Hair dye: now with graphene to take away the frizz

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<em>The black hair was dyed with the graphene-based hair dye. </em>

In a quest to make a less toxic hair dye, scientists created a dye using graphene. And it has an added bonus — it tames static frizz, according to new research.

Most permanent hair dyes use harsh chemicals to open up the outside layer of the hair so that other chemicals can get inside and change its color, Chemical & Engineering News reports. A team of researchers at Northwestern University decided to use a different strategy: Instead of opening up the hair, why not just coat it with tiny colored particles made out of graphene?

Graphene is basically a super-thin form of graphite — the same mineral as your pencil — where all the atoms lie next to each other in a single plane. It’s also flexible and super strong. (“It would take an…

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Elizabeth Harvest is a high-tech, twist-packed take on the Bluebeard fairy tale

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Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our brief breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special event releases. This review comes from the 2018 SXSW Interactive Festival.

Anybody who knows their folklore is going to be pretty clear on what’s going on in the first act of Sebastian Gutierrez’s Elizabeth Harvest, which had its world premiere at SXSW 2018. Henry (Ciarán Hinds), a wealthy, successful Nobel-winner, has just married wide-eyed, naïve young Elizabeth (Abbey Lee). Taking her on a tour of his luxurious home, he tells her there’s just one room she must never enter. Shortly thereafter, while he’s away on a business trip, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she unlocks the taboo room. This is the Bluebeard myth,…

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How to take the best St. Patrick’s Day photos

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Get your leprechaun on this St. Patrick’s Day: here’s how to take the most St. Paddy-riffic photographs possible!

St. Patrick’s Day is today (YAY!) and that means lots of green stuff, lots of drinking, and lots of hanging out with buddies at your local pub.

Regardless of what your plans are for St. Paddy’s, it’s worth getting festive and fun in one way or another and posting your pics on social media for all your other fellow green beer drinkers to see!

Here’s how to take the best possible St. Patrick’s Day photos out there.

Green green green

One of the simplest ways you can take an epic St. Paddy’s Day photo is by incorporating as much green into it as humanly possible!

Adding a dash of green here and a dash of green there with clothing, makeup, props, editing, accessories, environment, etc., can make or break a St. Patrick’s Day social media post, so it’s worth it to snap pictures in front of as many green things as humanly possible!

Keep a lookout for St. Patrick-friendly shapes and slogans too, including 4-leaf clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold, “Kiss me I’m Irish!” shirts, dudes with giant red beards, and, of course, lots and lots of green beer.

One of my favorite editing apps to use is VSCO (the app is free, but I think it’s worth it to pay extra for more filters — you do you, though), and there are plenty of green-friendly filters and editing options that can tint your picture in a modern, stylish way without being too overpowering and tacky.

Top of the Boomerang to ya

If you know me personally, you probably know how big of a Boomerang advocate I am, and if you don’t know me, hi, my name is Cella, and I’m obsessed with shooting Boomerang GIF/videos.

Boomerang works by taking a super short, super fast burst of photos and stitching them together into a mini video that plays forward and backward and forward and backward and—well, you get the idea. (What the heck is Boomerang?)

Boomerangs are great for capturing movement and motion without the full weight of an entire video. You can easily snap a Boomerang this St. Patrick’s Day of someone chugging their drink, doing a little jig in your local pub, kissing someone because their Irish, and so, so much more.

Just be sure to keep your phone as steady as possible when shooting your Boomerang: you want your subject’s motions to be the highlight, not your iPhone shakin’ about like a leprechaun running away with his Lucky Charms…

Leprechaun-style inspo

Speaking of leprechauns, one way you can always snap a stellar St. Paddy’s selfie is by dressing the part!

Maybe you’re not super down to brave the crowded beer halls of your local city this St. Patrick’s Day and you just want to dress up at home and take a few appropriate selfies. Going for “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” shirts, a big green bowtie, some bright green lipstick, or even some striped stockings can really make or break your St. Paddy’s selfie, so it’s worth it to dress the part!

Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags and filters while posting online too, and don’t forget to check out Snapchat or Instagram for their festive holiday filters that’ll have you thinkin’, “Huh. I kiiiiinda look good in a giant red beard…


What would you think if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song and I’ll try not to sing out of key! Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends… going to try with a little help from my friends (The Beatles, With a Little Help from My Friends)

Sometimes all you need for a successful St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot is a bunch of your buds in one place, a whole ‘lot of green, and some great laughs and memories!

While selfie sticks aren’t exactly all the rage anymore, it’s worth noting that there are a few models and designs out there that are perfect for bringing around when you’re out with friends. My personal favorite is the Cliquefie selfie stick that combines a remote shutter, a tripod, and a selfie stick all into one fabulous package.

Simply set up your shot with friends, get the timer going or your selfie stick ready, and start snapping your perfect Paddy pictures! Bonus points if you’re able to coordinate a (near) flawless group Boomerang.

Lens up yo’ St. Paddy’s style

Sure, that shot of you and your friends chugging green beer at the bar is cool and everything, but what about the tiny bubble in the green beer waiting to be photographed with a macro lens?

Yeah, that group photo of all of you drunkenly singing Irish folk-songs on the street is neat and whatever, but what about shooting it through a fisheye lens to really make it look like you have beer goggles?

Using external lenses with your iPhone is an incredible way to document your St. Patrick’s partying from a whole new perspective.

Not only do you have to shoot photos and Boomerangs with external lenses, but I like to shoot my Instagram Stories with different lenses when I go out, as it keeps my audience always wondering what new creative things I’ll be playing around with on my daily shenanagins!

If you’re not too sure which lens to use and when to use it, check out my article: Lenses a’plenty: Breaking down which mobile lenses work best for what you’re shooting!

How do you capture your St. Paddy’s memories?

Are you someone who loves to record memories of fun drunken nights (only to delete them in the morning…)? Are you excited to snap some fun and festive pics this St. Patrick’s Day?

Let me know how you’re capturing your St. Paddy’s memories in the comments below (and don’t forget to share your shenanigans on social media!)

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Efforts in Disaster Prediction Take a Step Further with IoT Sensors

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The past decade has seen hundreds of natural disasters in various countries. While the US stays one of the most affected ones, developing countries remain the major sufferers particularly due to denser population and poor evacuation infrastructure. Catastrophic events lead to massive destruction of property and incalculable loss of human and animal life, and handling the post-event adversity is an extremely challenging task that follows.

Is IoT making an impact in efficient natural disaster preparedness?

With adverse climate change becoming more of a concern for the entire world, experts continue to explore the use of the Internet of Things technology in addressing and optimizing the emergencies that arise as a result of natural calamities. Whether the occurrence includes earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, volcanic eruption, flood, hurricane, tornado, landslide, extreme weather conditions, or any geological process, the loss is often uncontrollable. However, we are fortunately in an era where the immense advancement in technology can help to reduce the intensity of immediate and eventual effects. To be precise, the Internet of Things technology has become sophisticated in no time – extending its practical application areas. Several researchers, scientists, and IoT experts from around the world have been taking efforts to deploy this smart technology in minimizing the destruction caused due to natural disasters.

IoT, although cannot prevent any disaster from happening, can definitely aid in efficient disaster preparedness. It has been found to be useful in predicting the upcoming event and delivering an early warning to community through smart systems.

Why is IoT a highly potential technology in disaster prediction and management?

The very first application is, by default, to minimize and possibly prevent the risk of a natural catastrophic event. With the help of GIS, smart devices, and satellite communication, the IoT technology can be used to design the systems meant for early warning.

Following this, awareness about the upcoming event is another important application. What could create awareness and offer quick guidelines about the preparedness better than social media? Conventional media also play a major role.

Real-time communication in order to deliver an emergency response is the next potential application of IoT here.

The most challenging and probably the most exhaustive job that follows any disastrous event is recovery and rescue. The IoT technology can be efficiently used in creating online systems that search missing people and even manage emergency funds.

Moreover, IoT-enabled devices and systems can function as an alternative way for communication when the conventional infrastructure for communication is poor, sensitive, or not working. Though the latest innovations in IoT do not directly account for disaster preparedness, they do bring about excellent disaster resilience. However, deployment of IoT-enabled devices helps here in a totally different way. It does not help in disaster preparedness and resilience but enables a viable option to communicate in such circumstances, in form of limited or emergency communication.

How do IoT sensors contribute in disaster preparedness?

IoT sensors development is perceived to be an excellent innovation that poses itself as an efficient solution to the lack of foresight which intensifies the adversity of any natural disaster and the following emergency situation. This is exactly what the sensors concentrate on, by monitoring multiple climatic parameters. IoT sensors can be installed within a particular area to create a system that ultimately acts as an emergency unit in case of catastrophic events. Weather parameters, such as humidity, moisture, temperature, air quality, pressure, water level, and many more are constantly monitored by these sensors and the moment any one or more of them reach a dangerous level, the sensor network grasps it.

Any other notification system could hardly match up the speed of sensors notification, when it comes to alerting emergency responders and message broadcasters. Moreover, sensors contribute to the available data that provides the real-time details about weather, possible ways of evacuation, traffic, medical services, and police. They in a nutshell anticipate the upcoming hazards well in advance so as to help decisions regarding the next plan of action.

Sensors that are designed to predict flood situations through identification of possible critical hazards affecting infrastructure, have to be installed in a strategic manner. Flood depiction and management system can be complicated but if well planned and implemented, its versatility does an excellent job in flood-like events. Several IoT sensor network systems can efficiently function on an automated response solely on the basis of the real-time data absorbed by the sensors. In case of a forest fire, IoT sensors on trees monitor temperature, moisture, CO and CO2 levels. Local population is notified in advance and all the details are informed to firefighters even before they reach the location.

Researchers are further working on specific IoT sensor types, including infrared and microwave. While the former one may have its application in flood prediction and management, the latter one is foreseen to be a valuable sensor in case of earthquakes.

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Take Care of Your Mental Health with a Science-Driven App: Moodnotes

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Moodnotes is an app I’m passionate about sharing with others, because it provides a service millions of people need for the price of a latte. Healthcare in America sucks; and, even more so, mental healthcare is not readily available or affordable to the vast majority of people. But it’s so incredibly important. As someone who has bipolar disorder, I understand how difficult it is to find help that is actually helpful. While this app is not a replacement for medical treatment, it’s a companion that can make a world of difference. Utilizing the science-supported methods of cognitive behavior therapy, Moodnotes is a powerful app for tracking moods and improving thinking habits whether you struggle with mental health or not. I’ll go over lots more on what Moodnotes does and why we love it below.

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Moodnotes ($ 3.99)

What It Does

Moodnotes uses visuals prompts to help you track your moods and identify common “thinking traps” we all fall into. When you log a mood, you’re asked to swipe up or down until the face on the screen reflects your own mood. You can then Quick Save or Add Detail, which is when the value of the app becomes apparent. Next, the app asks you, “What’s happening at the moment?” This allows you to reflect on where you’re at and potentially identify some of the triggers that led to your current mood. Then you select both the positive and negative emotions that describe how you currently feel. You can also give each feeling a percentage value.

The next part will depend on the emotions you selected. If you selected any negative emotions, the app will ask you to Check a Thought. The app will ask you to identify the thought that contributed to the negative emotion, then select the “traps” associated with the thought and feeling. Personally, I find the most value in simply reflecting on my current mood. Whether or not I find the traps helpful depends wholly on how self analytical I can be in that moment. But Moodnotes allows you to save your notes at any step, so you don’t have to go through the entire process if you simply want to log a mood and reflection.

Overall, identifying the traps is meant to help you recognize and avoid unhealthy thought patterns. Traps include:

  • Downplaying positives: minimizing or dismissing positive qualities, achievements, or behaviors by telling yourself that they are unimportant or do not count.
  • Mind Reading: Jumping to conclusions about another person’s thoughts, feelings, or intentions without checking them out.

That’s only two of the fourteen listed but you can see that these are thought patterns anyone can get stuck in; and I would argue that they’re thought patterns everyone gets stuck in now and again.

Why We Love It

Once you’ve logged multiple moods, you’ll start to see both Moodtrends and Insights. Moodtrends charts all of the moods you’ve logged for each day and visually presents them. Insights shows a few different things including your Moodpie, which shows the percentage of time you’re in each mood. You can also view the traps you fall into most often and the emotions you log most often. Within Settings, you can set a passcode and turn on reminders. The app also provides a Feedback tab, so you can share how the app is working for you.

What’s incredibly unique about Moodnotes is that it was clinician developed and designed to use the techniques one would find in professional therapy. Again, the app is not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. And it’s also not just for people who have a mental illness; everyone needs to take care of their mental health. And Moodnotes is a great way for the everyday person to do that at very little cost.


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Feeling Nostalgic? This ‘Original iPhone Skin’ Will Take You Back to 2007

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ColorWare, the company known best for its vibrant collection of iPhone skins and accessories, announced this week the release of their latest nostalgic creation — a limited edition skin designed to make your recent iPhone model look exactly like the original two-tone iPhone unveiled by Steve Jobs in the summer of 2007. The skin, which […]
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ProBeat: Google’s Wear OS needs a champion to take on Apple, Fitbit, and Xiaomi

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Google rebranded Android Wear as Wear OS by Google yesterday. It’s a marketing change meant to signal the wearable operating system does not require Android (even though that hasn’t been the case in years), but it practically changes nothing. What Wear OS really needs is a champion that will not only showcase what the platform has to of…Read More
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Apple Sends Out Invites For March 27 Spring Event “Let’s Take A Field Trip”

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Apple has just sent out invites for its Spring March 27 event titled “Let’s take a field trip”, hinting that the event will be education focused.

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Apple ‘Let’s take a field trip’ education event set for Chicago, March 27

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All the rumors and speculation about an Apple March Event for 2018, including updated iPads, a new iPhone SE, new colors for iPhone X, new Apple Watch bands, AirPower, and more!

In March of 2011, Steve Jobs took to the keynote stage to introduce the iPad 2 and to tell us technology alone was not enough. That was the beginning of the modern Apple spring event. In 2012, it saw the introduction of the Retina iPad (iPad 3) and the 1080p version of the Apple TV. Then, in 2013… nothing. In 2014… nothing again. It wasn’t until 2015 that Apple held another March event, and that year brought the final Apple Watch introduction and the all-new MacBook. In 2016 we got iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Then, 2017, nothing again.

Now, in 2018, it’s back on! In… Chicago!

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When will Apple’s 2018 March Event take place?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018. That continues Apple’s pattern of holding spring events later and later in March.

  • 2016: March 21
  • 2015: March 9
  • 2012: March 7
  • 2011: March 2

Where would Apple’s 2018 March Event be held?

The Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, you’d think? But no: It’s being held in Chicago this time.

Does an education event mean we won’t see new iPhones, iPads, or Macs?

Hard to say. We could get there and see new Books (formerly, iBooks) and new Classroom for iPad software. And that’s it. Or we could see the next version of the less expensive 9.7-inch iPad to go with it, and maybe the new, updated MacBook Air for students.

Nothing is official until Apple announces it, so let’s just cover all the bases.

Will there be a new iPhone SE 2?

Apple typically unleashes new iPhones in September but in 2016 we got an everything-old-is-new-again rebirth of the 4-inch screen size with iPhone SE. Could Apple be readying a repeat?

The existing iPhone SE is an iPhone 6s in iPhone 5s clothes. Apple might replace it in the less expensive lineup with an iPhone 9 this spring, but what about in the much smaller lineup? With next-generation iPhones rumored to go Plus again, it would be nice to have something that’s still on the small side as well.

An iPhone SE 2, so to speak.

More on iPhone SE 2

What about a Product RED iPhone X?

While we didn’t get a March Event in 2017, we did get a Product RED iPhone 7. And it was stunning. New colors are often as exciting for customers as new designs — we’ve seen that with gold and rose gold in the past.

Competitors are launching new flagship-ish phones this spring and a great way for Apple to grab back some of that attention is new iPhone colors. Not only does Product RED fit that bill, it provides funding to an incredibly worthy cause.

Whether we’d see anything other than potential gold or red iPhones X — purple or blue, anyone? — or any new colors at all are questions I’m incredibly excited to see answered.

More iPhone 9 / iPhone XI rumors

And new iPads Pro?

Apple updated the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and introduced the 10.5-inch iPad Pro back in June. That’s only 9 months ago for a product that typically enjoys a 12-18 month refresh rate.

But Apple silicon – in this case, the September-launched A11 bionic — waits on no refresh rate, and the idea of iPads Pro getting MacBook Pro-style spec bumps is appealing. (Even if it causes grumbles from those who just bought the previous model.)

Arguably, the bigger advances awaiting iPads Pro are OLED displays, TrueDepth cameras, and Face ID.

Given OLED constraints and Apple’s desire to push the display technology to two new iPhones this year, it seems extremely unlikely for iPad. Whether Apple can produce enough TrueDepth modules or tries to push LED edge-to-edge, we’ll have to wait and see.

More iPad Pro 3 rumors

What about a new, cheap 9.7-inch iPad and… a new iPad mini?

Another example of Apple launching new products even when it doesn’t hold events, 2017 saw a new, less-expensive iPad. Roughly analogous to an iPad Air 1.5 with updated processors, it was targeted at people who still had iPad 2 or other, older, devices.

So the questions becomes: Does Apple keep that model around and push prices down even lower — into cheap video tablet ranges — or keep the price the same and bump up the specs?

iPad mini is an even harder knot to cut. Steve Jobs never wanted a small tablet. Eddy Cue convinced him of its value. And it worked… for a while. But when iPhone went big and bigger, the iPhone Plus cut into the iPad minus.

Now, with rumors of an even bigger iPhone on the horizon, is there any space left at all for an iPad mini or 7.9-inch iPad Pro?

As someone who’d love a big phone or tiny tablet with Apple Pencil support, I just hope Apple offers one of those products by year’s end.

Watch bands… but no Watches?

Apple Watch Series 3 debuted just six months ago, so it’s way early for series 4. Could new case colors be in the works? Jet black might not be durable enough for something worn on your wrist, but product RED? Metallic blue? There are still lots of options to explore if Apple chooses to.

It’s also never too early for new Watch bands. Since the launch in spring of 2015, Apple has shown off new, seasonal Watch bands every six months like — wait for it! — clockwork.

New colors seem like a lock at this point. I’d like to see the Hermès back in stock but beyond that, I’d love to see more colors for the Nike-style bands, and in additional colors like bright orange, hot pink, neon blue, and more. It’s a great style and not being able to expand it with more bands is a shame right now. I’d also like to see the current Hermès straps go on sale separately.

There are also a few styles of watch band Apple hasn’t offered yet and the possibility of additional fashion partnerships…

More on Apple Watch

What about new Macs?

Apple announced the 12-inch MacBook at the March event in 2015 and updated in in 2016. The 2017 updates showed up at WWDC in June along with updated MacBooks Pro and iMacs. In December, we got iMac Pro.

All of them are now on Kaby Lake (with the exception of iMac Pro, which is on Skylake, because Xeon W.) Is Coffee Lake ready for the Mac? Intel has been struggling with the last few die shrinks and architecture changes — so much so the company has delayed and divided its roadmap numerous times. Apple needs very specific chips and time for deep integrations, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Same with a redesign. I’d love Face ID on the Mac even more than I would iPad. With T1 and T2 chips, everything is there assuming the TrueDepth camera modules are available in sufficient quantity and yield rates. And if it comes with an edge-to-edge display like in the mockup above — take my money.

But it’s a huge if, especially for March.

More on MacBook rumors

AirPower and AirPods 2?

Apple teased AirPower inductive charging pads and inductive charging cases for AirPods back in September of 2017. It would be odd to rehash them rather than launch them, but if they’re ready and there’s at least a slide’s worth of new information to talk about, why not?

There are rumors of water-resistance and Hey, Siri-capable AirPods 2, and even AirPods-style, high-end, over-the-ear headphones as well. It might be too early for those, though.

What about the software?

We’ve got the betas for iOS 11.3 and the rest, so all the small new features coming this spring are already out there. If there’s anything specific to the new hardware or services, we’ll hear about it.

What do you want to see?

What do you most want to see from Apple in spring 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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Apple WWDC 2018 will take place June 4-8

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Apple WWDC 2018 official dates

Google I/O is happening in early May, and now we know that Apple is hosting its own major event one month later.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 will happen June 4-8. Like last year, the event will take place in San Jose, Calif., rather than in San Francisco like it has in many previous years.

As its name suggests, the Worldwide Developers Conference is very developer-focused, with Apple hosting workshops to help developers learn and create their apps, offering one-on-one guidance, and more. Apple does typically give a preview of the next major iOS release and its new features during the WWDC keynote, though, so the event is still worth getting excited about for us non-developer folk.

What do you want to see from iOS 12? – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

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