Deal Alert: Save $25 On Refurbished Apple AirPods [Tax-Free For Limited Time]

Here’s a deal you don’t want to miss. You can save up to $ 25 on Apple AirPods in refurbished form, completely tax-free. Here are the details.

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Deal Alert: Get Over $100 Off 64GB iPhone X [Tax-Free, Limited Time Only]

Here’s a deal alert you don’t wanna miss out on. You can get over $ 100 off 64GB iPhone X tax-free in the U.S. for limited time only.

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Sales Tax Holiday: Buy Apple Products Tax-Free This Weekend

This weekend, residents of Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia will be able to take advantage of their state’s sales tax holiday when making various purchases — and Apple is getting in on the action.

In those six states, this weekend’s tax holiday will allow consumers to make certain purchases without any sales tax. And yes, that includes Apple products. In fact, Apple has created its own “Forget the Tax” page on its website highlighting the weekend and each state’s varying sales tax holiday rules. The weekend runs from Aug. 4 to Aug. 6 except in Louisiana, where it ends on Aug. 5. For more specific information, here are each state’s perks this weekend.

Florida – Tax Free Aug. 4 to Aug. 6

Many residents of Florida, which has a large population, stand to benefit from the tax holiday. Of course, there’s a caveat: namely, a $ 750 cap on computer purchases. While that means you’ll be hard-pressed to buy a Mac or MacBook tax-free, you can scoop up an iPad or iPod touch. The tax-holiday in the Sunshine State also applies to various accessories and software under $ 750 — meaning you could scoop up some premium software without any sales tax.

Louisiana – Tax Free Aug. 4 to Aug. 5

Louisiana’s sales tax holiday is the most generous on this list as far as price limits, though there’s a catch. The weekend’s tax policy applies to all “tangible items” with a retail price of $ 2,500 or less. The catch is that residents won’t be able to buy items entirely tax-free — Louisiana’s tax holiday only reduces the 5 percent state sales tax to 3 percent. In addition, local taxes can still apply to purchases.

Missouri – Tax Free Aug. 4 to Aug. 6

In Missouri, residents will be able to make tax-free purchases of computers and accessories under $ 1,500. That includes quite a new Mac and MacBook models, all iPads, and various accessories like RAM upgrades, microphones, printers and routers. The holiday also applies to hard drives, flash drives and non-recreational software under $ 350.

New Mexico – Tax Free Aug. 4 to Aug. 6

New Mexico’s sales tax holiday will apply to computers under $ 1,000 — which means you could pick up lower-priced Mac models and many iPad configurations. Additionally, residents of New Mexico will be able to buy various accessories under $ 500 tax-free, including keyboards, speakers, memory upgrades, and notably, an Apple TV (which qualifies as a “hard drive” within the state).

South Carolina – Tax Free Aug. 4 to Aug. 6

South Carolina foregoes the price limits entirely. That means all computers, printers, books, supplies and software will qualify. Notably, that includes basically all Mac and MacBook models, all iPad models, the iPod touch, and printers and printer accessories. A handful of other accessories also qualify, including keyboards, mice, displays, Apple Pencils and AppleCare plans, long as they’re purchased along with a CPU.

Virginia – Tax Free Aug. 4 to Aug. 6

Unfortunately for residents of Virginia, the state’s tax holiday is the most restrictive in terms of what can qualify. The tax-free period only applies to products with a sales price of $ 20 or less, according to Apple. Additionally, Virginia’s tax holiday applies to cell phone chargers and batteries under $ 60 — so it might be a good time to scoop up some Lightning cables and charging bricks.

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India promises Apple tax-free iPhone parts imports in exchange for expanded manufacturing

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India is reportedly willing to waive taxes on imported iPhone parts in exchange for the company helping to expand Wistron’s manufacturing operations in Bengaluru, where the iPhone SE is currently being made.
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