Samsung Releases 3 Cryptic Videos Teasing New Galaxy S9 Features

We’ve got just a few weeks left to go until Samsung unveils its highly-anticipated Galaxy S9 and S9+ — which we’ve been seeing an abundance of in the news lately.

In addition to the S9’s core specifications, we recently learned that the duo will feature some sort of advanced, next-generation camera set-up — thanks in part to actual photos of the device which leaked recently courtesy of Evan Blass.

Apparently, Samsung wants to whet our interest in its Galaxy S9 to peak potential, as the company has posted a series of strange new teaser videos to the Samsung Mobile Korea’s official YouTube channel this morning, which subliminally hint at some of the many features S9 buyers have to look forward to..

While the features, themselves, are not listed in print, just watching the videos closely and analyzing beyond the prominent “9,” featured front and center in each of them, should reveal the underlying hints..

In the first video, Samsung has weaved together a compilation of high-speed, high-endurance, and otherwise super-fast, thrilling activities — lending credence to the possibility that Galaxy S9 will be fast (unsurprisingly). Meanwhile, the short clip concludes to the backdrop of a painfully slow-motion shot of someone gliding through the air in a winged suit.

Were can’t be sure, of course, but the slow-motion shot could potentially be a hint of all the new camera upgrades rumored for this year’s Galaxy — which will, according to rumors, include an advanced new slow-motion setting, though standard slo-mo has been a staple of Galaxy phones for years.

The second clip, meanwhile, shows two people casually walking through an increasingly dark wooded area. Short, brief, and to the point, the clip closes to the dark backdrop of a deer, appearing with the large “9” plastered across the screen, as Samsung’s actors unmistakably showcase the Galaxy S9’s anticipated low light camera settings.

Finally, in the third clip, we follow a single man as he jubilantly goes about his day. Interestingly, we see the man in a variety of settings, expressing a wide range of facial gestures along the way. It’s right at the end of the clip, however, when we see the man’s face “transform” into what appears to be a 3D emoji or avatar.

Samsung, we found out earlier this week, ultimately decided to copy Apple’s Animoji feature by incorporating a “next generation camera sensor” on Galaxy S9, which is not only “more advanced” than Apple’s TrueDepth camera, according to Samsung, but will be capable of carrying out similar, Animoji-style 3D animation features using emoticons as filters.

Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S9 duo just ahead of Mobile World Congress, 2018, on February 25, while the handsets should go up for sale by March 16.

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Samsung confirms ‘Galaxy S9’ launch for February 25 by teasing changes to the iPhone rival’s camera

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Samsung will be revealing the ‘Galaxy S9’ on February 25, the South Korean electronics giant has confirmed, with the video posted to Twitter teasing a major change to the rear camera, one that leaks suggest could be the use of a variable aperture imaging sensor.
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Mooff Games is Teasing Some ‘Blackmoor 2’ Footage on their Twitter

Something caught my eye and I meant to tell you all about it earlier this week, but dang it all if the week hasn’t just slipped on by me and here we are already at Thursday. Better late than never, I guess. Anyway as you might already know I’m a massive fan of Mooff Games, as they’ve somehow been able to capture that special sauce that makes games so fun and dress them up with all sorts of silly parodies of pop culture and video games. Their Toon Shooters [Free] is a riff on classic horizontal scrolling shoot ’em ups, Maximus [Free] is like a love letter to brawlers like Golden Axe, and Blackmoor [Free] is something of a hybrid fighting game/platformer which feels a lot like Castlevania and Street Fighter II had a lovechild. They have other games too and all of them call back to a gentler time in gaming and feel like the types of games you’d make when you were a kid if you were able to make games as a kid. Anyway, I absolutely adore Blackmoor and Mooff is currently in the midst of creating a sequel, which they’ve recently shown off on their Twitter.

Scrolling through their timeline it’s not totally clear if this is in fact going to be called Blackmoor 2 or Dungeons of Darkmoor, but I’m just going to stick with Blackmoor 2 here for simplicity. Either way it’s looking like another fine adventure with a focus on fighting game-like combat, which is exactly what I loved so much about the original. It’s probably also worth mentioning that Mooff recently updated their ENTIRE catalog to ensure it’s all 64-bit and iOS 11 compatible, which is really nice as it would have been a shame to lose all these great little gaming gems. Now, if we could get full screen support for the iPhone X *cough cough* then I’d REALLY be a happy boy. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to Blackmoor 2 and really whatever Mooff puts out, and while no release date has been mentioned we’ll be keeping our eye on its progress.


Luca Redwood is Teasing More ‘Photographs’ on Twitter and it’s Looking Awesome

Luca Redwood of EightyEight Games fame, maker of the phenomenal 10000000 [$ 2.99] and its follow-up You Must Build A Boat [$ 2.99], revealed his newest project called Photographs back in February of last year with an extremely vague teaser video. All we really knew about the new game at that time was that it was a “puzzle game that tells five tragic stories” and that it would feature pixel art from one of the fantastic artists behind Thimbleweed Park [$ 9.99], Octavi Navarro. Well, that initial reveal was close to a year ago now, but just a few weeks back Redwood revealed the first actual trailer for Photographs which showed a bit more of the game itself. I mean, I still had no clue what you actually DID in Photographs, but it sure looked lovely regardless. Here’s that trailer again.

So, given the recent trailer I was kind of hoping that meant that Photographs was getting closer to completion, and with a couple of new teasers that Redwood has posted to his Twitter account today I’m really hoping that’s the case. These teases are looking awesome. In this first tweet, Redwood explains how the team is experimenting with a really cool camera viewfinder aesthetic for the game, complete with a really neat focus blur effect.

Then this next tweet shows a short clip of an aquatics type of arena as various characters pop in and out of the scene, and then we can see an overlay of a Polaroid style photograph that focuses in on a specific couple.

These latest teases at least give a glimpse as to what Photographs is actually like, although I still couldn’t tell you specifically what you do in the game. Hey, I like it that way! I was intrigued by the original announcement, and these little teases make me even more curious what Photographs will be all about. It should be arriving at some point in 2018 but if you’re interested like I am you should definitely be following Luca Redwood on Twitter to hopefully catch more bits of Photographs as development continues.


Samsung tries to steal Apple’s iPhone X thunder by teasing foldable Galaxy Note in 2018

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In an announcement possibly timed to divert attention from Apple’s expected announcement of the iPhone X and iPhone 8, Samsung on Tuesday revealed that it’s hoping to ship a Galaxy Note with a foldable display in 2018.
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