the 100th floor and defeating that final boss.


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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor guide – Beginner’s tips that are integral to success

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a new free-to-play multiplayer role-playing game that can be overwhelming. It combines a lot of systems from different kinds of games and lumps them in with the fourth-wall breaking world of Sword Art Online. Lukcy for you, we’ve banged our heads against Integral Factor’s systems and discovered a pretty good road map for getting you started. See below:

Re-rolling 101

[Read more]
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iPhone Overheating Too Often: 5 Tips to Prevent the Batttery from Burning on Both Ends

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

iPhone Overheating Issue

Ever reached down for your iPhone and thought you were touching a hot pan instead? Maybe it doesn’t get that hot, but if you have started to notice that your iPhone is getting hotter than normal—way too often, you shouldn’t wait any longer for the problem to go away on its own!

The frequent overheating of your iPhone might prove to be devastating not just for your device but also your life. Whenever the battery is burnt on both ends, it goes out of the boil and also takes the device all along. Besides, the issue also occurs when the battery gets too old to deliver the desired juice—demanded by your smartphone to run in in the top gear. There are quite a few other culprits that also play their part in causing this mess. We have looked into several aspects and discussed five significant ways that can go a long way in preventing iPhone from getting hot.

iPhone Overheating Issue

How to Prevent iPhone From Overheating

Don’t Let Your Apps Keep Running in the Background

One of the most common causes of an iPhone overheating is “Overkill.” This is because the processor is being pushed to the max and your CPU is near 100%. To stop using so much CPU, try closing apps when they are not in use.

You can do this easily by double pressing the home button. This will bring up all of the apps that are currently running. You can close each app by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen. To kill the running apps on your iPhone X, swipe from the gesture bar and hold. Then, touch and hold the app card you wish to force close. Now, a red button will show up, tap on it to quit the app.

Restart Your Phone

If you have ever had problems with your phone, computer, TV, or even your washing machine, one of the first things an IT professional will ask is, “Have you turned it off and turned it back on?.” This sounds crazy, but sometimes, your phone just needs to be restarted.

Your iPhone is like your mind; sometimes it just needs to rest and reset. When you restart an iPhone, all the back-end processes get restarted as well. This is like restarting your computer.

The easy way to do this is to turn your phone off for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is known to be one of the main culprits behind this problem! It can hugely increase your phone’s temperature and cause it to overheat.

When you are in the car, put your phone in your pocket or in the center console when not in use to keep it out of direct sunlight. When you charge it, keep it away from windows where the sun might shine in.

According to Apple, iPhones work at their best in temperature between 32° and 95° Fahrenheit, that’s 0° and 35° Celsius.

Don’t Charge it While in Use

Don’t charge your iPhone while you are using it. If you are watching a movie or playing a game, your phone is going to use more electricity. So it is going to draw in more electricity while it is being charged and this will produce more heat which makes your phone get hotter than usual.

Bad Battery

If nothing else is working, you might need a new battery. Especially if you notice your phone is taking longer to charge and the battery dies quicker. There are battery tests that can be run with the right technology to test the battery, and replacement batteries can be purchased online.

It is a good idea to visit your local Apple store.

If your iPhone (iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X) is in warranty or with AppleCare+, Apple will replace the battery for free.

Apple now replaces the battery of an out-of-warranty iPhone for just $ 29. Keep in mind that you will be able to avail this offer if you have an iPhone 6 or later; starting in late January and available worldwide through December 2018.

You can also visit iFixit (a well-known iPhone repair site) to get iPhone battery replacement kit starting at just $ 20.

No Longer Let Your iPhone Battery Go Over The Top!

I’m sure you would be able to ideally manage the battery of your iPhone with the help of the hacks above. They have worked for me for several years, and I see no reason why they can’t click for you either. And just in case you have found the battery too weak to go on, now is the best time to get a replacement at the lowest price.

What’s more, you can also take the utmost advantage of the built-in battery health feature that’s just arrived in the latest version of iOS to manage the power of your device smartly. Besides, there are many other tricks through which you can keep tight screw on the battery!

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‘Immortal Warriors’ Cheats and Tips Guide – How to Win Without Spending Anything

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Immortal Warriors [Free] is the latest RPG/city building hybrid keen to hold your attention through a never ending supply of quests and tasks. It might be keen for you to buy your way to victory, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy Immortal Warriors without the need for spending any dollars. We take a look at how to play the game most effectively.

Busywork and more busywork

Like Game of War – Fire Age and so many more, Immortal Warriors is squarely focused on keeping you busy with tasks. Starting out, you won’t really have to think that deeply about what you’re doing. See the task reminder near the bottom of the screen? Tap it and follow whatever it says. It’s mostly aimed at helping you establish a solid base before your ‘newbie’ shield drops which makes you vulnerable to enemy attack.

While you’re completing said tasks, keep an eye on what’s going on. The concepts here are fairly self explanatory but there’s still a lot to take in.

Places like sawmills and farms all contribute to the resources you gather at regular intervals. You need those to actually be able to build new units or upgrade existing structures.

The Embassy provides reinforcements during attack, while the Resource Center protects a certain amount of your resources whenever you’re under attack.

The Military Center is there for you to train new units to send out to attack enemy bases. Early on though, this isn’t a priority as you need to be pretty strong to stand a chance.

Essentially, everything has a key role so you don’t want to upgrade things in an unbalanced way. The constant supply of tasks tends to keep you on the straight and narrow here. Don’t be tempted to over-upgrade your Military Center, even though it might seem like it’d make sense. You’re better off working on the less interesting seeming stuff like the Resource Center. Balance is key.

You’ll soon notice that everything takes time to upgrade. This time seems fairly speedy at first then soon slows down massively. Prepare for this. See, you’re given various speed up bonuses as you progress. You can use them whenever you want but they’re less frequently available the more you play.

Hold onto them unless you really need them. Think about how you’re playing. Are you really going to be playing a long session? Odds are you’re going to dive in for 5 minutes, get stuff done, then come back later. Don’t waste your speed ups if you’re just going to quit out soon afterwards. Be patient.

Any timer that takes less than 5 minutes can be sped up for free. That also applies to anything that you’ve previously reduced to fewer than 5 minutes or has naturally gone under that limit. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Use some speed-up bonuses to get the timer to just under 5 minutes but never any more so. It’s a waste otherwise.

Tweaking things to your style

The Academy is the key place for adapting your base to how you want it to be. Once it unlocks, it enables you to pursue different research fields. These are typically divided up between offensive advantages (such as a boost to your unit strength), science based (developmental upgrades), and logistical improvements which are a mixture of everything.

Immortal Warriors is fairly linear at times so the Academy is a good place to try to deviate from the set path. You can gradually develop things into how you want them to be this way.

Quests, Achievements and Gifts

Check in to the Quest section of Immortal Warriors often. You don’t automatically receive all rewards. The main quest line is a simple matter of hitting the text on the main screen, but other stuff stays hidden away. Check in often to see what you can claim. The same goes for achievements with a green numbered circle highlighting how many are ready to claim. Simply completing standard objectives like boosting your food output can unlock some useful freebies.

Those freebies are typically things like a bunch of one type of resource. Don’t automatically unlock them. Keep them to the side. Only so much of your resources are protected via the Resource Center so it’s good to keep things fairly slim in case of attack. At any time when upgrading a building, if you haven’t got sufficient resources available to you to do so, you’re only a tap or two away from unlocking the aforementioned free stuff so it’s no big deal.

Free gifts are available every few minutes from the main screen. Hit the button whenever it pops up. You’re assigned a random bonus such as a speed-up power-up or additional resources. These add up fairly fast and it’s not like you have to do much to get them.

Join an alliance as soon as you can. They’re a great way of becoming stronger. They’ll also help you unlock some extra quests and achievements. There’s no downside to speak of.

Know your currencies

Immortal Warriors has many different forms of currencies and resources. The standard ones are wood, food, and gold. The premium currency is in the form of green gems. These do a ton of different things like speeding up upgrades, buying resources or unlocking chest packages that contain a plethora of bonuses.

You can also invest your gems in a scheme that gives you the chance to earn more. You’re going to have to accrue a ton of these to get anywhere. So, guess what you need to do? Yup, never use your gems. Stockpile them like crazy and appreciate that they’re hard to come by, especially early on.

Another set of resources comes via the Arena. Unlocked at level 7, the Arena allows you to fight it out in PvP battles with other players. It’s especially tough early on, but a might stat shows your chances so you know what to pursue.

Win in an Arena battle and you earn Arena coins. These can be redeemed for many other resources like gold, stone to make new weapons, or speed-up bonuses.

Winning also boosts your rank which can lead to gem rewards. It’s worth pursuing once your force is strong enough to stand a chance.

Follow the story

Unusually, Immortal Warriors has a loose storyline to pursue. Via numerous battles, you can progress in this and unlock new content. Known as the Demon’s portal, battles don’t take long and typically unlock speed-up bonuses that you can then use to progress your base faster.

There are often rewards via the quest system that dishes out more resources, simply for doing your job.

Don’t worry about being under strength. The game will warn you if that’s the case, and makes suggestions of what you can do to improve your chances. Take heed. It’s rarely wrong.

Fighting regularly also helps your heroes develop their skills. These are the commanders of your regular units, and each offers a useful skill or two for boosting your chances. They level up quite fast early on so check in on their skills board regularly and keep them updated.

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