AgileBits introduces 1Password Business for larger teams

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AgileBits just launched an iteration of their famous password manager specifically for businesses, featuring compliance controls, three-factor authentication, and more.

Today, AgileBits — the developing company behind widely-used password manager 1Password — announced the newest addition to its family of password management solutions. Called 1Password Business, the service is a bit like 1Password Teams, but built specifically for managing larger groups, protecting your employees, and securing your data.

With 1Password Business, you can make sure you keep up with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, and other compliance regulations by better controlling who has access to what using very meticulous permissions, custom groups, device restrictions, and travel restrictions. And, when you need to share a password with a certain group of employees for a specific situation, you can do that as well. AgileBits themselves even use 1Password Business to stay compliant:

We ourselves are growing quickly and long gone are the days where everyone worked on every project. We are looking to hire another 100 people this year, and 1Password helps us stay compliant with our SOC2 regulations as we grow.

In addition to compliance controls, 1Password Business features automated provisioning for when your business is growing so quickly that onboarding is a real pain:

Active Directory Integration – automate provisioning and de-provisioning.
Okta Integration – allow Okta to manage your team for you.
Command line Integration – integrate 1Password into your custom business flows.

On top of both of those huge features, 1Password Business offers third-factor identification, advanced auditing and reporting, and free family accounts. For more information you can check out AgileBits’ blog post.

If you’d like to sign up for 1Password Business, you can do so by heading to the 1Password sign up page and choosing the plan that’s right for you — a Business subscription is priced at $ 7.99 a month. If you’re uncertain, you can even get a 30-day free trial to make sure 1Password gels with your business practices.


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36 teams are joining the ‘Clash Royale’ eSports league

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Today, mobile game company Supercell announced that teams from 36 organizations from around the world will be added to the hit (and very, very lucrative) title Clash Royale's eSports league. The biggest names in competitive gaming will field squads,…
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Build teams for ‘radical innovation’ to save your company’s creativity

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For most companies that have been around for a while, rigidity and corporate processes eventually creep into the system. They slowly start to see innovation as simply the next iteration of an existing product or service. Resulting in just iterative ‘innovation’ which isn’t a sustainable way for a business to stay ahead. The way I see it, if someone is working on something that could potentially disrupt your business, it better be you. In order to achieve this, you’ll need teams that have a radical mindset and are hungry for disruption. A team that works according to the principles of…

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NVIDIA teams with Adobe to ensure AI editing runs smoothly

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Adobe and NVIDIA are partnering up to power up the former's cloud-based AI endeavors with the latter's GPUs. Each new update for software in Adobe's suite leans more on its artificial intelligence toolkit Sensei to improve editing features, and it ma…
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10 Gmail Plugins That Will Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity

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Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms in the world, and for good reason; it’s easy to organize, it’s free to open an account, and it comes with significant technical support (though you probably won’t need it). It works quickly, and on most of your devices, so you can spend less time emailing and more time being productive.

But here’s the thing—most of us waste significant time on email, taking too long writing or reading, misplacing or poorly organizing our messages, or starting conversations that don’t need to be started. In the 6.3 hours a day we spend checking email, at least some of those hours are wasted.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help us recover that lost time supercharge your team’s productivity:


EmailAnalytics syncs with your Gmail or G Suite account to collect information on how many emails you send and receive over a given timeframe, your average response times (as well as the average response times of people who send you emails), email traffic by day of the week, email traffic by hour of the day, and a whole lot more.

There’s no better tool for analyzing your email productivity – or that of your employees – since it enables managers to sync and track employee email accounts as well.


Boomerang is an app that reminds you about important responses and follow-ups you might otherwise forget. It’s perfect for keeping conversations alive, whether you’re talking with sales leads, customers, employees, or vendors.

You can schedule automated follow-up reminders for any emails that don’t receive a response within a designated period of time, or schedule emails to go out at a specified date and time in the future. It’s a convenient way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

The Email Game.

The Email Game literally turns your inbox into a game by challenging you to respond to emails within a certain amount of time.

By forcing you to make quick decisions on your emails, whether it’s to reply to them or snooze them for another time, it gamifies the act of climbing inbox mountain; a welcome change from time to time.


If you’re the type of person who best functions when working on clearly defined lists, TaskForce is worth a try.

Operating fully within the Gmail interface, TaskForce allows you to quickly organize your emails by turning them into tasks, which you can then check off with an interactive list. If you hate the idea of sorting your emails into folders and labels, but want a more efficient way to keep tabs on your most important assignments, give it a try.


Did you know that you can press the “C” key to compose a message within Gmail? There are actually dozens of different keyboard shortcuts available in Gmail that you probably aren’t aware of. KeyRocket is a simple extension that informs you of these shortcuts, whenever you take an action that could have been simplified with a shortcut.

Over time, you’ll become familiar with them. It may not seem like much, but shaving even a few seconds off each email could add up to hours saved every week.


A product by Streak, GmailSnooze is an interesting concept you might not have considered—a “snooze” button for individual emails. With the tool, you can hit the “snooze,” on a given email, removing it from your inbox temporarily so you can focus on other, more important matters.

At a time interval of your choosing, the email will return, appearing as a new message, so you can deal with it then.

Inbox Pause

Similar to GmailSnooze, Inbox Pause literally puts a “pause” button in your inbox, preventing any new emails from showing up until you “unpause” it.

When you unpause it, all the paused emails immediately show up in your inbox. It’s great for when you need to work on a project without the constant temptation to check your inbox for new emails.

How much time do you spend manually deleting emails from lists and senders you want nothing to do with? Probably more time than you’d like to admit—and you won’t take the time to unsubscribe.

Fortunately, can help you take care of everything at once, unsubscribing from all your unwanted lists so you can keep your inbox clutter-free.


Yesware is a popular tool for sales professionals who conduct outreach via email because it notifies you when a recipient opens your email, enabling you to follow up at just the right time.

The tool also includes analytics for open rates and response rates, as well as a handy mail merge feature that enables bulk email sending from right within your Gmail account.


IFTTT is a free service that allows you to connect with multiple other platforms (including Gmail) to set parameters for executing automatic functions under specific conditions. That sounds complicated, but it’s really simple; using IFTTT enables you to set automatic reminders, timers, and task lists in your Gmail account, and you can even set parameters for your other common apps to email you updates about your activity—such as automatically emailing yourself a shopping list after recording it with Alexa.

Most of these tools will give you new information, or new functions you can use to make the most out of every email session—but you still have to apply them correctly if you want to see their benefits. Learn what you can, but try not to get distracted with insights that aren’t actionable, or new tools that cost more time than they save.

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Pluto TV Teams Up With SpotX To Drive Advertising Demand

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MMW can now confirm that SpotX, a video advertising and monetization platform, today extended their strategic partnership with Pluto TV, the leading free OTT television service in America. As part of the renewed collaboration, SpotX will match media buyers to Pluto TV’s premium inventory and power the programmatic monetization of Pluto TV’s free, over-the-top (OTT) content.

So how does it all work?

Pluto TV offers over 100 free live channels and on-demand programming and has partnerships with TV networks, movie studios, publishers, and digital media companies. The company currently entertains millions of monthly unique users who tune-in to watch premium news, TV shows, movies, sports, live events, cartoons, and trending digital series on a free, ad-supported service.

The partnership opens up more opportunities for media buyers who have been increasingly trying to break into the OTT game. According to SpotX’s recent research report entitled, “TV is Total Video: Predicting OTT and the Future of Video Advertising,”

Conducted by S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Kagan, 67 percent of advertisers expect to spend between 21 and 40 percent of their ad dollars on OTT platforms within the next 24 months. SpotX’s Demand Facilitation services will bring a diverse group of buyers to Pluto TV including auto, retail, CPG, and entertainment, adding more variety on Pluto TV, enhancing the viewer experience, and enabling more advertisers to reach untapped OTT audiences.

In recent months, Pluto TV has been heavily focused on its advertising technology stack, which employs server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology to combine content and ads into a single video stream that can be easily distributed across all devices and platforms.

We’re told that Pluto TV also runs dynamically-generated videos that promote upcoming content by automatically pulling clips and programming information together into promotional spots that run on-air, driving viewership. Its ad platform integrates with any industry-standard (VAST) ad-serving system without any additional customizations.

“As viewership continues to grow in OTT, many advertisers are unsure about what to buy in the space, or how to effectively buy it,” said Mike Shehan, co-founder and CEO at SpotX. “Pluto TV offers a seamless, TV-like viewer experience, and we’re excited to help create a more powerful offering by connecting advertisers with their inventory.”

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Samsung teams with uBreakiFix for same-day repairs of Galaxy S9, other phones

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Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are good-looking phones, but with glass on the front and back, some customers are bound to break their expensive new smartphone. The good news is that Samsung has announced a new partnership to help those people.

Samsung is teaming with uBreakiFix to offer same-day repair support in the US. This means that owners of select Galaxy phones will be able to get repairs for many issues the same day that they happen, and within two hours or less for most repairs.

With this partnership, uBreakiFix locations are now Samsung Care authorized. This means that they use genuine Samsung parts for repairs and they have proprietary Samsung tools, and repairs are conducted by certified Samsung pros.

uBreakiFix can provide screen replacements, battery replacements, port and camera repairs, and other in and out-of-warranty services. They can perform repairs on the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Galaxy S6 and S6+, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy Note 8.

There are more than 300 uBreakiFix locations across the U.S. that are Samsung Care authorized. If you’ve got a Galaxy phone that needs fixing, you can begin the repair process right here.

This partnership with uBreakiFix is a great move for Samsung. These Galaxy smartphones are expensive, and now if a customer has any issues that need a repair, they can just go to a nearby uBreakiFix store to get it taken care of. This gives Samsung’s phones an Apple Store-style repair option rather than requiring most customers to mail their device in for repair, and it means that they’re getting repairs done by certified techs using genuine parts rather than having to visit a third-party repair shop that may be of questionable quality. – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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Clairvoyant teams with AT&T on new wearable for Alzheimer’s

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Data insights services company Clairvoyant Networks has teamed up with AT&T to roll out specialist healthcare wearables.

The firm has partnered with AT&T to provide the connectivity for Theora Care, a range of devices that allows carers to locate, monitor, and keep in touch with patients who face cognitive challenges. 

Theora Connect is a wristwatch-style monitoring and communication device, which uses an AT&T mobile SIM to send data to a secure network. Worn by the patient, it sends carers information about their location and health, which carers can monitor via Theora Link, a smartphone application.

Other functions include: alerts when the wearer strays from ‘safe zones’ that are set up in the app; hands-free two-way audio; an SOS emergency function that goes directly to the caregiver; and alerts when the battery is low.

Clairvoyant said implementing AT&T’s Control Centre into the range means it can develop a “plug and play device” that doesn’t need to be activated by the wearer. 

Transforming healthcare

Theora Care is targeted at health professionals and family members who look after people with serious conditions, such as Alzheimer’s. More than five million Americans alone are living with Alzheimer’s. By 2050, that number could reach 16 million, according to 2017 research published by the Alzheimer’s Association.

The product is also suitable for people who have dementia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Parkinson’s disease. Clairvoyant said its products “offer peace-of-mind to the caregiver, while helping those experiencing cognitive issues to live independently for longer”.

Although the range is still at the early ages of development, with new launches planned, Clairvoyant said the products have already proved popular with caregivers. A beta tester called Marie said: “While shopping, one of my greatest fears came true. I became separated from my husband, Bob who suffers from memory loss.

“Fortunately, I was able to use the hands-free, two-way audio feature to get the attention of a good Samaritan who was near Bob. They heard me trying to talk to Bob and helped bring him safely back to me.”

Next up for Theora Care will be sensor-driven analytics that provide insight into patient status and location. Care facilities will have access to data that “will help them remain compliant, retain employees and improve customer service”, said the company, adding that the new additions will be available in the third quarter of 2018.

Enabling independent living

Stephen Popovich, president and CEO of Clairvoyant Networks, said he understands the challenges faced by caregivers from his own experience. “I’ve witnessed relatives lose their independence as they’ve aged.” He explained that the firm is on a mission to “provide solutions that address those challenges and allow ageing with dignity”.

Of the new technology partnership, Popovich said: “We chose AT&T not only for its leadership in IoT technology, but also for its focus on innovative platforms in tele-health. This is just the beginning of situational awareness solutions that will leverage AT&T’s expertise.”

Internet of Business says

IoT in healthcare is often associated with gathering data or creating smart environments, but location-based services and simple communication functions should never be overlooked. Alongside developments in tele-health, such as the use of tele robots for remote communication and treatment, connected wearables have proven to be a real success story for the IoT so far – as the following reports reveal.

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Read more: Perfect storm blows healthtech towards IoT cures

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Apple Teams up With Fiat Chrysler and VW to Bundle Apple Music Subscriptions with Apple CarPlay

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If you are going to be in the market for a new car by the time May rolls around, and you have been looking at the brands under the Fiat Chrysler banner or Volkswagen, then a new bundle deal might be worth your while.

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Lamborghini teams with Vodafone on connected supercars

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NEWSBYTE: Deal will see mobile operator become connected car partner of choice to the Italian supercar maker.

Vodafone is to become the worldwide connected car partner of Italian supercar brand, Lamborghini.

The two companies will work together to introduce worldwide connectivity to the cars, from 2019 onwards.

Lamborghini owners will be able to use connected car services, and gain access to Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT) network. The network will be accessible to Lamborghini drivers in over 190 countries.

Vodafone’s global director of IoT, Stefano Gastaut, said: “This is a great example of how two leaders in their respective fields can come together to create something which can really change the experience for customers and help to improve the service from the company.”

“The connected car revolution is an exciting field,” said Lamborghini’s head of Connected Cars, Nicola Porciani. “At Lamborghini, we are committed to create a cutting-edge experience for our owners, and to ensure them access to the greatest technologies. This project with Vodafone will make us sure to keep our tradition of innovation and excellence.”

Internet of Business says

While so much of the IoT will take shape around small projects and smart sensors embedded in the environment, big-name projects will be equally important to spur adoption. The presence of brands such as Lamborghini – in partnership with a communications giant – will do much to encourage public awareness of the benefits.

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