Lawyer bots take the hassle out of fighting parking tickets and property taxes — and could cost local governments real revenue

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A new pain for cities.

After finding a parking ticket lashed to his windshield, Seattle resident Dan Lear normally would have bitten the bullet and paid up, even though he felt misled by street signage.

Instead, Lear decided to try his luck with DoNotPay, a free bot service that streamlines the process of contesting parking tickets. The service helped Lear win a dismissal in 2016, leaving him a little bit richer and Seattle a little bit poorer.

New technology-powered services like DoNotPay, WinIt and TurboAppeal are encouraging more people to challenge legal hassles like inaccurate tickets and property taxes online. While these tools can help citizens avoid unfair penalties, they also might tempt some users to game the system, and could strain the resources of local governments. These potential side effects might come at an inopportune time for municipalities, whose budgets may be squeezed under the new tax rules.

“I guess I’m torn between supporting my local government but also ensuring that people have the right to appeal things that they feel are not fair or not legal,” said the victorious Lear, who is an attorney by trade.

DoNotPay asks users a series of questions, such as whether a parking sign was difficult to read or a ticket had incorrect details, then produces a letter with a formal legal defense that drivers can mail in or submit online.

The free service has helped drivers across the U.S. and the U.K. squash more than 450,000 parking tickets representing $ 13 million in fines; users win dismissals more than 50 percent of the time, by founder Joshua Browder’s estimate. That compares to a dismissal rate of around 35 percent in Los Angeles and 21 percent in New York City.

Parking tickets are “used as a source of revenue, which is wrong, and something I’m trying to change for the longer term,” said Browder, who has been called the “Robin Hood of the internet” by the BBC. Local governments, he added, “generally don’t like me.”

Having recently clinched $ 1.1 million in seed funding, DoNotPay lists investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and attorneys with the firm Wilson Sonsini. The company plans to expand into helping users fight property taxes and file for divorce, among other things.

WinIt, a mobile app that currently only services New York City but plans to expand this year, takes parking ticket challenges to the next level. It builds a legal defense with minimal or zero input, and then argues for a dismissal, often in court through a partner attorney, and proceeds “even if there’s a 5 percent chance that we can dismiss the ticket,” said WinIt CEO Ouriel Lemmel.

WinIt collects a fee — equal to half the fine — but only if it succeeds. Drivers can even sign up for WinIt’s “Ticket Guardian,” which will automatically challenge any new ticket associated with a customer’s license plate number as soon as it hits a government database.

Companies that depend on drivers are taking note: Ride-sharing app Via and delivery service Postmates both offer discounts on WinIt to their drivers.

WinIt expects to contest 3 percent to 4 percent of all New York City parking tickets this year, which could amount to well over 300,000 tickets, if 2018 ticket volume is similar to previous years. That could represent around $ 6 million in potential lost revenue for the city.

Appealing property taxes

At least one startup is also taking aim at a much larger source of municipal revenue: Property taxes.

Machine-learning-powered TurboAppeal makes it much easier for homeowners to challenge the property assessments used to levy property taxes. The company had raised more than $ 7 million from investors including online mortgage lender Guaranteed Rate, KGC Capital, Hyde Park Venture Partners and real estate brokerage @properties before being acquired by Paradigm Tax Group for an undisclosed sum last year.

Homeowners can get detailed data and instructions that can cut the time needed to prepare a compelling appeal from hours to 30 minutes, according to Stace Hunt, marketing director at Paradigm. Priced at $ 49, the automated service typically costs much less than a property tax attorney.

Amanda McMillan, a Chicago realtor who used TurboAppeal to shave $ 700 off her 2015 tax bill, said a few clients who probably would not have otherwise fought their property taxes followed her advice and gave TurboAppeal a whirl. To their delight, they won reductions, she said.

TurboAppeal had reportedly generated more than 100,000 property tax appeals as of May 2017; it covers 64 counties and 23 million single-family homes and has claimed a success rate of more than 75 percent in the past.

Some data suggests that self-service companies like TurboAppeal and DoNotPay have lots of room to grow.

The opportunity

Public New York City data, along with statistics provided to Recode by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, showed that fewer than 10 percent of parking tickets were challenged in those two cities over the last few years, while less than 5 percent of properties in all but one of New Jersey’s 21 counties saw their tax bills appealed in 2016.

But more fine dismissals and property tax reductions would mean less money for local schools and police departments, noted Megan Randall, a research associate at the Urban Institute. Property taxes reportedly make up roughly 30 percent of local government revenue nationwide.

Illustrating how services that target this revenue could pose a fiscal nuisance, New Jersey’s Monroe County was forced to issue a bond in 2011 to cover $ 5 million in refunds due to a spike in property tax appeals. The increase was driven by the housing meltdown, though the town’s finance director at the time also cited attorneys “trying to convince residents to file mass appeals,” the Star-Ledger reported.

Parking tickets, meanwhile, account for less than 1 percent of local government revenue nationwide, but some municipalities are much more reliant on fines than others.

For example, in 2013, 21 of the 90 municipalities in Missouri’s St. Louis County collected more than 20 percent of revenue from court fines and fees, of which parking and speeding tickets are a large contributor.

Drops in traffic tickets can cut into state budgets, too. A decrease in ticket volume forced the Nevada Supreme Court to seek a bailout in 2015. DoNotPay and WinIt can help users fight moving violations such as speeding tickets, so they could also nibble away at revenue from a range of traffic fines, not just parking tickets.

A jump in appeals would also increase the workload of municipal employees who are tasked with reviewing ticket and tax challenges.

“At this point, we don’t have an automated process, so it may cost our constituents money,” said Mark Granado, manager of parking operations and support for the LA Department of Transportation.

Moreover, many people may use these services to try to game the system, not to right a wrong.

WinIt and DoNotPay can help users get off on technicalities, such as if a ticket incorrectly describes a car’s color or make. Such errors can cost big bucks: New York City recently announced that it would refund a reported $ 26 million worth of parking tickets due to the omission of a zero from the ordinance code on roughly 500,000 tickets.

The government finance, parking enforcement and county appraiser employees that Recode spoke to said they didn’t believe that services such as WinIt, DoNotPay or TurboAppeal have boosted ticket and tax challenges so far, but generally acknowledged the potential for this to occur.

Some, including Granado, the Los Angeles parking enforcement official, said they would welcome services that professionalize more appeals, while a few employees encouraged consumers to consider using government systems, questioning whether third-party services add value.

Asked about concerns with their services, WinIt, DoNotPay and TurboAppeal emphasized that they are simply empowering more consumers to exercise their legal rights.

Municipalities could try to deal with more appeal volume by increasing property tax rates and fines or by investing in technology. But this could be harder than ever, given that the recent tax reform may impose downward pressure on property taxes, among other budget constraints.

“In an ideal world, governments would invest in the necessary resources to adapt,” Randall said in an email. “However, in reality, we often become reliant on private-sector actors who derive material benefit from a complex and opaque tax system.”

Teke Wiggin is a Brooklyn-based reporter who covers technology, labor and housing. Reach him @tkwiggin.

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Watch Virgin Galactic’s new SpaceshipTwo take flight

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As Virgin Galactic continues its quest to "open" space flight, it completed its first powered test flight since the 2014 crash that killed one of its pilots. Now we have video of the new SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, separating from its carry vehicle and…
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New renders offer an interesting take on rumors of a curved iPhone [Gallery]

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Earlier this week, a report from Bloomberg claimed that Apple is considering future iPhone models with “hover” gestures and curved screens. Now, designer Martin Hajek (via iDrop News) has offered up his take on what such an iPhone could look like…



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Best iPhone Selfie Apps to Take and Edit Wow Selfies

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Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of you acknowledge it or not, the selfie isn’t simply a photograph of yourself, rather it is a photograph of you made by you. Everyone takes selfies and even individuals like Ellen Degeneres, James Cordon, and Prince, Barack Obama have all as of late been spotted.

The extent that I recall, the word selfie has been out there for much longer and this fever isn’t going so natural way, so why not a rundown of iPhone apps that can help you take and edit your best selfies ever?

Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Facetune

Facetune Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

Wish to take an awesome selfie? You don’t need to look beyond Facetune. Use it to refine your smile and even brighten your teeth to look your absolute best. It lets you remove pimples and brighten dark circle under your eyes. You can even change your eye color to have a dashing look. There is also an option to reshape facial structure, remove stray hairs and more.

Price: $ 3.99

#2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

If you are failed to capture stunning selfies which can create a lot of buzz on social sites, give Candy Camera a shot. Boasting of more than 100 top class filters, it instantly enhances the quality of your pics. Even better, there is also a skin correction filter to give your look a huge boost. You can easily change saturation, brightness, resolution, contrast as per need. Once you have captured and edited your selfie to your heart’s content, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter to get a lot of appreciation.

Price: Free

#3. MIKU

MIKU Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

How about getting some of your most memorable selfies edited by professional designers? With Miku, you can completely transform the appearance of your images. Based on your need, you will get rid of the unwanted parts like pimples, wrinkles, stray hairs, etc. What’s more, the app also allows you to eliminate red eyes, whiten teeth and make your waist look slim.

Eliminate object, change or blur the background. You can also fix the damaged or old photo. Better still, the app doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to edit your shots. In most cases, it takes just half an hour to get the work done. One important thing: it edits only one of your image for free. Afterwards, you will have to pay for each one of your photos. (To read more details about this app, head over to this hands-on review.)

Price: Free

#4. Retrica

Retrica Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

You wouldn’t find a more dashing selfie app than Retrica to snap fascinating shots. Having been ranked number 1 in several countries and loved by over 250 million users, it’s designed to get the best out of your every shot. There are more than 100 terrific filters to make your pics look out-of-the-box. The fun-loving layouts do magic to your images. Use the stamp to adorn your favorite photos and share them with your loved ones.

Price: Free

#5. Selfie Star Studio

Selfie Star Studio Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

With Selfie Star Studio, you can decorate your photos to the best of your liking. Make the utmost use of animated character stickers, decorative stickers, custom frames and animated screen overlays to embellish your selfies. There is also a countdown timer to let you snap pics more comfortably at the desired angle. Better still, you can create an automatic collage of your photos and unleash it on your favorite social networks.

Price: Free

#6. Camera+

Camera+ Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

Camera+ is one of the most loved camera apps. What makes it superior is the ability to let you capture sharp photos. You have the option to choose from multiple scene modes such as Sunset, night, portrait beach and more. There are plenty of effects to transform the appearance of your pics with little effort quickly. With so many crop sizes available, you can easily make your shots look a lot better.

Price: Free

#7. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect iPhone Selfie App Screenshot

I have found “YouCam Perfect” spot on! The app works elegantly in letting you snap hot selfies that can catch a lot of attention on social networking sites.

You can brighten up your eyes, remove blemishes, smoothen wrinkles and even slim your face to make your shots look stunning. Use a wide range of advanced filters to add the desired charm to your photos.

There is also an auto beautify feature which ensures your shots look appealing even without editing. Besides, you can unlock more powerful tools like mono-tone effects, sakura effects, fairy tale effects and more through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#8. Picr

Picr Selfie iPhone App Screenshot

This is an impeccable app for those with a fixation on the impacts of maturing or truly loves taking a gander at themselves. This application reminds you to take a picture consistently and demonstrates a grid on the screen or an overlay of the last picture you took, so you can line up every shot perfectly.

When you’ve gathered enough pictures, you can make an animated movie of the results, and it can likewise add content and music to the videos. Browsing through the photos is also quite simple, and the effect is quite powerful.

Some could call it creepy. However, this is the application you do need. Consider that you can utilize it to take pictures of your child so you or a grandparent can perceive how they’ve developed. Stunning?

Price: Free

#9. B612 – Trendy Selfie Camera

B612 - Trendy Selfie Camera iPhone App Screenshot

Snap hottest selfies in different poses and adorn them using a number of advance effects! “B612” is your must-have selfie app thanks largely to the awesome AR filters.

You can browse through multiple exciting filters and choose the one that’s well-timed for your photos. There are also a lot of hilarious stickers to add some fun to your images. You will also be able to save your fav shots to your Camera Roll and share them with your friends via social apps.

Price: Free

#10. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus iPhone App Screenshot

Discover in which pose you look at your glamorous best! BeautyPlus is your go-to selfie camera to snap attractive photos. Make the most of several AR filters to decorate your images.

There are a number of editing tools to let you design photos to your heart’s liking. For instance, you can erase blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and contour skin. It also allows you to blur the background and use enhanced lighting.

Price: Free

That’s it!

Since all these selfie apps are pretty good, picking out one might not have been easy for you. Would you like to share your feedback about which one of these apps won you over? Let us know that in the comments.

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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone: Beginner’s Tip

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone

Taking screenshots on iPhone has long been a piece of cake. And, I think most of you would be fully aware of the simple method. But I’m sure very few folks would be aware of the multiple ways of capturing screens on iOS devices.

Did you know that you could snap screenshots even without using buttons on your iPhone and iPad? Though this method can be handy for everyone, the people who are unable to press buttons would find it spot on. Besides, it can be a lifesaver when the physical buttons stop working properly or become too cold to press!

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone

How to Take Screenshots of iPhone 8/8 Plus and Earlier, iPad, and iPod

Capturing screenshots on iPhone 8 or earlier devices is quite upfront. There are two easy methods to get the work done faster;

Just press the Home button and power button or top sleep/wake button at once to snap the screen. Alternately, you can press and hold the Top or Side button. Then, immediately click the Home button and release the Top or Side button.

Take Screenshot on iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, and iPhone SETake a Screenshot on iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

How to Take Screenshots On iPhone X

Snapping screenshots on iPhone X is a tad different. Simply, press and hold the Side button on the right side of your smartphone. Next, quickly press the Volume up button on the left side, then release the buttons.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone, iPad, and iPod without Using Buttons

Hidden a bit deep in Settings is “AssistiveTouch” that’s enormously helpful for people who have difficulty in pressing buttons. That aside, it also allows you to reboot your device, adjust volume and more without using buttons.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device → Tap on General.

Tap on Setting then General in iOS 11 on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Accessibility → Tap on AssistiveTouch.

Tap on Assistive Touch on iPhone X

Step #3. Turn on the switch next to AssistiveTouch.

Enable Asssitive Touch on iPhone X

Step #4. Now, a tiny button will appear on the screen. Head over to the screen you wish to capture. Then, tap on the button.

Tap on Assistive Touch Button on iPhone X

Step #5. Next up, tap on Device.

Tap on Device in Assistive Touch on iPhone X

Step #6. Up next, tap on More button. Finally, tap on the Screenshot button to snap the screen.

Take Screenshots on iPhone X Without using Buttons

In iOS 11, a thumbnail of your screenshot will show up in the bottom left corner.

You can tap the thumbnail to edit your screenshots using several impressive tools. You will also just press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. Or just swipe left on the thumbnail to put it away.

How to Access Screenshots on iPhone and iPad

iOS has a separate album called “Screenshot” wherein you will find all of your shots.

Step #1. Open Photos app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Albums tab at the bottom → Next, tap Screenshots.

How to Use Screenshot Markup Tool in iOS 11 or Later

With iOS 11 or later, you can use Markup tool to adorn your screenshots to your best liking. Jump over to this complete guide to beautify your shots.

That’s pretty much it!

Over to you

So, now you know how to arrest your favorite screens. Have any question? Feel free to shoot it up in the comments.

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How to Take Apple TV Screenshot or Screencasts Wirelessly

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

How to Take Apple TV Screenshot or Screencasts Wirelessly

Gone are the days when taking screenshots or screencasts of Apple TV using Mac used to be a cumbersome affair. To tell you the truth, not too long ago you had to use Apple’s Xcode developer utility and your digital media player needed to be connected to your computer via a USB or USB-C to USB cable. But that lengthy workaround is a thing of the past thanks to tvOS 11 and macOS High Sierra as you can now capture screenshots on your set-top box wirelessly!

But before rushing through the steps, make sure your Apple TV and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, ensure that they are updated to the latest operating system. More after the break:

How to Take Apple TV Screenshot or Screencasts Wirelessly

How to Take Screenshots Or Screencasts Of Your Apple TV Wirelessly Using Mac

  • On your Apple TV, head over to Settings → Network and check out the network name next to Connection.
  • On your Mac, click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar → System Preferences → Network → Wi-Fi and ensure that the name of the network on your Mac is same as that of your TV.

Once both these devices are connected to the same local wireless network, they will automatically discover each other. Then, you won’t have any problem in snapping tvOS screenshots using your Mac.

Step #1. Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac and select New Movie Recording from the File menu or press Option (⌥)-Command (⌘)-N.

Now, you should see a new window with live video from your Mac’s camera.

Step #2. Now, you need to click the small downward-pointed arrow to the right of the circular red Recording button and choose your Apple TV’s name from the popup menu’s Camera section.

A screen sharing prompt will appear on your Apple TV to inform that your Mac may attempt to capture a screenshot or record video of what’s shown on the screen. Click on Allow using your Siri Remote to continue.

Step #3. Next, you have to press Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-4. The pointer will now change to a crosshair.

Step #4. Next up, hit the Spacebar. The pointer will now look like a camera.

Step #5. Up next, you need to move the pointer over the QuickTime Player window and select the mouse or trackpad to take a screenshot of what’s currently shown on your TV. By default, the screenshot will be saved on the desktop.

Recording your TV screen is just as straightforward. Keep reading…

How to Record Apple TV Screen Using Your Mac

tvOS screen recordings snapped on macOS is always in your current Apple TV resolution. For instance, if you have set 1080p video output on your set-top box, the captured video output will be in the full HD resolution at 1,920-by-1,080 pixels.

Step #1. Open QuickTime Player app on your computer and select New Movie Recording from the File menu or press Option (⌥)-Command (⌘)-N.

A new window will open with a live video from your Mac’s camera.

You can change the default video and audio source by clicking the tiny downward arrow located at the right of the circular red Recording button and choose your Apple TV’s name under both the Camera and Microphone section.

Step #2. Now, a screen sharing prompt will show up on the screen to inform that another device will be able to take a screenshot or capture a video of what’s displayed on the TV.

You need to click on Allow using your Siri Remote to continue.

Step #3. Next up, you have to click the red Record button.

Step #4. Up next, open an app and head over to Home screen then play a video or your favorite game.

To stop recording, just hit the Record button again.

Make the best use of the powerful editing tools to enhance your video. For instance, you can trim the video, use the rotation or flipping tool. Once you have beautified your video, you can share it on YouTube or blast it on Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike screenshots, video recording is not saved on Apple TV automatically. To save it, you to first click File menu and select Save command.

If you want to export the video, click File menu and select Export or Export As option.

How to Stop Mac from Taking tvOS Screenshots or Screencasts

If you ever wish to stop your Mac from taking tvOS screenshots or screencasts, simply remove your Apple TV as a trusted device.

To do so, open Settings app on your Apple TV→ Remotes & Devices → Remote App & Devices and then deselect your set-top box.

Over to you

That’s how you can snap the screens of your Apple TV a bit easier! Have any question? Toss it up in the comments.

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Hackers take 5 million payment cards from Saks, Lord & Taylor stores

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

The wave of large-scale retail data breaches isn't about to subside any time soon. Gemini Advisory has discovered that a JokerStash online crime syndicate, Fin7, is planning to sell over 5 million payment cards stolen from the databases of 83 Saks Fi…
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Xander Bogaerts Does ‘Fortnite’ “Take The L” Dance in a Game, Then Team Takes the L

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

Athletes doing Fortnite [Free] dances in celebration has just one pro, as Xander Bogaerts of the Boston Red Sox did the “Take the L” emote dance after hitting a double on Opening Day. He’s perhaps the most prominent athlete to drop a Fortnite dance after the UMBC bench was dropping dance moves during their upset of #1-seeded Virginia.

Bogaerts didn’t go all out in his dance, which is sad for us not getting to see a grown man do a ridiculous dance, but good because the Rays would probably hit him with a pitch next time he was up. You know, because baseball is a sport for mature adults, and when somebody does something you don’t like, you hit them.

However, whether it was the baseball gods punishing a player having fun, or the Fortnite gods punishing Bogaerts for his half-measure dance, the Rays got their revenge as they beat up on the Sox bullpen to make the Red Sox take the L on Opening Day. This should serve as a lesson to Fortnite players: don’t do your dances while the result is still unsettled, because egg might be on your face afterward. Also, go whole hog. Have a boombox play that ridiculous circus music while you do the dance. Just make sure one foot is on the base while the other leg goes up, or do it after a home run, but make sure you wear a literal suit of armor the next time you come up to the plate, because the pitcher will try to hit you. Glory ain’t cheap.

Of course, the counterpoint is the story of when NBA player Ben Simmons tried to convince the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns to stay up and play PUBG with him by pointing out that they’re playing the garbage Atlanta Hawks the day afterward. Not only did the T’wolves win, but Towns set a team record for points in a single game with 56!

So, I don’t know if there’s a lesson here, necessarily, other than “sports are fun but will also devastate you emotionally.” Also, maybe PUBG needs dances if it’s going to take the crown back from Fortnite.


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5 easy steps to take your online business global

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

How many websites are you familiar with that are truly global? You can probably think of a few, and some of the largest online companies will likely come to mind including Facebook, Amazon, eBay, a couple of travel sites and maybe a few others. There’s a lot of potential in specific local markets throughout the world, but expanding it to a global scale can help you reach a much wider audience and grow significantly faster. Why don’t we see many more companies succeed at going global? While many businesses simply prefer to focus on a limited audience — and are…

This story continues at The Next Web
The Next Web

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Robot teachers take classes at Finland primary school

How Complete Beginners are using an ‘Untapped’ Google Network to create Passive Income ON DEMAND

A primary school in Tampere, Finland has had an altogether different supply teacher experience this week. The school has been the venue for a robot teacher trial as part of a pilot to see how effective humanoid machines might be at taking charge of lessons.

Read more: Dublin City University, Talent Garden team up for IoT campus

Robotic language and maths teachers

Two humanoid robots, Elias and OVObot, were tasked with taking language and maths classes, respectively. On the surface, the two subjects might seem to be very different, but both require an understanding of, and ability to navigate through, logical structures.

The Elias robot can speak and understand 23 different languages. Its software has been designed to help it understand the language levels and specific requirements of each child.

Elias is based on the NAO humanoid companion robot. Educational software company Utelias developed a program especially for the platform to enable it to teach languages to young children.

The NAO machines were originally designed and developed by French company Aldebaran Robotics, now SoftBank Robotics, a division of the Japanese communications giant that now owns Boston Dynamics. The company also makes the emotion-sensing Pepper machine, and humanoid care robot Romeo.

An Elias (NAO) robot wakes up.

A range of apps can be downloaded onto NAO robots – including storytelling programs, specialist tools for teaching children who are on the autism spectrum, and dances such as Gangnam Style and Thriller – which doubtless makes the learning experience engaging for younger pupils.

OVObot, tasked with teaching maths, is a smaller speech-recognition-based machine that resembles an owl. The robot has been developed in Finland by startup Ovobots, specifically to teach maths skills. It asks questions and awards points according to how well pupils answer them. The platform also supports personalised learning.

Read more: Women in AI & IoT: Why it’s vital to Re-Work the gender balance

Motivating kids with technology

The pilot intends to discover the effect of robots on both the quality of teaching and the progress of children’s maths and language learning. Elias robots and OVObots have been deployed in a number of schools across the country as part of the project.

“I think in the new curriculum the main idea is to get the kids involved and get them motivated and make them active. I see Elias as one of the tools to get different kinds of practice and different kinds of activities into the classroom,” said language teacher Riikka Kolunsarka.

“In that sense, I think robots, and coding the robots and working with them, is definitely something that is according to the new curriculum, and something that we teachers need to be open-minded about.”

Read more: SoftBank acquires Google robotics specialists Boston Dynamics and Schaft

Additional reporting: Chris Middleton.

Internet of Business says

The use of NAO machines in the classroom has a long history: the robots have a range of educational and storytelling apps that are ideal for younger children, which can be downloaded via the developer community.

However, one challenge is that far more apps are available for older versions of the NAO humanoid, which was originally conceived by Aldeberan Robotics as a research and development platform. Newer versions of the machines, which have improved stability and engineering, are unable to run some of the older code.

The problem seems to be that since the robots have left developers’ labs and made their way into wider, more public applications, enthusiasm for developing new apps seems to have waned among the coder community – a familiar paradox. That said, the robots are easy to program via their own Choreograph (or Choreographe) app.

robot teachers have been trialed as part of a pilot program in finland school
OVObot in the classroom.

The post Robot teachers take classes at Finland primary school appeared first on Internet of Business.

Internet of Business

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