The UK Autumn Budget gets tough on tech companies and tax

During yesterday's Autumn statement, Chancellor Philip Hammond outlined positive measures to push the adoption of autonomous and electric cars, develop new 5G networks, treble the number of computer science teachers and further research into AI and r…
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Tech Disruptor Aims to Eliminate Fraud from Ad Attributions

This week in Los Angels, word came from KR8OS that the group is rolling along with the development of their Ethereum blockchain powered ad attribution platform expected to fully launch next year.

The goal? To provide unparalleled transparency in digital advertising, particularly for attributions of app installs, direct response, affiliate deals, signups, and other conversion events.

And the timing couldn’t be more opportune.

A March 2017 study commissioned by WPP ad agency The&Partnership and conducted by ad verification company Adloox illustrates the magnitude of the problem KR8OS aims to address: the report found that an estimated 20% of all 2016 ad spend was wasted on invalid traffic and projects that similar wasted ad spend could reach $ 16.4 billion in 2017.

When the large players in the ad network industry like Facebook and Google make and enforce the rules for determining attributions and determining payments, advertisers are finding that those rules don’t favor their interests. KR8OS will be positioning itself to disrupt the digital advertising ecosystem by eliminating the role of third parties in determining attributions for networks. KR8OS will allow advertisers and performance marketers to track attributions with unprecedented reliability and precision – on a massive scale. Since the register is accessible to all users, they can also audit attributions to make sure they are being fairly administered. An open attribution system allows for full transparency and eliminates fraud.

“The blockchain does not and will not solve all the world’s problems. It certainly won’t solve all the problems in adtech either,” stated co-founder Sam Goldberg. “However, when it comes to transparency and record keeping, blockchain has tremendous promise, and that is exactly where KR8OS lives – we bring transparency to attribution and tracking. Attribution answers the most important question for marketing departments in every industry, which is: where did my customer come from?”

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UK government to initiate tax crackdown on tech firms holding earnings offshore

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The UK Treasury on Wednesday said it will begin cracking down on large corporations that shift British earnings overseas in a bid to avoid the country’s high taxes, a move that follows a wider European Union strategy seeking much the same.
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Pre-Friday Deals: Amazon’s Highest Rated Tech Deals Under $25 – Deal Alert

If you need some practice buying stuff before the big day (Black Friday), Amazon has released a boat load of deals in these days leading up to it. What we’ve done here is simply filtered their list of current deals down to the tech categories we care about, and only the deals $ 25 or less with 4 or 5 star ratings.  Discounted USB cords, chargers, phone accessories, BlueTooth speakers, splitters, and other gadgets. Here it is: An impulse shopper’s dream/nightmare. Note: Scroll down past the “featured deals” to where the lists really starts. Enjoy!

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