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J.Crew has hired the Starbucks executive who transformed the coffee chain into a tech innovator

Adam Brotman has joined the apparel retailer as president and chief experience officer.

Adam Brotman, a longtime Starbucks executive who helped mold the Seattle coffee giant into one of the most technologically advanced retailers, is leaving the company after nine years for a top role at J.Crew.

Brotman will join J.Crew as president and chief experience officer and report to new CEO Jim Brett, who replaced legendary chief executive Mickey Drexler this summer.

Brotman was most recently the top executive overseeing Starbucks stores but is perhaps best known for the work he did in previous digital-focused roles. As chief digital officer, Brotman oversaw the launch of Starbucks’ popular “mobile order and pay” smartphone feature — which now accounts for 11 percent of total transactions at Starbucks-owned stores.

He also led the teams that developed the original payment feature inside the Starbucks app. Starbucks said last year that 30 percent of in-store transactions are completed via mobile payments.

“Adam’s experience with global field operations and cutting-edge consumer-facing digital platforms makes him an invaluable partner in shaping and driving J.Crew Group’s strategic initiatives to the next level,” J.Crew’s CEO said in a statement. “Adam will help us establish customer relationships that leverage all our channels, helping us to serve them in ways that are more meaningful and relevant to how they shop and live.”

Brotman will join an executive team attempting to lead a turnaround of the classic American clothing giant that has seen sales slide as customers opt for less expensive clothes from fast-fashion retailers and shift loyalty to clothing brands that originated online.

Amazon’s push into fashion probably hasn’t helped either. Last year, Drexler said J.Crew approached Amazon about a sale.

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Tech Deals: $375 iPhone 7, $199 iPhone 6, 50% Off B&O Wireless Headphones, $8 Leather Apple Watch Band, More

It takes a lot of time to earn money, so it makes perfect sense that consumers will want to preserve precious money when it comes to purchasing new goods and hardware. Thankfully, you aren’t alone on that one. Our technology deals instantly give you the ability to welcome new tech into your life without having to pay full price.

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As tech automates, Blinkist keeps its book summary service very human

The Best Guide To Selling Your Old Phones With High Profit

 When I first heard of Blinkist, a service that breaks down recent nonfiction books to easily digestible snippets, I was afraid it would turn out to be some machine-learning-driven auto-summary thing. But in talking to co-founder Niklas Jansen, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the company is still very much people-powered — and in fact, that may be the root of its continuing success. Read More
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How to use tech to spend Valentine’s Day with your pets

Who needs humans when there are pets to love us?

Valentine’s Day is here in full force, screaming at us with flowers, chocolates, creepy Cupids with arrows, and more. Cast aside the commercialism of the day of love by casting aside your human companions and turning your attention to your animal pals! I mean, get this, according to a survey from our pals at Petcube, 65% of people surveyed said they prioritize their pets over their romantic partner (just @ me next time, Petcube!). Feel the unconditional love only a pet can provide by celebrating Valentine’s Day with the animal in your life!

An adorable puppy being adorable

If you asked me anywhere else, I’d tell you spending Valentine’s Day with your animal starts and stops at petting them, holding them close, giving them treats, playing with toys, and reminding them just how good they are. Since this is iMore, we’re gonna add a little spin by giving things a tech angle.

Here are some ways technology can help you spend Valentine’s Day with your pet!

Away from home? Camera time!

If you’re not able to be home for Valentine’s Day, you can use a WiFi-enabled camera to tune in to the action while you’re away.

I have a Logitech Circle 2 camera in my home that keeps a close eye on the front and back doors of my house when I’m away. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it to encourage a crook to bounce, so it’s mostly served as a way for me to check in on the puppers when I’m not there in person.

The $ 180 Circle cam (and many other WiFi-connected smart cameras) features both a microphone and a speaker, so you can communicate with your puppers (or cats or pet pigs or ferrets) to remind them how much you love ’em.

If you’ve got a pet with separation anxiety, this is also a good way to check in for soothing when needed.

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Wi-Fi-connected smart toy

You don’t have to stop at just chatting with your pet these days. There are some pretty incredible “smart” (read WiFi-connected and app-controlled) products on the market for your animal companion.

Furbo Dog Camera

The $ 180 Furbo Dog Camera lets you not only check in on your pet pal while you’re away from home, it also lets you hit a button to deliver a delicious treat! You simply refill the camera with treats and you can drop ’em for your pet at any time. I foresee this being an issue with my two dogs — my chihuahua/rat terrier mix is pretty feisty and she’d probably try to claim all the treats for herself — but I can imagine this’d be a pretty nifty little device for a single-pet home. Load up your pet with heart-shaped treats for Valentine’s Day if you’re not able to be there in person!

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Petcube also makes a $ 170 Wi-Fi-connected treat camera.

Petcube Camera

There’s also the Petcube Camera, which serves as a Wi-Fi-connected camera and pet toy.

You can use the microphone and speaker to chat with your animal while you watch them with the camera. Best of all, it features a built-in laser that you can control with the companion app, so you can enjoy a bit of catch-the-laser while you’re away from home.

With the $ 150 Petcube, there’s no reason to be away from home to use the built-in laser. You and your pet can play for hours while you’re drowning out the day of love.

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Subscription boxes are fun!

While it’s only tangentially related to tech, I can’t pass up one of the best ways to give your pets a little Valentine’s Day love: a subscription box!

I recently subscribed to BarkBox and my dogs seem to have figured out the sound a BarkBox makes when it’s being opened, ’cause they get excited every time I begin to open the box. A $ 29 monthly subscription to BarkBox nets your pupper(s) a toy or two and a few packages of treats. January’s box, called “The Knights of the Hound Table,” featured a princess squeaky toy, a dragon squeaky toy, and three medieval-themed bags of treats!

If you have a cat, you can check out The Dollar Pet Club, which features toys and treats for cats.

If you have a rabbit, a parrot, or a pet rat, you can check out the Exotic Pet subscription boxes over at Cratejoy. If I still had pet rats, I’d definitely subscribe to the RatPak.

How are you and your pet spending Valentine’s Day?

Are you spending Valentine’s Day with your pet pal? Their unconditional love is unmatched! Enjoy your day and feel free to share your story in the comments below or over on Twitter!

Updated February 2018: This article was updated to include new links, prices, and ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your fluffs.

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