Chrome Beta 65 removes flag that opens all app links as Chrome Custom Tabs

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If you open links in some Android apps, and you have Chrome enabled as your default web browser, the page might be opened in a ‘Chrome Custom Tab.’ Instead of starting up the whole app, only a minimal browser UI is shown, with a large close button that takes you right back to the previous app. This feature requires the app open links a certain way, and as such, there have always been some apps that don’t support Custom Tabs.

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Snapchat update adding Tabs and Giphy stickers

Snapchat logo wall

Shortly after Snapchat finally rolled out its major redesign to all users, Snap is pushing another update with more changes and improvements.

A new Snapchat feature called Tabs is coming soon. This feature will be available in the Friends and Discover pages of Snapchat and let you sort through your friends with active Stories, Group Chats, and Discover subscriptions.

The reaction to Snapchat’s redesign seems to be largely negative so far. While it doesn’t look like Snap is going to completely scrap the new look completely, the company does appear to be trying to tweak its new look to improve usability.

Snapchat GIPHY GIF support

Also rolling out to Snapchat is support for animated stickers from Giphy. This means that you can add GIFs to your posts by tapping the sticker icon and finding the GIF you want to add. You can scale the GIF sticker and pin it to a spot in your video if you’d like.

These new features will roll out to iOS users “soon”, while Android users will get them “in the coming weeks.” – Latest videos, reviews, articles, news and posts

Snapchat Updating Friends and Discover Pages With ‘Tabs’ for Easier Navigation, Introduces GIPHY Support

Over the past few weeks Snapchat has been rolling out a major user interface overhaul to more and more users on its iOS and Android apps. Most users have responded negatively to the app redesign, which separates friends from brands so that users can focus on people they actually know, but condenses stories and text chats into one page.

Today, Snap Inc. announced an additional update to Friends and Discovery pages that should help make it easier for users to navigate between stories and chats.

On the Friends section of Snapchat, users will be able to cycle through tabs related to active stories, group chats, and “all” content. The Discovery section’s tabs will focus on separating publishers, creators, and the community. Snapchat said tabs will be launching fairly soon on iOS, and Android will follow in the coming weeks.

In addition to tabs, today Snapchat users will have many more GIF sticker options to choose from thanks to full support from GIPHY. Snapchat has partnered with GIPHY and greatly expanded its library of GIF stickers that users can discover and place into a story. Previously, the only GIF stickers available in Snapchat were in-house designed stickers that launched late in 2017.

Users can tap the sticker icon, type in the search field, and a new GIPHY section in results will showcase GIF stickers related to the search query. Like other stickers, GIF stickers can be scaled, rotated, pinned to a video story, and more than one can be added to a snap. Snapchat’s GIPHY support launches one month after Instagram announced a similar wide-scale support for GIF stickers in its own version of stories.

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Snapchat adds GIF stickers via Giphy, plus new Friends and Discover screen tabs

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 Snapchat is bringing one of the best recent features of Instagram Stories to its own app, with the ability to add GIF stickers from Giphy to your posts. This is a notable reversal of the typical pattern we’ve seen of Instagram cloning Snapchat features, but it’s a good one for users since GIF stickers for Stories are basically the greatest thing ever invented on social media. The… Read More
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Google Maps for iOS Gains Quick-Access Traffic, Transit, and Local Info Tabs

Google has updated its iOS Maps app with three new quick-access options that Android users have had access to for over a year now. The new tabs sit across the bottom of the home screen and are called Explore, Driving, and Transit.

Swiping up on the shortcuts reveals further details. For example, in Explore users can find a description of the local area, dining choices, and options to search for gas stations, ATMs, convenience stores, drug stores, and other amenities.

The driving tab provides a traffic summary for the area, including information on possible delays that might add time onto a commute. This tab will also include current ETAs for the user’s home and work addresses if they are saved in the app’s settings. Finally, the transit tab offers estimated bus and train schedules at stations in the vicinity.

Google Maps can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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