Each of these iPhone upgrades costs less than $25 [Deals]

When you buy an iPhone, you’re just getting started. For become useful in your day-to-day life, you’ll want some extras. So if you’re going to listen to music, that means headphones. If you’re driving a lot, you’ve got to have a car mount. All those accessories can add up, which is why we’ve rounded up […]

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Smartphones vs. Desktops: Why Is My Phone Slower Than My PC?


The smartphone in your pocket is powerful. It is more powerful than a large amount of now-defunct supercomputers, and some modern ones, too. Another readily available fact is that “your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969 when it placed two astronauts on the moon.” But modern smartphone microprocessors still lag behind the powerful processing available in your laptop or desktop. But isn’t it the same technology? Let’s take a look. Mobile vs. Desktop The numbers are similar, the names are too. Mobile microprocessors use much of the same terminology as their desktop counterparts,…

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Xiaomi Mi TV 4 sold out in less than 10 seconds in first sale in India, next sale on February 27

Xiaomi launched the the Mi TV 4 for the first time in India last week at a price of Rs. 39,999 . It went on sale in the country today at 2PM. Xiaomi has announced that the TV got huge response from the customers, which was sold out in less than 10 seconds on Flipkart and Mi.com. However the company did not share the number of TVs sold during the sale, unlike it did for the Redmi Note 5 smartphones. Some users said that it sold out before they could see the buy button. [HTML1] The company has launched only the 55-inch 4K Mi TV 4 model in the country and it plans to bring more models based on the response.  The Mi TV 4 has a 4.9mm slim frameless design and comes with Patch Wall, a UI layer on top of the Android OS that’s based on deep learning AI technology that can curate content based on recommendations. It brings all the content from the STB and seamlessly integrates right on your homepage. For content, Xiaomi has partnered with Hotstar, SunNxt, Voot, Sony LIV, Hungama and more. The company says that it  comes with 500K+ hrs of content, and almost 80% of all content …
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Google says more than 40 carriers and device manufacturers now use its platform for RCS, the next generation of SMS

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 Rich Communication Services (RCS) is basically the standard for the next generation of text messaging, with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and others now offering features that go far beyond the standard SMS-based messaging apps that tend to ship with your phone — unless, of course, you are an Apple and iMessage user. Read More
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Amazon is now worth more than 2.5 Walmarts

It was worth just two Walmarts last month.

Amazon, the perpetual retail boogeyman, is now worth more than two and half times its biggest brick-and-mortar counterpart, Walmart.

Thanks to slowing e-commerce growth this past holiday season, Walmart saw its biggest one-day drop in stock price in two years — it lost nearly $ 35 billion in market cap since Monday. Amazon, fresh from reporting its record $ 1.9B in profit last quarter earlier this month, has seen its stock and market value rise about 7 percent since then.

Last year, Recode reported that Amazon, on its 20th IPO anniversary, was worth two times the market value of Walmart. That ratio had stayed nearly the same until Walmart reported earnings yesterday.

The difference in valuation come despite Walmart having approximately three times Amazon’s annual revenue and net income last year. However ,Wall Street has bought into Jeff Bezos’s vision of revenue growth over huge net income figures. It should be noted that Amazon Web Services, a non-retail business, represents a sizable portion of Amazon’s value, making up 10 percent of revenue and the majority of the company’s operating income.

Here’s how the two companies’ market caps compare over the last 10 years:

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