RBI orders banks to stop services to those dealing in crypto currencies

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At its first Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Press Conference for the financial year  2018-2019, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to stop having business relationship with the entities dealing with virtual currencies with immediate effect. Regulated entities which already provide such services are also ordered to end relationship within a period of three months. Some of the banks have already banned buying cryptocurrencies using credit and debit cards. RBI said that Virtual Currencies (VCs) raise concerns of consumer protection, market integrity and money laundering, among others.  At the Union Budget 2018 in February, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley  said that the  Government will take all measures to eliminate the use of crypto-assets in financing illegitimate activities. However, RBI said that it will promote the use of blockchain – a public ledger that serves as the backbone of bitcoin – in financial services for strengthening transparency and improving inclusion. This will be big blow to the those dealing with virtual currencies in India since banks will not allow users to buy cryptocurrency via banks or e-wallets etc. soon. RBI also said that it is mulling introducing a fiat digital currency. ” While many central banks are still engaged in the debate, an inter-departmental group has been constituted by the Reserve Bank …
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Apple proposes 13 emojis representing those with disabilities

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Apple has proposed a set of new emojis representing those with vision, hearing and motor disabilities, BuzzFeed News reports. Included are emojis of guide and service dogs, people with canes, individuals signing the word "deaf," an ear with a hearing…
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Head of YouTube Music says a subscription service is coming (because Google doesn’t have enough of those)

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For many people, YouTube is their primary source for music. The release of YouTube Red a few years back made the listening experience better by ditching the ads. It also includes some non-music video content. Then there’s Play Music, which includes Red. Now, Google’s Lyor Cohen says in a talk at SXSW that his team is preparing a YouTube Music streaming service. Okay…

Google seemed to confirm last year that Play Music and YouTube Red would merge, but there hasn’t been a peep on that front recently.

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Head of YouTube Music says a subscription service is coming (because Google doesn’t have enough of those) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Here’s some awesome games to spend those Oculus apology credits on

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Thousands of $ 400 VR headsets were temporarily rendered useless earlier this week because, presumably, someone at Oculus forgot to update some paperwork. Worse, they remained inoperable for most of the day. Just as we were ready to unload a torrent of vitriol at the Facebook-owned company for it’s ineptitude, something magical happened: it did right by its customers. Yesterday’s issue was our mistake. Details on the fix are here: https://t.co/W7kXFzzrvQ Everyone affected will get $ 15 store credit. We’re sorry for yesterday and want to help make this right. Thanks again for your patience. — Oculus Rift (@OculusRift) March 8, 2018 Store…

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Grabr gets $8M to connect travelers with luggage space with those longing for products abroad

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 You might get to actually save money while you’re traveling if you just leave some free space in your bag — or not pay for that travel at all — if Daria Rebenok’s plan plays out. As avid travelers, and ones longing for products from home they can’t get abroad, she and Artem Fedyaev decided to start Grabr to work on exactly this problem. While you might not be… Read More
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Best iPhone X Sleeves: Designed for Those Who Admire Simplicity

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Best iPhone X Sleeves

Many folks like using sleeves to carry their iPhones comfortably. Though leather pouches may not ooze elegance or turn heads, they have both the class and the ability to be a reliable companion of the smartphone. If you have the rich taste or penchant for aesthetic design, you may find these best iPhone X sleeves really admirable.

Apart from offering the desired convenience while letting you carry your iPhone, these pouches offer an all-around safeguard from accidental bumps. Moreover, some of them also feature slots for cards to help you ideally meet all ends!

Best iPhone X Sleeves

Best iPhone X Sleeves

Note: The price of Amazon products is subject to change as it completely depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, the price of the accessories mentioned in this post might not match the actual one.

#1. fitBAG

fitBAG iPhone X Sleeve Pouch

fitBAG wears a classic look thanks to the top-grade lamb-skin leather. The soft leather texture further enriches its profile while also providing an enhanced grip. Smooth microfiber lining ensures the screen of your smartphone has additional protection from scratch. You can conveniently slide your iPhone inside the pouch and also take it out without any fuss.

There are more than 15 vibrant color variants to let you choose a perfect fit for your iPhone. Besides, fitBAG is supported by a two-year limited warranty.

USP: Top-grade lamb-skin leather
Price: $ 23.90 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#2. toovren

toovren iPhone X Leather Sleeve

If you are fascinated by aesthetic design, toovren can be an ideal foil for your taste. The genuine cowhide leather has given it the longevity to be a long-lasting pair for your iPhone.
Microfiber lining works as an additional shield for your iPhone. With your device inside the pouch, it remains safeguarded against drops and scrape.

As it supports wireless charging, you won’t have to remove the case to turbocharge your device. Moreover, you have multiple colors to choose from.

USP: Genuine cowhide leather
Price: $ 23.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Dockem Luxe

Dockem Luxe iPhone X Sleeve

I like Dockem Luxe’s low-profile design. It’s carved out of high-grade synthetic leather and features a slim look. You can keep a couple of cards inside the built-in slots.

The sleeve fits snuggly on the smartphone. Despite having a thin design, it’s good enough to keep scratch away. Open top design lets you comfortably remove your phone from the pouch.

USP: Card slots
Price: $ 14.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon


Mujjo iPhone X Sleeve

What steals the show for MUJJO is the modern design. The sleeve is crafted with the finest vegetable tanned leather and features a pretty sleek look. Smooth exterior fits all the contours of your palm, thereby preventing your device from slipping out of your hands. Soft interior enables the pouch to defend your smartphone against scratch.

It lets you store 2-3 cards inside the slots. Lastly, MUJJO comes in two colors: black and tan backed by two-year warranty.

USP: Vegetable tanned leather
Price: $ 39.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#5. Dockem

Dockem iPhone X Sleeve

This is yet another pouch from Dockem. Made of synthetic leather, it features a simple design. The rugged exterior can withstand minor drops, whereas the soft interior allows it to absorb shock.

You can comfortably slide your iPhone in or out of the pouch. Beyond convenience, this sleeve is available in only two colors: dark brown and vintage brown.

USP: Soft interior lining
Price: $ 12.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Bomea

Bomea iPhone X Sleeve Pouch

Bomea is designed to be a handy asset for travelers. The pouch snuggly fits your iPhone with a case on. It is made of PU leather and sports a rugged appearance.

Due mainly to the durable construction, it’s able to endure the impact of bumps and thwart scrape. It features two additional belt loops for extra security. Magnetic closure allows you to perfectly close the sleeve.

USP: Two additional belt loops
Price: $ 9.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

So, what’re your thoughts about these pouches? Feel free to share your feedback and the qualities you like to see in a top-rated sleeve.

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Microsoft’s latest iOS accessibility app gives directions via 3D audio to those with vision impairments, recommends AirPods [Video]

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Microsoft is out today with a new app for those with vision impairments. Soundscape for iOS has been in development for about four years and is now available for free. Read on for how this technology works.



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Snap is giving some small startups — including those from Y Combinator — free ads on Snapchat

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel

Snap wants more advertisers to help bump up its ad prices.

Snap is giving away more free ads.

Snap, which earlier this month announced a new program intended to woo away advertisers from rival sites like Instagram with free ad credits, is offering similar ad packages to startups associated with numerous Silicon Valley startup accelerator programs, including Y Combinator.

Other accelerator programs Snap is targeting: General Catalyst’s Rough Draft Ventures, First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund, Berkeley-based The House and SF-based Runway.

As part of the arrangement, companies that have either graduated from these programs or are currently completing them will receive hundred of dollars in free Snap ads, as well as early access to new ad products and some of the company’s creative tools for actually making those ads.

The hope for Snap is to build early relationships with some of the tech industry’s up-and-comers, but also increase the number of advertisers bidding on the company’s existing ad inventory.

Snap sells almost all of its vertical video ads through automated software programs that auction off ad spots to the highest bidder. Snap’s issue has been that many of its auctions don’t have much competition: There aren’t enough advertisers bidding for the ads, which means Snap advertisers are getting better prices, but Snap itself is missing out on potential revenue. Snap ad prices were down 70 percent year over year in the last quarter of 2017, CFO Drew Vollero said on Snap’s last earnings call.

This free ad credit program — and the one targeted at current Instagram advertisers — is meant to bring in more bidders and thus create higher prices.

It’s hard to imagine the new program will have a major impact on Snap’s revenue, at least right away. Accelerator companies are almost always incredibly small, and advertising is not usually a top priority. (Though with free ad credits, perhaps it could be.)

Instead, it’s a good way for Snap to develop early relationships with potential advertisers down the line. It’s the same reason other big tech companies like Google and Microsoft have offered free technology services to Y Combinator startups.

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Tumblr, Sonos among those backing another net neutrality day of action

A number of organizations and websites are planning an online day of action meant to garner more support for a Senate vote that would reverse the FCC's removal of net neutrality protections. The Senate is currently one vote away from overturning the…
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