Google improves Search to make it easier to find showtimes and theaters

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Google has announced today that it’s rolling out changes to Search which will make it easier for users to find and buy tickets to a movie they want to see. Now, when searching for a good movie to go watch with some friends, users will be able to quickly filter and compare a whole bunch of factors, including ratings, showtimes, theater locations, and more.

In addition to being able to find nearby theaters based on where a where a specific movie is playing, users can also pick a favorite place and search only for movies that are showing at that particular theater.

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MoviePass now costs just $6.95/month to see one movie per day in theaters

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After processing fees, you’re looking at $ 89.95 for a year of movies.

MoviePass came under some heat earlier this month when it was discovered to be tracking its users’ location more closely than originally believed, and likely in an attempt to gloss over the bad press, the company’s lowering its subscription fee for new members.

For a limited time, you can sign up for MoviePass for just $ 6.95/month instead of the regular $ 9.95. MoviePass says this is “limited time” offer, and it’s only available for new subscribers.

MoviePass bills memberships annually, meaning you’ll pay $ 89.95 all at once upon signing up (that includes a one-time $ 6.55 processing fee). A MoviePass membership lets you see one 2D movie every day for the entirety of your subscription, meaning you could theoretically pay $ 89.95 and see one movie in theaters every single day.

Even if you’re not at the theaters at every waking hour, this is still a pretty sweet deal considering most movie tickets cost around $ 10 – $ 15 these days.

If you’re interested in signing up for MoviePass, click/tap the button below.

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Hollywood producer Jason Blum thinks movie studios and theaters have already lost the battle to Netflix

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The filmmaker says it’s “preposterous” that some studios insist on their movies being seen in theaters.

Filmmaker Jason Blum thinks that the battle between studios, theaters, and streaming services like Netflix over how movies are released is basically over — and his industry lost.

The movie industry has long been debating when films should be offered outside of theaters. Simultaneously? After weeks? After months? Well, Blum said Saturday that during that negotiation, companies like Netflix and Amazon won by creating their own content that effectively allowed them to usurp the studios.

“We in the movie business kind of missed the boat,” Blum told Recode’s Peter Kafka at SXSW in Austin, Texas. “While we couldn’t figure out an agreement to let people do what they wanted to do, Netflix said ‘You guys keep fighting. We’re going to give the consumer what they want, and we’re going to give them movies at home’’.”

Blum, who is obviously a fan of the communal experience that comes from watching a film with others in a theater, said it’s a “shame” that happened. But there’s no turning back: “The horse is gone.”

Known for his low-budget horror films like “Get Out” and “Paranormal Activity,” Blum had a lot to say about what he saw as his industry’s strategic mistakes. While there had been some recent momentum toward a grand deal that would allow providers like Netflix to show films sooner than when they were shown in theaters, Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox is seen as a major setback given Disney’s affinity for the in-theater, blockbuster experience.

The cultural impact of studios losing the fight? Blum said he worried that the entire movie industry would not stay relevant if it kept demanding that a younger generation of content-viewers only view content the way that Hollywood demanded.

“I really disagree with filmmakers telling the audience they have to see a movie in a movie theater. What that did, in my opinion, is make television series much more culturally relevant than movies,” he said. “The notion in 2018 or ‘19 of telling the consumer — of telling an 18-year-old — where he should see what you made is preposterous.”

You can watch Blum’s full interview from SXSW below.

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MoviePass says app tracks user location after they leave theaters, CEO says

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The CEO of MoviePass, a popular iOS app and subscription service that lets customers watch a movie a day, caused a bit of a stir in announcing the software tracks user locations via GPS after trips to the theater.
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Get Out is playing at AMC theaters for free this Presidents’ Day

Jordan Peele’s Get Out is heading into this year’s Academy Awards with four nominations, including Best Picture, and audiences will be able to see the film again for free at AMC theaters this Presidents’ Day. Peele made the announcement today via Twitter, with a creepy video clip promoting the event as a celebration of the film’s one-year anniversary. (Get Out was released last year on February 24th; the free screenings will be happening next Monday, February 19th at 7:00PM local time.)

Almost immediately upon its release, Get Out was hailed as a modern classic, with Peele deftly using the framework of a traditional horror movie to explore racial tensions while also cleverly wringing humor out of some of the same terrifying situations….

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MoviePass pulls support from popular AMC theaters

MoviePass and the AMC Theatres chain have never exactly enjoyed a rosy relationship, and the latest step in their conflict came today, as MoviePass pulled support from some of the chain’s most high-profile locations. Deadline reports that the service is no longer supporting ticket purchases at theaters like the AMC Empire 25 in New York, Universal City Walk near Los Angeles, and the AMC Loews Boston Common.

“As of today, you’ll find a small handful of theaters are no longer available on our platform,” MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said in a statement. “Our number one goal as a company is to provide an accessible price-point for people to enjoy films the way they’re meant to be seen: on the big screen. Many exhibitors have been receptive to…

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MoviePass abruptly cuts off access to several AMC theaters

The $ 9.95 MoviePass subscription has been incredibly popular and soon the company will invest in films itself, but because the company pays full price for each ticket, it's subsidizing each customer's theater visit. AMC execs called the plan "unsusta…
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Blockbusters will continue to live in theaters as VoD talks stall

If you hate going to the movie theater and were eager to see new movie releases at home (for a hefty price tag), we've got some bad news for you. AMC Theaters was previously in talks for a possible premium video on demand (PVoD) window as early as th…
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Live-action ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie hits theaters in May 2019

You still have a long wait ahead before you can finally watch Pikachu solve crimes while sounding just like Deadpool. According to Deadline, Universal Pictures plans to start showing the live-action Detective Pikachu film outside of Japan on May 10th…
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James Cameron-led ‘Terminator’ sequel will hit theaters July 2019

1984 marked the year that James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton became superstars with The Terminator. Thirty-three years later, all three of them are back for more in a sequel that Cameron has said will take place directly afterTer…
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